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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Best Eye Specialist

We're planning to go out today to visit an eye specialist. My sister need to have an eye check up since she is suffering from headache due to eye problem. It's good to have USAEyes which is the best eye specialist anywhere in the world. They could help in any way to help ease your eye problem.

We had been looking for the best eye specialist but it's not so easy at first since there are a lot of eye centers worldwide and many times people were trapped and misled. And at times they suffered more than before. That's why we need to choose the best ophthalmologists with USAEyes to give you the best eye care and treatment.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beauty Remedy

My sister came last month and since she came we went to different places, visited friends and looked for a beauty center. The other day I brought her to our favorite beauty spa and she had her facial cleansing while I had my hot oil for my hair. While she was talking to her beautician it was suggested to her another beauty treatment like Scar removal, she gladly agreed without any hesitation. However, we stopped after the blackout and we went home early but it was agreed that we need to be back the next day.

It's a good feeling to be refreshed with a beautician's beauty tricks and massage. I was not feeling well that time because we just came back from the hospital because our mother was hospitalized. So, it was a perfect time for us to go there to be refreshed with a little pampering of ourselves for the busy times we have had. Besides, Scar removal is the long awaited treatment of my sister since then so she grabbed that opportunity when the beautician told her.

It's not so easy to look for the best beauty center for Scar removal since many claimed that they knew but in the end they can't make it, and at times they destroyed your beauty. That's why we need to look for the best and the qualified beauty center for our beauty passions, lol!


Em's Cousins

These girls are both Em's cousins. Em2 is our teenager who loves and enjoys being with his cousins. Krizzia, who has the lighter skin is the daughter of our eldest sister while Hershey, who has the darker skin is the daughter of my hubby's older brother. They became friends when we started to reach out to them and became part of our church. They joined in different youth activities and they enjoyed being together as one family. They had lots of fun...


Eye Problem

My sister is suffering from eye problem and since she is working abroad it's easy for her to visit Stahl Eye Center to make her eye healthier than ever. I suggested her this Stahl Eye Center since I find it very interesting while reading the site. It's better to choose the best eye center in order to avoid dangerous eye trend these days. I guess, my sister would love it since she wanted to be healed from her eye problem.


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