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Friday, December 2, 2011

Memorable Place

Scenic Sunday We have seen fresh fish and big when we visited the place when I grew up and learned. Try to look at the coolness of the place. It's so exciting to be back here. People just easily got fish like this man carrying. Aside from fishing they also learned to boat paddling just for fun and their enjoyable moment. It's the best place to relax and just to enjoy staying in the beach.

We even met some friends we have had when we're still small kids and hubby had a good time talking to them. It's fun sharing photos with Scenic Sunday.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Phase of Life

I was quite busy this month since I just started my teaching job with John B Lacson Colleges Foundation. It's a school and will be turning to a university the next few years. It's a school for those who wanted to work abroad like in cruise ship, seamen, and those who would like to work in customs. It's a big school and I'm glad to be here though. The only I have is that I'm not in a permanent position, I need to stay for 3 years before I will be given a chance to earn more. Huh! Not like in a public school that I will be receiving salaries during summer time. Here, "no work no pay," just like this day, it's a holiday so I don't have any salary for the day. Anyway, I'm glad I have the time to write today.

In the evening, I will be going to practice for a Mission Presentation at ACM. We did it last month on the 16th Anniversary but this time - one of the facilitators asked us to do it again in their church. SO this Sunday will be another presentation. We will sing M songs, a little of drama and a choir presentation with kids, and adults alike. It will be a good move for churches who are not involve in what God is working.

I don't have enough time to write this month and if you have noticed I wrote only sometimes, maybe once or twice a month. So sorry for not visiting you all.


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