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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Idea of Fun (Nail Art)

Here in our place, Bacolod, we discovered many "nail art" business. Usually, they were in malls, big stores or any place that people come and go.

Last time I went out with my sister to indulge ourselves for a little bit of so called ladies whims and vanities.We went to one of the Chinese malls here in our place, to buy some ladies stuff and also enjoy the “good life.”The “good life,” refers to the Bacolenos way of saying, “live life to the fullest!!”One way of coping with stress, just relaxing, enjoying the idyllic nature of life here in the city and even enjoying the good food. Most of all the excitement and super-duper fun of finding great purchases at the shopping mall.

We found this one Nail Art Saloon and we tried having one of those just for fun. We really do have a great time giggling like school girls when we had our nail art for the first time.Hmm… I was really amused by this idea of fun.I guess, we all can enjoy life without having to spend so much. It only takes some creativity and wild ideas to try doing something out of the ordinary and enjoy doing it. As long as, in doing it, no one gets hurt – or at the expense of other person.That is my idea of fun… Anyway, it was only 20 php. Not that bad.


Coffee Drinker - Yummy Sunday

A coffee latte in one of the cake houses in Bacolod. Hubby learned to enjoy drinking coffee when we're in Thailand. According to him, this coffee has a great taste that he had not tried somewhere. Now, he's a kind of a coffee drinker, though I still drink milk, but we still drink together with a different style and taste... an enjoyable moment for both of us.

Enjoy visiting other Yummy Sunday posts. Now, I'm back to blogging. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. Blessings to all.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Now I'm Back

It took months for me to recover and start blogging again. Sorry for not visiting you all guys. I just don't know what to write - feel lost. Hope I could you all again and start writing. I have many thoughts in mind and could not put it into writing.Hope you all understand.

As much as I wanted to write my thoughts are out of place,huh! Thus learning to cope again is my desire these days. Coping with daily activities and new opportunities to accomplish. It's not so easy to undergo an operation like TABHSO. I'm glad that hubby understands and helps a lot. I'm blessed to have my hubby, he's always there...

Now I'm back to blogging. Exciting...


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