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Monday, July 5, 2010

My June Commentators

I would like to say myspace graphic comments
to all my commentators for the month of June. I really appreciate your time spent to visit my blog. Glad to know you all and blessings ahead!

1. Mel of Power Verses --- 5

2. Mylene of Online Mommy's Corner --- 4

3. Genejosh of Her and History --- 3

4. Jesulalaine of Day to Day Miracles --- 2

5. Pinaymama of Pinay Mama ---2

6. Chubskulit of Nostalgic Marveling --- 2

7. Melandria of My Journey to Life --- 2

8. Kayce of My Life and My Journey Online --- 2

9. Shydub of Simple Happy Life ---1

10. Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration --- 1

11. Redamethyst of Simple Red Rock ---- 1

12. Rj’s Mama of Online Journal of My Life --- 1

13. Lisa of A Walk Through My Notebook --- 1

14. Zek of Elijah's Crib --- 1

Once again, myspace graphic comments for all your visits and comments.


Josie's Badge

I'm not an expert in making a badge but I can be of help just a bit. As I was visiting some bloggers I saw some who don't have any so I tried to help. I'm glad to help Josie's Files blog. Hope she would love it. Here it is: fbadge100x100


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