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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Suprise Birthday

I celebrated my birthday last Friday, March 26, and I was blessed with friends. In the morning, I went to see my doctor for another check up and I send AJ to another close family - friend. After communicating with my OB I went to meet my sister and we ate at KFC for our lunch. After lunch, we headed for beauty treatment. It was a good feeling since all our warts were taken by the lady beautician.

While doing some treatments, I sent a message through SMS to our friend who took care of AJ for awhile. I asked her if it's okay that I will fetch AJ at 630pm since I will have a dinner date with my co-teachers before. I was shocked when she told me that I will just eat a little because they had a surprise dinner for me in the church with my choir members. By the way, when I came back since I will not be under an operation, the wife of our Pastor asked me to train the choir for the Holy Week. So we started our practice last week. They were all excited to sing again. Since we left, nobody took care of the choir so I was moved to practice them, since I was the only one who can do it in our church.

To make the long story short, I just laugh because nobody told me of that surprise dinner for my birthday. Anyway, I met my friends who were our co-teachers before (with my husband) and I ate a little. Then I went to church for my surprised dinner. I will share the picture tomorrow. I'm already sleepy and wanted to get my pillow and lie down, lol!


Postcard Services

I was thinking to raise some funds to augment our needs here in the Phil. I came back with my 7-year old son few weeks ago and I was considering to do something to earn. However, I need a small postcard to be given to some friends and customers. I was also contemplating to send a special postcard for my hubby and teenager since we missed them so much. We're here since 3 weeks ago and we missed them already. I need to check postcard mailing services and choose the best one for my family and friends and more so for my small business.

I was excited to know this kind of unusual postcard. I can choose my own design and the one that I like, and besides I wanted an attractive postcards. It's good to know this postcard mailing services, and guess what, I can choose the color too. It's great, right? It's nice to know that postcards can be mailed with the design and color that you like. I can't wait for tomorrow to buy a postcard for my hubby and teenager and for my desired business as well. I will try to check it out and choose the best one suited for my family and business.


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