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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Smell of Christmas

Christmas is few months away. I could smell the candles being lighted, I could even see Christmas lanterns and photo christmas cards in a lot of department stores around the city. It's interesting if we think of Christmas, it is coming soon and many people are excited to celebrate. It's a time of loving and sharing. A time of reconciliation, forgiving, and a time of releasing forgiveness but above all, a time of giving gifts to people you love and photo christmas cards is the best gift for special people of your life whom you love.

I could still remember the time when we were making cards and were given to friends and families. It was a beautiful experience for us since we were able to make more friends through the giving of christmas cards much more if we give photo christmas cards, our friends love it and rejoice with us as we celebrated the christmas season. They were surprised seeing their own picture inside the cards we've made for them.

And guess what, photo christmas cards is available at your convenience. After few months of the making of cards, we were able to sell it to friends and other students, they like the style and the way we made it. I guess, you will love it too.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Furniture We Needed

Have you seen this kind of table? I do, I have seen this few months ago and I wanted to have one. Since we came back to the Philippines I wanted to buy this kind of table because it looks like hard wood and heavy, even termites could not easily destroy which for me is worth the buy. I love dining room furniture for the house since all our things were already destroyed and we needed to buy new furniture. Dining table is one of our needs in the house this time. We are just using plastic table at this time and it's not enough for us since my parents are staying with us. I just hope I could buy soon.

It's nice to have a dining table that looks great, you will love to eat more too. There are many choices in the market but this one looks different and entice me and to have my own. When I asked my hubby few weeks ago, he told me that I can have it if funds are available, I can even choose the one which for me is the best. Thanks for hubby, he understands my desire and my longings even before. To choose the best and the one I like most. This kind of dining room furniture is always a good choice and the best buy for mothers. We love cheaper price with the best buy and the best furniture for the house.


Back to Bacolod

At last, I'm back to Bacolod with all the hassles that my travel had brought me. However, I'm not back to regular posting since I'm still finishing my thesis and need to pass it soon to avoid delay. At the same time to be freed from all these requirements. Not sure yet if I have a chance to continue my Ph.D. but I wanted to, so I will be asking my sister who have many financial sources to help me. If she will say "yes" then I can continue for 2 years before going back to Thailand.

Thank you guys for all your visits. I just hope to visit you all again soon. Blessings to all....


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Thai Food

This is one of the yummy food I missed in Thailand. Last Wednesday we went to a restaurant and have dinner with some friends. I forgot the name in Thai but this is a shredded fish with mixed fruits like mango and more... Happy Yummy Sunday everyone.


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