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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Amazing Thing happened

Let me share with you what had happened to me these past few days. I came back to the Phil. last Friday, was tired and sleepy. I came to see my doctor the next day ( Saturday morning). She did a check up, pap smear and gave me a letter to be given to another doctor for another ultrasound. I went last Monday but there was no schedule. So I came back the next day, that was yesterday afternoon. The doctor who did the ultrasound told me that he could not find my right ovary. He did 2 types of ultrasound but my right ovary was not visualized, that means it was not found. By the way, he was a male doctor but the assistant was the young lady who entered something inside and the doctor was just waiting - if everything is ready, he will go out from his room and did the ultrasound looking at the computer, so I was safe, hehe!

I immediately went to my doctor to show her the result but she was not available, she was doing an operation. So went back this afternoon. She explained to me very well of what's going on inside my womb. She said, my myoma was on my left ovary, and it became smaller, 5 cm unlike before that it was 7.8cm and quite big. My OB said, I don't need an operation, I was shocked and cried. I asked her a lot of times and she continued to explain that my right ovary could not be found however, it happens many times but my left ovary has myoma, it was located near the bone above my uterus and not inside my uterus. If it's inside my uterus that would cause bleeding and dangerous. But for my case, it's still okay and I can still have a baby in case, hehe! Can you imagine that? I told her, maybe, it's dangerous for me this time.

I was so amazed how the Lord answered all our prayers and petitions. All I can say is, "THANK YOU, LORD", miracle is still happening, and for me, this is another miracle that happened to me. If I was there in Thailand and I let them touch my myoma, this would not happen. Indeed, God answers the prayers of His children. If we only call upon Him, He will do miraculous things that we could not imagine. I was preparing for an operation but things changed for His purpose. I'm blessed today and always. Thanks to all of you for all your concern and prayers. Blessings to all!!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Missed My Hubby and Son

Since we came back to the Phil. I had sleepless nights. I missed my hubby and son. AJ had his crying moments before sleeping or sometimes in the middle of the night he would cry. But when he woke up in the morning and I would tell him, he won't agree, haha! Maybe my son was just dreaming in the middle of the night.

It's not so easy to be away from your beloved, but we don't have any choice this time. We need to move on and do what God wants us to do. We need to keep going and be a blessing to people. Thanks for all our prayer partners. God bless you more...

I'll be giving some updates soon.


My Teenager's MP3

My teenager loved to do searching. One time we bought an MP3 for his Christmas gift and he was so excited to have it. He did a lot of searching on what to do about it. He wanted to search songs to download in his MP3 and he was so excited telling me that he discovered MP3 Search Engine to help him doing all the searching. I told him to choose the best and good songs to listen to and he agreed. I love music but I want the best songs for him to listen and learn as well.

I was glad my teenager is responsible enough for his choices. He chose the right songs for him and the good ones for his young brother to listen to during night time. Music is good but when it leads to distraction I'm the one who will object. MP3 Search Engine is the best engine search for my teenager, he had the better choice to search and download songs for him to enjoy.

Last time, I saw him sharing his MP3 to his younger brother before sleeping and his younger brother was enjoying the songs his brother downloaded. They both enjoy listening to the music. And they both fall asleep.


Non-visualized Ovary

Yesterday I went to the doctor, an OB-GYNE for my ultrasound. There was no schedule last Monday so I went back yesterday. I was a bit upset because the person in charge was a male doctor.But I felt good when he had a young lady assistant who was in charge of the inserting,... (they call it Trans Vaginal Ultrasound) then the doctor who will read the ultrasound was in the other room, I smiled when he asked his assistant, "everything's ready?" Then he went out and did the reading...

It took time for him to look for my right ovary, the left ovary had a myoma, but it was smaller. Last time it had 7.8 cm, but this time it has only 5cm. According to the doctor, it became bigger last time due to my pregnancy. But the amazing thing was, he could not find my right ovary. He did the 2 kinds of ultrasound but the ovary on the right side was not found. So I hurriedly went to my OB to show her the result but she was not around because she did an operation. I will be back this afternoon for hopefully the final action.

Thanks to all of you, for all your prayers and petitions. Hope my right ovary is still there hanging or hiding somewhere, lol! See you next time.


A Glimpse of My Wedding

Wedding is one of the most memorable event that may happen in any woman's life. Every woman who is about to be married experienced mixed emotions: anxiety, excitement and uncertainty among the other unexplainable emotions that fills the heart. I know because I was once in the same situation. But despite all these emotions, we want the best for our wedding. We make sure that every thing is in order. My wedding was not the grandest wedding a woman can dream. This was one of the simplest and the least expensive wedding as a matter of fact. My husband and I did everything on our own from the invitation, give-aways, buying of flowers to church decoration. Just imagine how haggard we were that time! We checked the invitation stores one-by-one for unique wedding invitations . But since most of the invitations were the same, we decided to design our own. We just bought the raw materials and created the invitation on our own. And indeed, ours is a unique one. All our efforts and the hardships we encountered made the wedding more memorable. My husband and I cherish our wedding because we really made it to happen by God’s grace and help. And if I have to repeat the process again, I will still do it because it is all worth it!


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