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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fell Down

As what I had shared the other day, I was not feeling well. It's so easy for me to be sick this time and I can't help it. Just this morning I woke up early and was in a hurry to send a message to a friend which is quite urgent. After sending my SMS, I felt so weak and everything seems so dark. I could not understand but I felt weak.

After few seconds our helper saw me lying down with my head outside our door and my body inside. She called me and I thought I was just sleeping. I hurriedly walk up and hubby carried me back to our room and I still had dizziness. After few minutes I felt the pain at the right part of my head. My sister came and she put ice on the painful part and at this time I could still feel the pain. I don't know and not sure how I fell down. I asked hubby to pray for me that there will be no complications whatsoever. Thanks for praying as well. Our life is precious and we need to be thankful to the Lord always for all the things He has done.

Blessings to all!


Like Never Before

After my operation I had noticed that my health is deteriorating, it seems that I can easily catch cold or some viruses which renders me bedridden for sometimes.Previously, i still can do many things, like household chores and even some backyard gardening. Like these days, I was lying down most of the time because I was so sick that I can't help but sleep.
But now, I'm spending more and more time indoors, and I am depressed by this kind of situations. Being depressed again added some more psychological burden. So I have to make a choice to combat this kind of feelings.
Tho, I may no longer have the same strength or extra zest in doing things. I'm still able to do things which requires a little bit of energy, like blogging or doing some writing assignments.


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