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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Glasses Needed

When I turned 40 I had the difficulty in reading especially nearby. Right there and then I discovered that I'm a far-sighted person and I need to buy glasses online which for me is easier to choose and the best.

It's not easy without the help of eyeglasses, I can't do anything without it especially when I'm reading or doing looking at some words nearer. However, I still need to choose the best that fits my eye problem with the best frame. That's why I decided to buy glasses online in order to choose the best frame for my face ad the right protection for my eyes.

Even my hubby wanted to have one too. So we decided to buy glasses online together, it's interesting right? We will choose together and buy together and maybe we can avail of the discount for that purpose, huh! When I discovered that I have an eye problem after few months hubby had the same problem that's why we both decided to buy glasses online. We have many choices but we need to choose the one that makes us feel comfortable while wearing it. We were looking for the cheapest price but reasonable as well. The price that is right and affordable. We are now excited to have it before we celebrate our wedding anniversary next month.


Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Mood for Wood

Living in the city, the so called – “asphalt jungle,” is a stressful lifestyle. That is why most people opted to have a house with some sort of nature themes. The natural settings have the ambiance of being closed to nature. It soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit. I'm referring to wooden venetian blinds that many would love to have in their homes.

Most nature themed houses will be a constructed with a mixture of concrete and wood…the more natural the setting become – the more people were drawn closer to it. For some having a wooden venetian blinds is a plus factor. Previously – people love to put panes of glass in their windows – they said it makes them feel spacious and to let in the sunlight. Now, people were reverting, - to using wood in their construction projects.

I guess, most of the old ones are aiming to have their own wooden venetian blinds to make them feel cool and just like living near the mountain ranges and feeling the breeze with the coolness of the wooden thing.

I'm excited to have it too. I already desire to buy one soon for our parents to feel cool like staying in a native house. My hubby will get excited by then, since he loves nature, he is a nature-lover person and he always enjoy going out or looking down from the mountains seeing the beauty of nature.


God is in Control

Yes, I always believe God is in Control of everything eve our very lives. Our father was just out of the hospital and needs proper care, attention and support financially. We always depend on the Lord for everything. We always thank God for life, a new life to live each day and the blessings we received in a daily basis. THANK YOU LORD...

The only we can do is to be thankful at all times....


The Amateur Photographer

Nature photography is just one of those pursuits my husband’s passionately doing, aside from trekking and mountain climbing. Every trip for him will become a photo opportunity – he would rather be engrossed taking pictures of a scenic view – than wasting his time attending a party.

And because of his passion – our youngest son AJ, became hooked as well – the “amateur photographer,” will actually borrow his dad’s camera and just take a shot of anything that interest him…for him hearing the click of the shutter is like a soothing music.

Since, technology makes it easier to develop or print the pictures – Aj can actually print out and see his pictures in no time at all. The result of the “father and son” interests was tons of pictures – scattered around the house. You can find it tacked in the door of the ref, tape on the bathroom wall, their rooms – even in the sofa at the living room. Now photo albums will be greatly needed since there are many pictures scattered around the house. It’s been ages, that I am telling my husband to buy a very nice photo albums so that all their pictures will be properly kept. I guess, until then – I’d just be picking them up together with the socks and dirty clothes, I hope I won’t forget –or else the pictures’ might end up in the washing machine.


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