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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Mortgage

More than a decade ago we decided to avail a mortgage housing loan after getting married. We enjoyed the style of payment since it's not that much. Most of our friends got the same privileges since we were working in a government and private sectors. So we were able to get many privileges during that time.

As far as mortgages is concerned, there is a so-called Information on reverse mortgage which is very unique and different from other type of mortgages. Let me tell you something about it. A reverse mortgage is a loan against the equity in your home. It is not the same with our housing loan mortgage. Not the same with a traditional mortgage or a home equity loan either, there are no income or credit requirements with a reverse mortgage. The greatest benefit to you is that you have no monthly payments or interest payments on the money you receive — as long as you continue to use your home as your primary residence. And who are qualified? Well, there are only three qualifications, the first one, the youngest borrower must be 62 years old or older. Wow, this sounds great, since most of the loan borrowers must be under 60 years old as what I've learned. The second is that, you must own your home, either you have set it up as a life estate or a trust, that would be accepted. And the third is that the home must be your primary residence, whether it's a single family home, a condo or a townhouse, a 1-4 unit owner-occupied dwelling, or a manufactured home. And how does a reverse mortgage work, it is a Senior Equity Financial, helping senior customers understand how reverse mortgages work which is one of their first priorities. They have found out that one of the best ways to do this is to compare reverse mortgages to a traditional or “forward mortgage.”

If you are a homeowner in or nearing retirement, and are looking for a way to access the equity you’ve built up in your home, Senior Equity Financial can help you understand the options and find the reverse mortgage that’s specifically tailored to your financial needs. You can try to check the reverse mortgage FAQS for more details or if you have questions to ask. They really could help you.


Watery Wednesday

I missed joining this meme. Today, I would like to join again and post this Watery Wednesday photo that happened few months ago. Thanks to the host of this meme.

Wanna join? Try to click the link and you will be guided. Have fun!!!


Hubby Loves Camping

Camping is one of the memorable events for my hubby. He really loves it. He loves to be with a group or with a friend or a family. He could even go alone if nobody is not available. Hubby is a person who loves nature and enjoyed seeing the beauty of it. One time they went for camping with the group and they need a car to carry all of them, so they looked for used rvs to carry them all. They went up the hill and they enjoyed their camping. It looks so cute and cool and cozy inside according to hubby. They had lots of fun and fellowship with some friends and family members. It was a great help for hubby and the group to have this used rvs, it's convenient and cool. Hubby loves any part of it. He can lead, can work well in a group, can manage well and can be trusted. He can even make the group enjoy with some games and things to do while doing the camping. Most of the campers would tell us that they enjoyed and had fun. Camping is such a memorable thing to do for my hubby and his brothers too. They tried to do it as many as they can because they feel that it can give them time to refresh and to be revived again. They even wanted to be free from work or stress of life. How about you? Do you like camping too? I have learned to love it too since my hubby enjoyed doing it.


I'm Grateful - Answered Prayer

My hubby's vacation is so fast yet fulfilling. As what I have mentioned, one thing that we desire this time is to give attention to our kids' schooling. They need to be given attention since they were doing homeschool especially for my teenager who had been doing it for almost 6 years. And yet no school would like to accept him. And we're glad today that there is one school who really cares for him. We are so amazed how the Lord led us and provided everything for us to look for the best school for Em2. It's not so easy at first but we're able to trust God and our prayers were answered. At this time, we will focus on his education and I need to stay behind and be with my kids although my hubby will be away from us but we trust that the Lord will just guide and bless us. It will be tougher this time but by the grace if God we will overcome.

I'm thankful for His wisdom and guidance to us, indeed; He will make a way when there seems to be no that....I'm grateful to our Almighty God!!!! for everything.


Great Hotels

My sister is working abroad and many times she had last minute booking since she went home either caused by sickness in the family or other personal reasons. In that case, she needs to look for hotels like New York Hotels and she finds it easy and manageable. She went to different places or countries and she enjoyed sharing to us her experiences. She loves to travel and see the beauty of nature and the places that attracts her most. She would love to share her joys and the food she ate.

Aside from hotels in New York she also was able to visit Las Vegas Hotels and each hotel has given her good impression to be back and see the place again. She has friends to be with and they enjoyed traveling. Most of the time they went to Miami and stayed in one of the Miami Hotels and she told us many stories about each place or countries she had gone. My sister enjoyed traveling, she met many friends, suitors and finds it interesting to go to a place that is new to her. She got many souvenirs from each place and showed it to us. She already traveled a lot and we are excited to be with her again soon.


Today's Trip

We went to different schools today for our kids' schooling this year. We're glad that AJ was able to pass the entrance test of the Montessori School near our house. The teacher was amazed that he could read in Filipino and much more in English but the funny thing was, he read Monica as Monico who lost in the election here in our place, lol!

Anyway, he was able to pass the test and we're able to pay for the reservation. This was not the school he wanted to enroll but because it was near to our house we were able to force him. Hope he will enjoy this school when the class starts.


My Bathroom Wish

Since hubby came back, we were considering many things for our house renovation. Our house is quite damaged and we need to do something. One of the changes that we need to consider are the things inside in the bathroom like our bathroom vanities, if the bathroom is clean with the things needed inside it looks great and it feels good. That's why hubby is so excited to have this bath vanity for our house to be well furnished and to look good. As far as house is concerned, I for one, loved to have a simple house yet elegant. To beautify our house it will also need bathroom Vanity Chair in order to make the bathroom attractive and cozy, an extra chair inside could be of help. It could be of help in many ways.

We also went to the city last time and we looked for bathroom vanities needed for our house. How we wished to have extra amount to buy. Anyhow, we long to have it and we hope soon. It's really nice and cool. It gives our house more cozy and livable. I guess most of the mothers like me would agree with that, our bathroom needs extra care to make it more clean and orderly.


The Place I Love

I missed this place. I had been to this place in Bangkok, my family loved the cool watery place and much more when we get inside. It was so cool and we enjoyed staying in this place for 3 days without thinking of anything. We just enjoyed the rides and the pool. Thanks to the people behind who gave us the freedom to enjoy with our family. It was an unforgettable moment of our lives.


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