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Friday, January 29, 2010

Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul is the meme I've missed a lot. I wasn't able to join for quite sometime. Though I'm a bit dizzy I will still write because of my love for music. Hymns is one of my favorite songs that I love most as what I've shared last time. It has a greater part in my walk with the Lord when I was still young (before high school). We were trained to sing hymns during our family devotional. So therefore, I will share one hymn that we usually sang during those times.

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A Valentine's Gift to Remember

What would you like to give something to your dearest friend, closest kin, your one and only or someone special this coming Valentine's Day? As early as this month, Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Romantics is knocking at the door and waiting for you. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and while it's still on the way, why not prepare something special for your beloved. A very special gift that she will never forget all throughout her life. A gift to remember, a gift of love.

I love to give and receive gifts as well especially if it comes from my one and only. I remember, when my hubby was still courting me, he bought something special for me on Valentine's Day. I could never forget that time, he gave his gift with flowers. Of course, it's not only for singles but also for couples, for everyone who falls in love or will be falling in love soon. Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Romantics is prepared for you. I believe, lovers are now thinking of something to give to their beloved and something so special and unique. So don't delay, try looking for something special for this special occasion, a day to remember and a day to celebrate! I will try to look for my hubby too and see the one he likes, I'm always excited to give him something special and unique on this special day for lovers.


Painful Experience

I had a painful experience last Wednesday, hubby brought me to the hospital because I was bleeding, after the doctor's check up she found out that I had myoma and we started to pray that the baby is safe. That was a painful experience I have had after I gave birth to AJ our second son 7 years ago. A lot of blood came out and I was really suffering from the pain.

Then, I asked my hubby to pray for me, I had also asked AJ to lay his hand over my tummy. I couldn't sleep nor move to the left or to the right. The pain was so heavy that I couldn't move my body. One thing I told my baby, just to hold on and take care because Mama is carrying the pain and with the help of Jesus I will be healed. Indeed, after few hours of struggle, I was okay and was able to walk and take myself for few minutes and I felt restored.

The next day, there's a little bit of pain but the blood was still coming out, I can't stop it just like a woman's monthly period. A lot of blood came out but the Lord was giving a hope to trust in His care - that I need not to worry because He is in control. So I have that peace that only God can give and I hold on to His promises.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
This picture was taken 3 years ago, when we invited our students to dine with us. AJ was 4 years old this time. We love to bless our students and everytime we have a chance to share the love of Jesus we did it through a dinner fellowship and share happy moments together. We were sitting here after dinner and they took us a picture.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plan to have Camping?

Camping is one of the things my hubby loves and longs to do. When he was still working as army instructor he used to go up mountains or down the beach with some friends and did the hiking. Even when he was a teacher, he used to go with his co-teachers and go out for camping and they usually bring some things they needed outdoor.

Just recently, he was attracted to a camping equipments and he asked me if he could buy one like outdoor grills, outdoor chairs, tables and mats. It looks great because you can bring it anywhere. We could even bring it when we plan to go to the beach. It's on sale and he loves to have it. It's good to have this kind because we will not worry about going out. You can even choose which brands you like. Then, I get excited to buy these kinds of outdoor materials for our family. Hope we could have it soon. These outdoor grills I want to have for my family outdoor activities. We planned to have an outdoor vacation this summer and I guess, we need to prepare now. How about you? Are you planning to have a picnic or outdoor activities this summer? You will be needing these things too right?


Word-Filled Wednesday

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will make your path straight.
Prov. 3:5-6
I chose this verse today because of my situation. You may know it below when you continue to read my blog. Please help me pray for peace in my heart as we keep on praying for the best from the Lord. The verse that encourages me this time and I cling to God's promises.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Day to Remember

Yesterday I fetched AJ from school. We were walking because our house is nearby. On the way I told AJ to run crossing the street because the street is clear. When suddenly, while we were in the middle of the road, there's a motorcycle coming so quickly that I hold AJ back, I shouted and looked at the driver but he was running so fast while looking at my angry face. It's good that cars were not coming that very hour while we were stocked up in the middle of the road. I felt the angel holding us back without moving.

I had a little stress and in the evening I can't sleep till midnight. I thought of my baby, early morning I felt something coming out, when I checked there was blood coming out of me. I immediately asked hubby to bring me to the hospital. Then we waited for awhile, the doctor came and when I told her, she checked my womb via ultrasound. It's really good that I need not to travel again for another place for ultrasound. There inside her clinic I was checked and she told me that there is a tumor inside (known as Myoma), she said it always happens to married women. I was upset a bit, but when she said that it's not cancerous, I was not scared and felt relaxed.

She continued to tell us that we need to wait for another week to check again because the baby was too small (only 2cm) while the myoma is already 7.8cm. According to her, there were 2 things that would happen: either the baby will become bigger that would make the myoma become smaller or the other way around, that the baby will not grow because of the myoma extending it's space to my womb and the baby will be miscarriage. The cause of the blood was from the mayooma and not from the baby. Hopefully, with prayers that the baby will grow and the mayooma will be gone, but not our will but God's will be done!

It's scary but we have nothing to do about it this time, we just trust the Lord for everything. He knows the best!


Monday, January 25, 2010

A Courageous and Faithful Wife

I'm inspired to write today so I decided to write again about a Mom who always think of her children and family. She desires the best for her children and I guess, all mothers have the same desire like hers. What I'm referring to is Mommy Seiko, a Filipina who had caught the eye and heart of a Japanese businessman.

While I was reading her true-to-life story, I cried and felt the pain she have had. Yes, it's true, it's not so easy as what she said to be a wife of the last Samurai. She struggled a lot especially the discrimination, looking down to her, and the like which made her feel down and frustrated. But she was blessed by a loving, understanding and thoughtful hubby.

Amidst her struggles and frustrations in life, she still hopes for the best and she never gave up. She keeps moving and face problems everyday with courage. I could say, she is a courageous Filipina I knew - her story tells. She is a God-fearing woman, and had 4 children which she called her pride and glory. I'm inspired by Mommy Seiko's motto: I keep my Head High and Never Give up on my Dreams.

Aside from being a loving wife to her husband and a caring mother to her children, she is also a good cook, she prepares a lot of food on the table, which needs to be presentable, tasty and delicious for Japanese to look at and not only one menu but many in one setting. Try to check and read Seiko's Diary, she will inspire you more.


Anak ni Kulapo - It's fun

Another blog that I wanted to highlight today is a Filipino blog of course written by a Filipino with a Filipino heart and written in Filipino language, lol! I'm not sure if you have heard and read his blog, I did! Anak ni Kulapo is a Filipino blog full of humor and stories that will make you laugh. I enjoyed listening to the music as well when I opened the blog. I love it because I'm a Filipino. It's a nice blog and it's a different kind of blog where you can gain insights too as you keep on reading. Everything is written in Filipino and I guess most of the visitors are Filipinos. It's fun reading his posts.

He already sponsored many blog contests. And not only that, he is always the major sponsor. He had been blessing many bloggers in the blogging industry. His humor made people laugh. Filipino bloggers enjoyed and kept visiting his blog. Sya'y makatao at maka-Pilipino. He makes people enjoy while reading through his posts. He had other blog written in English of course like I am Buraot. It's fun to surf Anak ni Kulapo blogs. He got a lot of insights for Filipinos to think. If you want to laugh or be free for a while try visiting his blog and you will enjoy.

Filipinos are everywhere in the world and if they find this site I guess, they will enjoy reading his posts which is written in Filipino.


A Generous Blogger

Have you heard about Buraot? He is a Filipino blogger who loves to express himself in writing. I have seen his blog for a lot of times sponsoring many bloggers. He loves to sponsor a lot of contests in the blogging world. He had been blessing a lot of bloggers. His blog sponsored many contests and just imagine, he is not tired of sponsoring? Again and again he is on the top list of sponsors.

The first time I saw his blog when I joined the first contest. Buraot sponsored many already, not just a sponsor but he's always a major sponsor. That means he's always giving the best. Wow, he gave more and he's always willing to sponsor a lot of bloggers. Another thing I've noticed in his blog is that he uses clear template. He writes clearly with links, if you have noticed he wrote something but you need to click the link to read the whole story. I'm a newbie with this thing and as I was checking his blog I find it interesting to see that a Filipino can really do better. He's doing his best in writing articles that helps us understand what's going on in our country even if you are working outside. He's a blogger who knows how to pacify the truth, who clearly writes the real issue and the truth.

Aside from this, Buraot is also the generator of entredropper - I tell you he is one of a kind who could make things possible as far as internet and computers are concerned. He had gone a long way and had blessed a lot for his generosity. Try to check this site and see for yourself what's going on. He's a Filipino who soar high in the blogging world.


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