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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday Badge

This is the place that I like when I visited Mom's Place. ABC Wednesday is cute and I like the picture because we love to play scrabble. Hope I could join next time.


Rustic Furniture that I Like

I had been looking for the best furniture for the house since we need to change some of our things. When we came back to our place I have seen the need of changing some of the old furniture that we have had. I also would like to change our bedroom dresser and I have seen one that attracts my attention. I really like rustic furniture for our home appliances. It looks nice and I guess some of you would agree. It will last longer since it's hard wood and it brings nature to your home. This rustic furniture was created by many different craftsmen using many different furniture making techniques and materials. Woods like cedar, hickory, oak, walnut, and maple are used in rustic furniture because these woods show natural beauty giving you a rustic feel with wood grains that show age and strength in their beauty.

With the hundreds rustic furniture of rustic furniture items they sell, it's hard not to convert at least one room of your home into a rustic furniturefor your entire home or cabin. The natural wood in the furniture gives each piece its own unique characteristics that can not be duplicated. It's really unique and it looks so natural since it was taken from wood and logs.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Talented Couple

Rodliz’s Nest
I like the theme of this week's Couple's Corner - I started to miss my hubby. I remember when I was still single, my hubby was still praying for the right woman for him. We met in the college where we used to study. One time, we attended a gathering of young people and we went to a resort near the mountain. I loved to play guitar and piano and sing in a group. He was trying to play a guitar and because I knew how to play I find it awkward when he plays. So I asked him to borrow the guitar and told him how to play properly. Of course, not to show him down but to show him the right way.

I also played the piano in our church during that time and during Sundays he attended our church service. He gradually knew me and we became close friends. waaahhh! However, my hubby has different gifts - different from mine. He is a good teacher, he can make his students enjoy. He can easily make friends and is able to clean and manage the house. One great thing that hubby did and I guess I can't do without him is the packing thing. He is good in packing our bags every time we travel. He can fixed it and do it well. There are many things that hubby can and I can't although I have some things that I can do and he can't. Many friends told us that we are blessed having each other since we are meant for each other and helped in many ways.

Thanks to Rodliz Nest for this Couple's Corner. We can share our love life as a couple. Come and join and be blessed.


A Beautiful Place for your Home

Since my sister came back from work abroad we spent most of the time looking for homes for sale. She wanted to have her own home in a cool and cozy place. We went to different places because one thing she desired was to have a home near the beach or in a subdivision. While searching I have seen homes for sale in Wilmington NC, I guess, this is the best place for my sister.

This homes for sale in Wilmington NC is good for those who loved to stay near the beach because they provide a wide range of advanced search which allows you to view home listings by map, zip code and subdivision to name just a few. This is the interesting part since you can find your dream home your way whether its by map, subdivision, property type, MLS number or zip code. They offer a variety of ways to search for your Wilmington NC homes and once you find homes that meet your criteria you'll be able to view aerial images, street views, easy to navigate photos. I really love this place and if given a chance I would love to visit and see this pretty place for myself with my sister. I'm excited to tell her about this homes for sale in Wilmington NC. This is the answer to her desire of owning a home for herself and her family in the future.

Are you looking for a home like this? Try to check this homes for sale in Wilmington NC I do believe you might like this too. I will gladly tell my cousins and friends who are looking for a new home. They would love to stay in a cool, cozy, and lovely place. If you are near this place you can visit and see for yourself. A lovely place for a busy people like you.


Social Media Agency

Are you looking for an agency to help you advertise your marketing online? There is one that shines and help you keep going in spite of the competition that exist around the globe. There are a lot of agencies nowadays anywhere in the world. One of the agencies that provide both consultation and full management of social media campaigns is the known Social Media Agency. They even provide a comprehensive social media management packages which can provide the following options ...

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* and much more...

Social Media Agency can help you advertise any networking platforms and they help you maintain your web based marketing campaigns. This is a great opportunity for online agencies. If your looking for the best Social Media Agency this is for you. You will enjoy the benefits they provide. This is the agency that implement a maximum impact campaign that could make your marketing campaigns valuable and be known to the world.

I guess, most of you will agree that there is a high competition that is on going on the net and you need to prepare for it to maintain your marketing campaign or even put your business into a higher level. So why wait, try this Social Media Agency for your convenience in business campaigns.


Monday, July 26, 2010

The 2nd Fruit of my Labor

I started blogging in Dec. of 2008 but I earned some pennies in the middle of the year. I continued blogging since I love to write anything under the sun and I learned to love meeting friends online. I really gained many friends through blogging and now I guess blogging became my career, whaaaahhh! for just this time. I was approved by payu before I left Thailand back to the Phil. sometime in March. Slowly, I have seen the blessings I earned through blogging. It really helps a lot especially in my studies for Master's Degree as well as my kids expenses in the school.

The first fruit that I received while blogging was spent for our kids expenses especially the uniforms and many others. And hubby was here during that time so we were able to do and buy some things.

The 2nd fruit of my labor is the picture that you could see above. Yesterday, I was able to buy this brand new refrigerator. It was brought to our house at 7pm and everyone was so excited to use it. AJ smiled with his big mouth saying... WOOOOWWW grabe ba Mama, we have a new ref...

I'm so glad that Lalaine of Day to Day Miracles encouraged me to join and now I'm reaping the harvest. Thanks Lalaine for urging me to blog-- hehe!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Josie's Badges

I love to help if I have a chance and if there is an opportunity for me to help. I knew Josie few weeks ago although I have seen her blogs many times but I was able to chat with her just few weeks. She's a good friend that I met here in the blogosphere and we knew each other when we started to chat and share some things about who we are... When I looked at her blogs she doesn't have any badges, so I decided to help her in my own capacity to help, I'm not that good but I have a little knowledge about it so I offered. I did the first one last time and gladly finished the remaining two this evening.




Web Design

When I started blogging few a couple of years ago, one thing that I desired was to look for the best web design. Web designers could be found anywhere but it's hard to look for the best and have quality. I searched for the best and I found this web design that fits my need. They have high position designs, they design beautifully and seo-friendly. It is not only good for bloggers but to all who are looking for a space to advertise their online business. This web design is really designed for you.

Furthermore, it has eye-catching designs and imagery to promote your business. In order to ensure your company's online business that would stand out this web design is for you. It proves to be a powerful tool for connecting people globally. Almost all countries around the globe could be reached and your online business will be known to all. Moreover, it also gives website owners, freelancers and small business founders the opportunity to work from home. While there are clear benefits to this, it can be an isolated existence and have a negative effect on your web development work. You can do better if you allow this web design to be part of your business even if you just started your own business online. It can be great help to promote your site.


Looking for Security Guards?

Being a security guard is not an easy task, it takes hard work, and patience for staying longer time. However, Security Guards Warrington has something to share that you need to know more about. They were trained, and they will respond immediately to every alarm call of your business. I guess, Security Guards Warrington is the answer to all your queries about security guards since these days you will find it hard to look for the best security guards for your business.


Free Phone Numbers

When I applied for home phone few months ago I have seen numbers 0800 Numbers, and I have noticed that this number is not only used locally but also internationally since you can use it for advertisements. You can monitor effectively each advertisement you provided for promotion. This 0800 Numbers is a free phone number and is recognized universally. Most companies preferred to use 0800 Numbers for their business because they offer a wide array of business benefits. You can have it too, try to check it out and see the difference.


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