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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Watery Wednesday

Our New Government Center here in Bacolod City, Phil. In front of it is a watery place for people to feel the coolness of the place during night time. Enjoy sharing your Watery Wednesday photos.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yummy Sunday

We attended a birthday party in one of the restaurants. Hubby was the one responsible for giving tricks. The kids enjoy much more when the food was ready to be shared. This is one of the foods prepared. Perfectly Blended has more to share. You can check it out.


Professional License

I went to Iloilo City last Wednesday since there was a long holiday weekend here in the Philippines. It was a busy day and stayed for a night there because my PRC I.D. was given. I need to come as early as 6 am in order to get the number because they only give 120 numbers for a day. I came around 10 am and numbers were already given nothing and left. There were a lot of professionals coming there but the persons responsible were only few. I have seen only 5 persons who cater that much. Just imagine they cater only 120 Professional Teachers - another 120 various professionals and that include nurses, marines and other professionals but only 5 persons were checking and giving PRC I.D.s

I felt frustrated but had nothing to do. According to the security guard who was responsible for giving the numbers, no more numbers left for late comers. You need to come as early as 6am and wait for another 2 hours or more because they were open at 8:30 in the morning. If you come from another island you need to spend the night just to get your I.D. that was already applied and processed 4-6 months prior to the release of the I.D. Sad to say, they have no system, they have a huge numbers of professionals but less working force and the space I mean the office could not cater that big number. If someone will be absent, what will happen to the rest who wanted to process for their professional license? That's the question I cannot answer. I just hope they will give attention to it.


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