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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Lover

Thai people are dog lovers. They enjoyed having dogs at home. They would buy dress or shirts for their dogs and they give importance to their pets. They even buy automatic dog feeders for their special pets. A convenient place for dogs. A lot of times they would bring their dogs and place it in front of their motorcycle. They gave special care for their pet dogs and they provide a better shelter.


The National Election 2010

Few days before the election, there were many speculations about what will happen next. Others thought of an election to be bloody or there might be tough times. During the election last Monday, many were upset, however, things turned out well. It was a memorable day to all Filipinos. It was fast than expected although many hindrances happened but the total result was okay.

Thanks to the machine. It was a help for teachers. I could say, it was a successful election with less stress.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Insurance Needed

As far as life insurance is concerned, a lot of my friends and family decided to have one. Since everything is expensive these days here in the Phil. we find it hard to spend extra amount when something gets wrong. Having term life insurance quotes is always given priority and taken into considerations. It would be better if we have prepared an insurance for the family. It gives confidence and assurance to people of all ages, knowing that we have something prepared in the future.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuya Em2

Our eldest son Em2 turned 15 yesterday, the same day when we celebrated the Special Day of Mothers. It's also fresh in my mind 15 years ago when I gave birth to Em2 and the following day was the National Election. During the height of the election I was in the height of pain preparing for my firstborn son to see the world. His first day to feel the love of the family.

I could not imagine how time flies. It's so fast, my baby is now a full grown teenager. Fifteen years ago he cried a lot when his Mama was not around. Now, he will cry when Mama will follow him through, he's starting to do his own way, will he get bored when Mama is around? Lol!!! He can answer...

Kuya Em2 happy happy birthday!!! We missed you, AJ would always talk about you to his friends and cousins here in the Phil. and we're excited to see you soon with Papa. We love you kuya...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Knowledge Seekers

Since I started surfing the net I enjoyed reading many articles that I love most. I met friends and we shared our knowledge, skills and expertise. Hence, I discovered U-2-Me The Knowledge Exchange that I enjoyed most while sharing my experiences. One thing that I like was that you will gain access to knowledge from everyone and earn as well just about anything from what you know and learn or even experience. Is it exciting? For those who are knowledge seekers I guess, you will enjoy this, join now and be counted.


Happy Mother's Day

We were blessed by our church this day, during the service, Mothers were given time to be honored. Thank you to all the mothers... Some of the children gave thanks and say something to their moms in front of the congregation. And mothers receive a rose. Most of the mothers cried and were touched. To all the mothers I would like to say myspace graphic comments


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