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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Then Sings my Soul Saturdays

While I was listening to this song, I loved it. Emmanuel has come. Although this is a song for Christmas, it still reminds us that our God has come through Jesus Christ. Thanks for Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
After my wedding in 1993, I was invited to be an Inspirational speaker in the Elementary School where I graduated. I graduated First Honors so they were so eager to invite me to encourage and challenge the coming graduates, especially the principal of the school who was also my teacher in High School. I was still young that time, hehe! Can you see it here? Still fresh and I love this picture because I look pretty, hehe, just kidding.

It's nice to recall those years, looking young and energetic. I'm glad Alicia hosted this, she has more to share with Friday Photoflashback.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

International Phone Cards

Mobile phones are very useful these days, since our world is fast changing and everything is done fast. We could see people using it everyday, young and old. And since there are mobile phones and other useful telecommunications we need to use prepaid phone cards which is the easiest way to load and call online.

I also use my mobile phone to call to my family back home, it's easy without many charges. Then I use prepaid phone cards often times, I find it easy and useful and besides it's cheaper and there are no additional charges. I enjoy using it to call overseas. There are many International prepaid phone cards available these days.

My sister often calls us and she said she used prepaid phone cards to call us because she finds it easy and cheaper. She is working abroad and her calls are really great according to her. We talked a lot and spend longer time sharing her experiences every now and then.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Valentine's Date for 2010

Ladies, women, and girls, I guess, are excited to have a date this coming Valentine's Day. When I was still young, I remember when hubby was still my very close friend, he would bring me to a cool and romantic place. I love those days, we had a good time together. We ate together, we laughed, and enjoyed seeing the beauty of nature or we would eat fried peanuts and sit under the tree inside Bacolod Lagoon. Girls Rule is quiet exciting, I recall the love of my life, and my sweet experiences. Thanks for this meme.

I remember, he was just courting me that time, he was the Core Commander of the college, so he had many students under him following all his commands. I was still studying during that time and was doing my practice - teaching (practicum). One morning, that was Valentine's Day, a student was looking for me bringing a bouquet of flowers. He had been asking so many students around if they knew me. I was known to most high school students because I was their teacher, it's easy for that guy to look for me. So, when that student saw me, he gave the bouquet of flowers, then I asked, "Where is this coming from? He did not say anything. But when I received it after saying "thank you" I saw that there was a small note, haha! That came from my admirer, who became my bf after few years of courting. That was fun and feeling I was in the clouds, yohowww!

After getting married with the same man who spent all his time, with all those love letters and small notes with flowers every now and then, I was deeply in love. I still hope to have flowers on my table with small notes few years later. Valentine's Day is something I treasure most during those years.

However, time changed, at this time I don't receive any flowers and even chocolates. But every now and then, hubby is buying some food that I love most. Valentine's Day became so usual that sometimes we forgot it especially when nobody will remind us. But the love of caress and taking care of each one is something we always do.

Sorry for a long story, I just remember my experience during Valentine's Day. This coming special day, we will be joining with some friends who will be coming to be with us and to say goodbye as I prepare to go back to the Phil. early next month for my myoma medication. At least, I'm here with hubby this special day of hearts before leaving him for a while.

Join us today and share the love of your life and your experiences on Valebtie's Day with Girls Rule.


Word-Filled Wednesday

Psalm 62:8

Trust in Him at all times
you people
Pour out your heart before Him
God is a refuge for us

As I prepare for my travel back to the Phil. for my myoma treatment, this verse gave me strength and hope in the Lord. My doctor urged me to be back soon since I had miscarriage and the myoma is quite big. Thanks to all your prayers. Blessings to you all.

All you have to Give has more to share. Our God is an awesome God. And His words never fail.


Plans for Valentine's Day?

Yes, Valentine's Day is fast approaching, we could not deny the fact that lovers are eager to give something to their special someone to prove their love and commitment even just a time as this. More so for husband and wife. What could be the romantic place for them. How about my hubby? Is he going to bring me somewhere? Now, I'm writing beside him and letting him know my intention, lol! And he was grinning and thinking of something. I just hope he will be touched, lol!

On the other hand, our friends invited us for a dinner with some friends. We will be sharing food, and laughter and maybe a little of games to perk up our intimate time together. But then I still long to be with hubby alone in one romantic place, just like old times, when we used to go and spend time in a special place outside our home. It's a wonderful experience, right?

I will be going back to the Phil. for the treatment of my myoma and I will be missing my hubby for quite sometime. Although my OB told me to go back home ASAP, but I insisted if I can spend time with hubby just for a couple of days. And I'm glad she agreed but not too late. I'm still excited to be with hubby on this special occasion. Yes, I agree with Mommy Liz, when you see often or together everyday, night and day, it seems that everyday is just normal and special days are being taken for granted.

Anyway, whether hubby will give me a flower or not he's still my dear friend, lover, and my ever dear sweet hubby. Hope you can join here too with Rodliz's Nest. Share your love life. It's a joy to share and we are excited to read it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Enticing Contest in the Blogosphere

Another contest is here in the blogging world. If you have not seen it visit My Journey to Life blog. You can check the mechanics and it's easy to join. Actually, she has 2 contests in one setting, one for Blogging and the other for Baby Contest. If you have a baby you can join here. You will be glad if you see the awards to be given to all the winners.
Try to check all the requirements in My Journey to Life contest and start joining, prizes are at stake, it's great and you will really desire to have it too. Look at here below:
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You must be a follower of BabiesandContests and My Journey to Life to enter the contest. (Required)
Three winners will be chosen, the Baby who has the most number of votes will be named as Wonderful Baby of the Month, the second and third winners will be called 1st Princess/Prince and 2nd Princess/Prince respectively.
A title of MOST POPULAR BABY will be chosen with the most highest number of comments in our FaceBook Fan Page and BabiesandContests site. (The comment with the I VOTE will only be counted, one comment per one user)
A JUDGES PICK award will be given to one lucky baby who will be picked by our mommy judges.
One lucky WONDERFUL MOMMY will also take a beautiful prize as a token of her hardships and dedication. (You must be a follower of my blogs to win)
This is an online POLL Voting – 1 I.P. Address per one vote.
  1. Blogging Contest: (The contest is open for all, sponsors can also join)
Accomplish the required tasks to validate your entry, the rest are optional but the more you complete, the more points you will have and the more chances of winning.
Four winners will be chosen using Random Org. There will be extra winner for the Special prize.
I will notify winners by e-mail. So, don’t forget to put your e-mail in your entry. Winners will have 48 hours to respond by e-mail. If after 48 hours, no confirmation is made, I will pick another winner.
You can enter up to 3 blogs.
Both Baby and Blogging Contest will run until the 28th day of February and winners will be announced on the 4TH day of March to give me time to validate all your entries and count all the votes.
Wonderful Baby of the Month Printable Certificate
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You see? It's a big contest too. Try to join now and have fun.


Bored of mixed files?

We were blessed by a laptop last year and after a year of using it I find it hard to synchronize all the documents in a folder. A lot of documents were inside and we don't know how to do about it. Sometimes I'm puzzled of all the files. I'm glad to hear this directory synchronization, a different way of filing documents and to synchronize all the files inside. It would be easier to look for the files in the folders with the use of the directory and spare a little time to check and search for the file.

I guess, you have already heard about file synchronization. File sync is free to download for noncommercial usage. With the help of directory synchronization lesser time will be spent on checking and looking for all the files. I'm excited to download this file synchronization folder. But I need to buy directory synchronization for all the files and to help me synchronize all the files stored in the laptop. You can have it too. It would really help. Just check it out. It's interesting.


Monday, February 8, 2010

My Doctor's Advise

While I was having pain last weekend, a friend of mine who also had experienced miscarriage chatted to me. That's was the first time that we chatted, we just met 3 years ago. But when I told her about my case, she prompted me to call my doctor in the Phil. who knew my history. I didn't think of it, I just thought of the pain of losing my baby. Now time for a change came in.

After our communicating to her, I immediately told my hubby, and intentionally called my doctor the next day. I shared to my OB-Gyne what had happened and she urged me to go back home as soon as possible (ASAP). I asked her if I can go next month considering of the expenses and the travel. She agreed, but she was persistent in telling me that not too long for my case is different.

Another friend called me and she also encouraged me to consider having my myoma operation here in Thailand instead of going back to the Phil. Considering all the expenses in going back and forth and according to her, based on her father's treatment, they had spent a lot there in the Phil. However, I have that peace of mine with my OB doing the operation in Bacolod because she knows my history and the needed medication because that is her specialization and besides she knows us well as a family, and she is also a believer.

One thing that my friend told me, I will avoid stress and carrying heavy loads because that would add to the size of my myoma. Thinking of stress, I can't avoid it this time because of the needed expenses and everything and so many things to consider. We just end our talk with laughter and reminded each other that everything is under God's hands so need to worry. Thanks for friends who really care.

In the evening, another friend came and met us, everything coming on the same day. She is our close Thai friend, she wanted to help us too. But she asked for more details and the probable expenses we'll be having and the needed things to consider. We were shocked when she told us that a foreigner having an operation here in Thailand must pay three times the price. That means if our bills for the whole operation is 20.000 we need to pay 60,oooBaht. Wow, that's big. Few years ago, I told her that it's only times two (2x), but she said this year they applied the times three (3x) bills for foreigners. Now, the Lord is leading us the right way, because at first it's too hard for us to decide, considering of leaving my dear hubby alone and bringing my kids with me. We reallt thank the Lord for the guidance and on what to do and decide, although our friend told us that she can help the doctors in the operating room because she's a nurse by profession and had worked in the hospital for many years. But we decided to go home. Indeed, the Lord knows even before we ask in prayer.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yummy Sunday

Last December, we had a chance to have a party in the school. It's quite far from the city. One of the volunteers cooked "Ratna" my favorite Thai food. All of us including the teachers and the students ate it. It's so delicious.

I believe yo like yummy food. Thanks for Boogie with her Perfectly Blended. It's all about food shared all throughout the world. Wanna join?


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