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Monday, May 31, 2010

Eye Disorder

I discovered to have an eye problem when I reached 40. I have a hard time reading especially when I'm nearer. A friend of mine has the same eye problem and because she's living in the states it's easy for her to visit USAEyes for her eye problem. Now she finds out that Lasik experts are well trained and can do better as far as eye problem is concerned. Lasik patients experienced better results after the surgery USAEyes and it's already known and the source of information is reliable.


Tough Times...

Yesterday, hubby was our speaker in the church service. I was inspired by the message I have heard entitled, "Tough times never lasts.." indeed the insights are inspiring and very practical.

You see, we all passed through tough and difficult times - for the reasons that God wanted to refine us and to draw us closer to Him. God allows things to happen to make our faith strong. We might never find the solutions to our tough situations under the sun, perhaps we might find it in the Son.

All we need to do is to see tough situations in a different perspective. we must be pro-active rather than reactive. Let us remember that God is in control. we must never give up! never back down! and never lose faith! we must continue to hang on - no matter what!

For tough times never lasts, but tough people do! Are we?


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