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Saturday, August 7, 2010

On a Camping... we go

Many Asian countries nowadays were known all around the world as a destination for various nature-based activities and Eco-tourism. Vast possibilities for jungle-trekking and camping is just around the corner, anyone looking for thrills can try wild rafting in frothing rivers, even diving or snorkeling in calm seas.

The rugged terrains and dense rain forests crisscrossed by rapid rivers is a great challenge for four wheel drive (4WD) expeditions. For those in love with off road-driving, the mud, the humidity and intermittent rainstorms add to the challenge of grueling yet exhilarating sport.

Speaking of vehicles, during one of our trip to Bangkok, I've seen one motorhomes (RV) which caught my fancy. It was equipped in such a way that it seems to be like part of one's house was taken and packed inside a vehicle. I was so impressed by its uniqueness and at the same time its functionality - truly a comfortable and stylish way of going to a fascinating holiday destination.

I guess, the owner really understands the delightful experience of living near nature - in such a way - that he fused in comfort, style and modern amenities in his fabulous motor home or recreation vehicle. Well for us, who do it in an old fashion way...back packing - can just melancholy say.."well, on a camping we go, one more kilometer to go..!" Wanna motorhomes?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couple's Corner - Total Opposite

Rodliz’s Nest
Although I'm quite late but I still wanted to post. Sorry guys but I still wanted to share. I love this meme too and couples corner is something that we need to give importance to. Yes, I always agree that there are no perfect couple but we can do something to make our lives something memorable as possible. Here are some of the truths about us.

1. I'm madly in love and enjoys eating vegies but hubby ate a little.
2. He loves meat I like fish.
3. I don't spend that much but when hubby had money he enjoys spending for the family.
4. I love to eat spicy food now he learns to eat, hahaha!
5. He loves to talk and I refrain from talking a lot.
6. He loves to watch movies especially about army, or wars and adventure but I enjoy romance movies and true to life stories.
7. He enjoys reading any books like fiction or anything but I enjoy reading true stories and books about the mysteries of God.
8. I like going to the mall but he loves going to the park.
9. He loves to pack things and enjoys cleaning but I seldom do it.
10. He could easily make friends but I find it difficult.
11. I love to barter but he doesn't.
12. I love to play musical instruments but he enjoys looking at me.

There are a lot to share but I need to end here. Thanks to Rodliz for the Couples Corner. Blessings to all.


Best Apartment

When my sister went abroad one of the things she was concerned of was the apartment or a place she needs to stay for a while before going to her destination. She was considering to stay in an apartment for few days. She traveled a lot and went to different places. I guess, she needs to visit Manchester and stay in one of the manchester apartments to make her feel home and visit the wonderful places and tourist spots. She needs to visit the famous nightlife and excellent choice of restaurants which is just a short hop from manchester apartments which has a family accommodation. She won't miss us that much since the people are like a family when they accommodate those who stay. Manchester is also famous for its Chinatown, where tourists are fond of searching when they visit different countries - here, Chinatown is packed with authentic restaurants. The shopping here is outstanding too, from large chain stores to small independent shops, another great reason to enjoy a city break in Manchester. Why bother staying in one of the hotels in Manchester when you can enjoy the freedom of our self catering accommodation in Manchester? This is what my sister is looking for when she travels this manchester apartments. It's a perfect place for her.


The Friend I Met

I met this friend of mine when I was still in Thailand. She's a Chinese and loves to work for the Lord. I missed my work there but as of this time my kids need more of my attention especially in the school. Their education is more important for me this time. Thank God for the strength although hubby is not with us but God is there to guide, and give us wisdom in every decision and strength to carry on the task each day.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Credit Free

One of the problems of the teachers here in the city and even in all places nationwide is the credit loans which they got from different sources. I could attest to that since I was a teacher myself few years ago before I went to Thailand. During that time, I wanted to get rid of my credit loans that's why I wanted to be freed from it. I did a lot of searching on how to do about it.

Various financial establishments give loans for people with bad credit, and that is true to our place here. Applying for bad credit loans requires some forethought and many considerations for me. As you shop around for the best bad credit loan deals, remember to weigh your options carefully. And that is always the things I did. I had once and I don't want to be trapped again.

However, there is an agency that helps you get out of your loans they are the people who cares for those who were trapped and you can just apply and get approved the next day. It's easy and fast.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

AJ's First Performance in School

The first activity of AJ last month in the school. He got many friends after few weeks and they had great performance. They were singing while doing some actions. The picture speaks. Hello Papa, I was able to stay at home because I was sick that's why I was able to post this pictures for you to see your son performing.


Yummy Sunday

We attended a birthday party of AJ's classmate just recently and the kids enjoyed eating the Yummy Food prepared for them. This is my Yummy Sunday for this week.


Mellow Yellow Monday

These are the things I love. Every time we travel I took an opportunity to take pictures. This is my Mellow Yellow Monday post.


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