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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheap Business Cards

I'm fond of buying cheaper things like cheap post cards, cheap greetings cards, cheap business cards but still with high quality. Everytime I visited some stores I usually check the cheaper cards or anything cheap, it's worth it. I like everything's cheap, I guess, you like it too.

Don't you know that there is one making cheaper business cards? You can ask them the way you like it but they use quality materials, they specialize in business cards which is the need of the business companies these days. Those involve in business always think of buying cheap business cards to be given to their clients, right? They look for business cards with high quality yet cheap.

I remember my sister loved making cards, she sold it and enjoyed her business. We had also the opportunity to make cards like birthday cards and cards for all occasions. However, business cards are different. It needs to be specialized, can be processed quickly that the customer will be satisfied, and can be designed online. This is very interesting, I wanted to have cheap business cards too for my on going business.


Yummy Sunday - AJ's 7th Birthday

It's AJ's 7th birthday last Wednesday. So today I'm posting one of the gifts he got from a friend. Our friend came late and brought this kind of chocolate so we were not able to share it with others. And first time for us to eat this kind, lol! So his kuya ate a lot.

Time flies so fast that my baby is now a kid. More Yummy Sunday posts with Perfectly Blended.


Need Insurance?

Insurance is very vital now adays, it helps in so many ways like when a person encountered an accident. Here in Thailand there are a lot of accidents happened especially the reckless students driving in a motorcycle. They really need temporary insurance in case of emergency. All of us need it and we chose the one that really pays.

There are also a kind of insurances for vans, cars, bikes and other vehicles. When a car met an accident the insurance could help. There is a flexible insurance to suit that need. It's fast, instant online cover. Wow, this is great. And besides, they even provide insurance for home or business. A temporary insurance for only 28 days is provided for those who are using someone's car too. If you are driving a van or a car for few days, this will fit your need. And more so, if you are having a test drive this temporary insurance will really meet your need. It's safe and flexible. I'm glad to know this kind of insurance, we really need this. This is really helpful for those who are just starting to drive or even using other cars. So why wait, try to check and see for yourself. You will really love it. I will also tell my friends about this kind of insurance. I know, they would like to have it too.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I'm featuring AJ, my son who turned 7 last Wednesday. He had a lot of fun during his birthday. I could not imagine how time flies, soooo fast. In the first picture he was only 7 months and now look at him, he has grown a lot, did a lot of things and ate a lot too, lol! He's an active boy and loves to have a new adventure.

More Friday Photoflashback with Alicia. It's fun seeing the old, old photos. Come and join.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday AJ

Seven years ago, I was carrying my baby, our second child, we call him AJ (Asher Josh). He's quite big now, he grows tall and ate a lot as well. He has a lot of humor that a lot of times we laughed at him. When he prays, he clearly talked to Jesus just like talking to his friend. Today was just like yesterday, he has grown a lot and he turns 7 this very day. The Lord has blessed us with AJ and his kuya Em2 (Emerald John) too. We really thank the Lord for them. I used to call AJ baby, but now he doesn't want to be called as such, he always remind me that he is now a kid.

AJ joins in a running contest last year and
he won a prize and was given a medal
He also likes to draw and write something
He also loves to play
He looks so different here, lol!
He enjoyed his party. But we waited for quite sometime before his visitors came. We invited some of his close friends but only few came. He was asking me; Why I don't have visitors Mama? Because others came late already. So he went with his father to our neighbors who became his friends few years ago, and many came. And we was so happy seeing his friends.
Here are some of the food prepared:
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream and french fries. When I remembered it - it's finished.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Office Supplies We Needed

Last year, hubby was responsible for the office work. He helps with our manager working everyday. I was responsible for teaching students and hubby helped me in preparing the materials. We did English Camps to different places so our hands were full. During the preparation for our English Camps, we bought a lot of office supplies like stickers, pens, magnets, rubber stamps and the like for our students to enjoy while learning. We enjoyed buying the supplies to different stores because the supplies are not available in one store, we can't find all the materials we needed. It's fun though it's tiring. We spend time looking for rubber stamps and other materials which are very necessary for our camp.

We're quite busy last summer, we had students the whole day until evening. Our day was so full that we can't even prepare for dinner, lol! However, we enjoyed our work. Our students also enjoyed and we had a lot of fun. We had more than one camp so we were able to use all the materials we bought. I look forward for another camp this year. We're excited to buy office supplies again. I like the rubber stamps it's unique and the students like it especially the young ones.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogversary Contest Twin

This is one of the great contests I have seen since I started blogging last year. Why I'm saying contest twin? Because there are two big women involved, Kaye and Pehpot they joined hand in hand to make this contest a reality. And besides, the prices are all in dollars!!! These two ladies will celebrate a blogversary and to be thankful, they shared together all their efforts with this huge contest ever. I'm one of the sponsors and I'm glad to be a part of this contest. Just look at the badge and the contest sponsors below.

Level 1 Sponsors:
Level 2 Sponsors:
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So, why not join now - get points in visiting the sponsors and writing reviews. Have fun!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Fruits

Since the first week of this month when I knew that I am having a baby again, I started to be aware of my health. If you have seen in my posts, I'm pregnant every 7 years, and I'm glad it's the Lord's number. Anyway, I started to think of what I'm going to eat to benefit the baby. Then I discovered while surfing that I need more iron and other vitamins for my baby. I ate oranges and apples a lot. According to the study, Vitamin C helps maximize iron absorption, so orange is the best. Aside from oranges, other fruits like strawberries, grapefruit and tomato juice are also high in iron.

So I decided to post oranges and apples for my Yummy Sunday post this week. Hope you like fruits too. A Taste of My Life has more to share. Try to join, you still have time to share your yummy photos.


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