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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesus Died and Rose Again - Then Sings My Soul

I love this song, glad to see the link. This is one of the songs that I love most and I always thank the Lord for all the things He has done for me. Hosanna... Hosanna... Jesus died and rose again.

Thanks to Amy in Signs, Miracles and Wonders. You can find more songs of praise and worship to our King.

I just want to say "Thank you so much for all your prayers and petitions for my health". In a week's time I will be flying back to the Phil. for my myoma operation. Hope you will continue to say a prayer until that day. If I can't visit you, please pardon me. I might be in the operating room by then. Again, thanks to all.


Link Exchange - BC Blogger Secret

One of my concerns when I started blogging was spending time linking others. It gets all my time and efforts just to visit again and again. Writing takes my time too, visiting others would add to it. It's so tiring and get bored too.

But just today, while I was visiting to some of my visitors, I saw this kind of link. I get interested and look for it. It's BC Blogger's Secret. Wow, what's the secret in here, thought. Then I found out that joining is so easy and I can gain more and nothing to loose. Bloggers will just visit my place and I don't need to visit again and again everyday. They will do it for me.

So, for those who wanted this link, come and try to visit BC Blogger's Secret to link exchange.



FileMaker Software

Working with all the files is something I'm worried about since we started working. A lot of shelves here and there, a lot of files being stocked and many times I'm confused of where to find it. FileMaker is something that we need, I guess, in order to put all the files in a software and it's easy to look for it when needed.

One thing for sure is that I need to look for FileMaker Templates to fit for my need. Files are indeed important and need to be taken cared of. Before, it's so hard for me to make and save files on the shelves, it happens one time in our school, when there was fire and all our files were lost. And it's so hard to regain all those files. I would rather suggest that my school will look for FileMaker Developer and save all the files in the software for them to be easily file all the records.

I remember last time, students who already graduated asked for their records and it took many days for the clerk to search the student's files in the shelves. She feels bored doing all those things. It's good that there is FileMaker available online, it would be helpful to our school since it is a big school and it exists for more than a century already.


Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
This happened in 2007 when we're invited to see the beauty of Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Hubby forced me to ride this fast rail, I forgot the name of it, we're out of the real world, everything here was fantasy, we're in the fantasy world for 3days. We had lots of fun - we're blessed by friends because everything was provided. We were blessed when we started to follow and obey the Lord's plan for us. We had tasted how great our God is.

Alicia of Friday Photoflashback has more to share. Thanks Alicia.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Safety Software

In this present generation, fast pace and internet is everywhere, as a mother like me, I have a bigger concern for my kids growing up process. I have now a teenager who knows better than me as far as internet is concerned. He can surf so easily and look for links anywhere in the net. I guess, we need something to monitor our kids.

What I'm trying to say is, how can I trust fully in what my son is doing on the net. How can I be sure that he is searching good things? We all know that there are good and bad things that we can get from surfing the net. I feel badly of some children who learned pornography through the use of the internet. Pornographic pictures are everywhere and before we knew it, they are already in danger. I'm glad to know this Internet Safety Software that helps parents monitor our children activity in the net.

This could be of help since we cannot always be with our children all the time. It automatically record all the things they are doing on the pc and internet. This is a great idea for parents to monitor our children. I better choose and have to acquire of this, and we, as parents, must be aware of this Internet Safety Software for my kids' safety.


My Preparations

Thinking of my operation I refrain. I don't want to think of it. But I still can't flee away from it. It's only 2 weeks left and I will fly back to the Phil. to prepare for my myoma operation. It's tough to think of it, it's tougher when I will be there in front of the so called operation thing...

But since I had miscarriage few weeks ago and had big myoma (like an apple) I have to, no choice whatsoever. But leaving hubby behind seems like tearing my heart open wide. Few weeks ago until we celebrated Valentine's Day, I don't have this feeling, just this day that hubby was reminding me to prepare what I need to bring. Thinking of it all, I don't know, I don't understand my feelings. But I have no choice as what I have said, hubby will have a hard time to take care of me here, since we don't have a family, although we have friends here and there but it's different when it's your family that would take care of you.

Thank you for friends who really care - our friends in Thailand, Malaysia, Phil, all throughout the world who constantly praying for me. I even thank my blogger friends here and there, for all your prayers and support, I'm blessed to know you all. The Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry as well because we always believe that He who Promised is Faithful. Our God is faithful to provide everything and to bless His children.

Please help me pray for strength, it's not so easy, though my friends would always say, it's okay it's not dangerous, but to think of an operation, for me, is not a joke, I had no experience on that thing, and I might be scared, but then, I trust God, the maker of heaven and earth and the giver of life. I just need your prayers, it will really make a difference and God will be glorified. I will let you know more here of how faithful our God is... Blessings to all!


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