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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Search Engine

Search engines are everywhere in the net. Every time we look for something or not sure of it, we immediately check online for better results. Just this morning, my nephew, the son of my sister came and helped my teenager to review in his mathematics subject in preparation for his entrance exam. We were not sure of the answer so my nephew asked me to check online to make sure of the correct answer. I was glad to see this pdf search engine, where I could search any topic and it has been helpful. Checking online is easy and fast. I could easily check the word I wanted to look or any group of words I desired to search. You can check any topic and very convenient. It's really a blessing to have internet in the house, I find it helpful and interesting in searching for any topic that I wanted to look for.

This kind of search engine is indeed great. Try this pdf search engine and you will be led to a better result thus you will be guided well based on the words you are searching. I guess, most of the topics are available and provided. Would you like to check this out?


Filipino Massage

Hubby did a massage just this evening. It took an hour to finish since he had a lot of damaged parts of the body. He carried a lot of things when were in Thailand. So the person who did the massage did hilot (massage) in all parts of his body. He felt severe pain especially on his back. Anyway, he's okay, he felt good after the massage.

He was advised not to take a bath for 3days, avoid drinking cold water or any drinks with ice, and refrain from taking coconut milk as well since all these things would lead him to body pain again or something bad will happen to his body. So I have to watch over him every now and then as he prepares for the coming camp before he leaves back to Thailand.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Pinoy Channel

I heard about Pinoy Channel when were in Thailand and now that I'm here in the Phil. this channel is known around the country. This tfcnow is the channel that connects. Filipinos are everywhere around the globe and they long to see pinoy channel wherever they are. So everyone is excited to see movies, videos, or even a teleserye about their country and the people. With the help of this channel, Filipinos around the world is united to see their most awaited movies. Thanks to this channel.


AJ's Longings

AJ's longing to be with his kuya is now a reality, he was so excited to see his older brother again, since they were apart for a couple of months; so when his kuya came back with his Papa, he was telling his kuya to sleep with him all the time. Wherever his kuya Em2 goes, he would follow him anywhere and his kuya was already bothered since he would cry if he can't go with his kuya. Now, we could honestly say, if brothers and sisters are apart, they missed the company and the fellowship of each other. That's what AJ is doing right now. They always hug and sleep together. That's what our kids' do at this time.


Small Loans

Since we're doing some renovations in our house, I did some small loans to augment our needs. I went to my previous cooperative in the school. It's good that I continue my savings in our cooperative group and I earned some dividends after few years. I was so excited of doing small loans for our house need and expenses.


We are Blessed

Hubby is doing a lot of things for our house renovation. It's quite hard and tiring yet fulfilling. We find it nice and clean and all were fixed. We could not imagine how the Lord provides. We are thankful to God for all the blessings although I need to do some loans but everything is under control. There were friends who helped us and blessed us as well. After few days hubby will be leaving us and we are still grateful for everything that the Lord has done.

I'm also grateful that after the tough and hard times along the way, the Lord has been faithful in blessing us in many ways. After my miscarriage, and the myoma discovery, I have seen how the Lord used it for His purpose. His will is indeed different from ours, His way is perfect and He makes no mistakes.... Thank you LORD!


An Advertising Online

Advertisers are everywhere especially in the online world. It's one way of letting the people know something about the product or advertisement. And even those who are searching could benefit in this kind of advertisement online. It's been a great help for those who are searching for something. One advertisement that is interesting is austin video production wherein you can see videos of your choice. It's been a successful strategy online. A lot of clients found it beneficial using this online advertising. This online advertising had been successful since the clients find worthwhile and they were successful in their business endeavor. Interesting, right?


My Learning

Last Saturday, I attended a seminar and the speaker came from the DepEd Regional Office. He talked about research and how it works. We learned about many things and how to be involved if given a chance in the near future. However, it was not my concern at this time.

During the seminar, we waited for a couple of hours because our speaker came from another island and he knows well about the topic.


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