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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Vacation

My sister is working abroad and she travels from one place to another. Last time she called and told us that she visited another beautiful place, she asked for a vacation because she wanted to experience a vacation rentals chicago which she wanted to explore. She was so excited when she told us and we were excited to see another place she was able to explore and we wanted to see all her photos since she is coming back soon. Her desire to travel and have a vacation rental chicago would be a better experience for her because she worked hard and spent a little time to relax from her work. She had been supporting our parents who are now retired workers especially our father who suffered from many diseases and needed daily medication. Our sister provided all the finances needed every month and she spent much already. So we asked her to relax for a while and visit other places and enjoy life at its best.

She even explore in a Hotel Chicago when she was in the U.S. She showed her beautiful photos and fantastic pictures of different places she visited. How we wish we can go to those tourist spots too, we told her and she just smile. Anyway, that would be a good experience if given a chance.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wearing Yellow

The secretary of the dean of the department of education is wearing yellow during our graduation day. She's cute and gorgeous. This is my Mellow Yellow Monday share for this week.


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