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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The travel and Recreation

We love to travel as a family and if there is a chance we usually grab it. It's nice to visit different places and travel to different countries. Sometimes we go by train, often time by plane and many times by motorhomes. It's interesting to see beautiful places and tourist spots around the world. We've seen high rise buildings, tall trees on the road, going on top of the mountains while seeing the city below and eating delicious and great food with friends.

Going by motorhomes is indeed a different experience not only for us but also for our kids. They met new friends as well by just traveling on the road. We saw different kinds of people with a different culture, tradition and beliefs. But the good thing is, we shared our experiences and touched their hearts.

Many times we go by camping as a family. The unforgettable memory that our kids could not forget. They wished to do it again. We were considering to have camping again on top of the mountain when hubby comes back in December. That would be another adventure for us with some friends and close family friends. We're excited to experience another motorhomes travel and recreation. You can do the same. Try it for yourself.


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