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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Link Building

I had been trying to look for links to upgrade my page. Link Building is now a big help online in order to be known and be counted. There is a need for outsource link building since we are living in an advanced world and online business is keeping on the go, we need Link Building to improve our website. You can buy links to improve your site and this is the site where customers will be capable of ordering links from blogs and websites that will point to clients website. Since I have blogs, I needed these links for my blogs to have more visitors and be known to many who are surfing online. It would be of great help to those who are blogging online and those who are building their websites.

I would be joining this Link Building soon and be counted here. I need to buy links for my blogs to receive more visitors and gain more friends online. I have some friends who also wanted to buy links for their blogs. I guess, they would love this kind of link for their new blogs. It's so helpful and interesting for a blogger like me since new websites or blogs needed a Link Building to build up their site or blogs.


Watery Wednesday

These are the places that we love most. The cool, watery and enjoyable place somewhere in Bangkok, Thailand. It looks great, right? Try to visit Watery Wednesday for more posts.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

High Technology

When I went home from Thailand I look for a phone connection in order that I can connect to hubby. There are phone systems available and it's good that the technology in the Phil. is now growing keep on moving for the better. Thanks for the phone systems that is now available any time for our convenience. I'm glad to have to have a phone at home.


Dining Furniture

Hubby was here few weeks ago and we had a chance to look for some furniture that we like most. When I saw the Dining Room Furniture I was so glad to show it to my hubby. He likes it too when he saw it. We had fun and we enjoyed roaming around looking for beautiful furniture that attract our attention.

We went to another department store that is selling another kind of furniture. We saw another type of drawers and cabinets. But we wanted and desired to have our own Dining Room Furniture for the house. It's really different when you see a cool and clean dining room. That's what I desire to have sooner.

We had a chance to visit different places and stores that we like most. We did some check up and look for the cheapest furniture for our dining room. There are many stores that sell different furniture but only few had the pretty things that get our attention. I even took a picture of it and I shared it to my friends in school and they love it too. I love any furniture especially the attracted ones and colorful. It came from different countries and it's it looks great.


My Learning Experience

One of my desires when I became a teacher is to finish my graduate studies. After knowing the result of my myoma check up - I went to the university where I studied before (during my time it was known as West Negros College) and 2 years ago, it was already called West Negros University. I was challenged to study again and finish my graduate studies.

When I checked, my records were already frozen, as what they call it. So, in order for me to write a thesis I need to be refreshed and took the basic subjects again for me to get a comprehensive exam which is a pre - requisite for thesis writing. It's quite hard at first but was able to survive. That's why I don't have enough time to blog. I had many things to do for my research subject, statistics and the foundation of education. It helps me recall what I had learned more than a decade ago and again I gained additional knowledge in teaching. We have had seminars attended and other research studies to add to knowledge gained. It's fun though tiring. Most of my classmates were teachers by profession and we had the same desire as teachers.

We learned a lot as students in the graduate studies. There were problems along the way especially in terms of finances but we were able to survive. The earnings I've got through blogging had helped a lot in my accounts paid in the school. I really enjoy my learning experience through blogging and my way of learning in the school. Learning is fun when your heart is there.


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