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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baccalaureate and Investiture

Early morning, we went to the university and waited for our make-up artist around 5am. Here am I looking differently with my attire. After putting all the make -up we waited in the assembly area and hubby took a picture of my beauty before the Baccalaureate started at 6:30 am and while waiting for my classmates and schoolmates. Taking another pose with our dean, classmates and another professor. The male student is already a leader of the policemen in our area but pursued his career and finished his degree (Doctor in Public Administration). Our classmates taking a pose while waiting for the program to start. Hubby, my Nanay, and our eldest sister who attended our Investiture and Recognition.

It was a different type of graduation since we wore a Filipiniana gown. Hubby needs to wear barong because he will be on stage putting my sablay after our Baccalaureate in the morning during the Investiture and Recognition. It was indeed a memorable and unforgettable experience for us graduates especially in the graduate studies, we all felt like newly graduates (feeling young), like high school students, lol! It was fun for us too. It's another ladder of success for us and we look forward to another step of life it may bring with the help and guidance of the Lord. To Him all glory belongs!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Testimonial Dinner

Yesterday was a busy day for me. We had a general practice for our graduation and a testimonial dinner for the graduates. It was a great day indeed. We practiced on how to do the "sablay" (graduation garb) for the school of graduate studies students and for undergraduate students (those who finished Bachelor's Degree) had practiced on how they received their certificates and diploma. After the practice, I went home and prepared for our testimonial dinner. It was a memorable day for all of us especially the graduates. We were able to survive amidst the hardship and problems. Sleepless nights, financial inadequacy, stress, and sleeping in MacDonalds' just to finish the task with my statistician. Now, we reap the fruit of our labor. It was indeed remarkable. We spent much especially myself when I traveled and work with my respondents in Thailand. Yet, it's worth it.

My classmates in the subjects taken and during the time when we took comprehensive exam
The Professors
My classmates last summer
My classmate and friend
I took a pose
I forgot to take a photo of the food, in fairness it's yummy and we all love it. We all shared the cries and the laughter while sharing the experiences.


Looking for a Lawyer?

As what we have noticed US recession started few years ago. And for legal matters people were looking for the best lawyer to help them especially for those who are doing personal businesses whose income are still suffering and needed a lawyer in this kind of problem. Many find attorney Gerald B. Glazer to be the best lawyer in their own personal business. They still need a counsel from the best lawyer who has the capacity to help and fight for the rights of the people especially those who are unemployed or with lower earnings.


Eye Center

I was planning to buy an eyeglass this summer. I had been struggling for my eye problem and needed immediate action. As what I have shared last time I could hardly find the best eye center until I've found Stahl Eye Center that offered the best. The surgeons are all accommodating and gave the best solution to your eye problem. Stahl Eye Center had been helping people and gave the best services to their customers.

I'm excited to have see the center this summer. People are sharing their experiences and they all shared the best.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Attire for Graduation

I was amazed last Saturday when our Dean of the School of Graduate Studies told us that we need to wear a Filipiniana attire during graduation day. It has been the attire of graduates few years ago. And was shocked when she said that we have only 2 tickets prepared for each graduate. So therefore, only hubby and my mom can attend our graduation. Wow, everything is different already after many years when I graduated from my Bachelor's Degree here in the same school. Now, I can say, I'm growing older and wiser????

The photo above looks like that of my attire but mine is cream because all of us are oblige to wear cream Filipiniana. I had a hard time to look for it last week, it's really good that I was able to meet my cousin who is living in Manila. They visited us here in Bacolod and we had a small reunion of family and friends because their mom passed away. I told her that I was looking for a Filipiniana gown and when she knew about it she gladly told me that - if I could not find any, I will just tell her so she can look for it in Manila since it cheaper there in Baclaran and other places. So I went to the university and ask for the photo of the attire for graduation. And yesterday, she was able to send it through LBC, it's so fast and when my mom saw it she just took my vital statistics and repair other parts because it's quite big for my size. Although my cousin said that I can send it back if I didn't like the style but my mom insisted that it looks nice and she will just fix it.

I can buy another new attire when I will become a Ph.D., hmmm...sigh... just hoping... Anyway, everything is set and I'm glad for the help extended to me by my cousin. She's an angel to me because when I checked of how much do I need to pay for just renting it, it costs much, more than the amount I sent through my cousin. I'll show my shoes next time, though...


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Sister's Joy

My sister had been traveling to different places and countries. One thing I've noticed was her Timberland shoes which is very nice and looks dainty. Aside from that she had bought different kinds of shoes from different places and her choices were so elegant and pretty. She even had Timberland Stiefel which for me costs something. But she didn't bother when I asked her of her collection of shoes because according to her since she used it to different occasions and parties necessary.

But there is one thing that I saw and was attracted to it - it looks pretty, elegant, yet simple. I asked her to buy one for me because when I tried her Timberland Schuhe shoes, it was so cool and I felt good when I wore it. She just smile and told me to wait when she comes back this summer. I just hope she won't forget...

My sister loves to share and give to anybody especially her family circle. Every time she came back home after working abroad, she would bring a couple of things for each one, from young and old, we all enjoyed and joyful when she's around. She will always spend for all of us. We even had time for shopping, grocery, and traveling from one place to another. She enjoys giving.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Stress is Over

It's been a long time that I wasn't able to write here in my blog, I even missed to visit my friends' blogs and I'm sorry for that. I had hectic schedules few months ago and I can't do anything except writing my thesis. It was all about English in Thailand so I have to search for many references to be used and the books to be referred in order to justify the research work. It was quite hard since I did it in another country, I mean my research was done outside our comfort zone so I had to work hard for it in order to defend my study. I had many sleepless nights, missed some lunch and dinner and even experience sleeping inside McDonalds. However, my statistician went home and I stayed since my house is farther than hers. It was a memorable and unforgettable moment of my life.

After defending my study, as if a heavy load was taken away from me and I started to sleep although I need some revisions and do some recommendations given to me by the panelists. After few days everything was set and I gave it to the secretary of the school of graduate studies. Now, I'm ready for graduation on the 23rd of March 2011. It's an awaited time for all of us who struggled since we took the comprehensive exam last year. We are now reaping what we have sown. A day to behold!


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