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Friday, March 19, 2010

An Update

I just want to share what had happened to me this past few weeks. After visiting my OB I was advised to have another check up to make sure what's going on inside of me. I had undergone another ultrasound and the result was the same. My myoma became smaller from 7.8 down to 5.0 although others who had the same experience told me that it is still big.

However, I was advised to have another ultrasound after a month. There were some things that I need to do: to abstain from taking herbal medicine and other food and vitamins that contain the following:

1. fish oil
2. vitamin E
3. soya milk
Thank you for all your concerns and prayers. Hope to be back soon.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Credit Cards

When I was working as a teacher in the Phil. I had the privilege to have a credit card. It was under a known bank and I find it helpful. We enjoyed at first as a family, we used it anywhere we want to buy something. Having credit cards is helpful especially when we used it for it's purpose.

When I planned to resign from work and decided to go out of the country I gave it up. However, we find it helpful again when we started to book online. I never thought that we will be needing it when we're out of the country. So at this time we are hoping to have credit cards for that purpose. It would really helpful if we have even just one credit card to book online since we travel back and forth. But having more than one credit cards that would still be helpful especially when we travel to different countries. It would be easy for us to buy something using our credit cards. My friends have it too and they told us that it's helpful and easy to purchase anything you want while traveling to different countries. Now, we wish to have it and hopefully soon.


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