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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Women's Beauty Secret

When I was in the Phil. last year my sister and I went to a hair specialist and beauty salon. My sister treated me so I didn't worry about the expenses. We enjoyed the hair massage, relaxing the hair, foot massage and the like. Oh how I love those days, it's a nice feeling when you are treated well like a princess, right? You will just sit down and relax and often times I slept, lol! We went there a lot of times just to relax and the beautician treated us from head to foot.

One day, my sister showed us her new Hair extensions, it was her desire ever since to have a beautiful hair. The hair experts are really good according to my sister, you are in good hands and you wanted to go back again and again. She bought it when she was still working abroad. We were all amazed at her new look, she really looked differently with her Hair extensions, then she brought me again to the beauty salon and treated me again for hair straightening. I was really treated well and I had a good time spending my vacation there with my family. How about you? Do you love your hair to be treated well? I guess so, it's our beauty secret.


Friday, January 15, 2010

On Business Cards

Five years ago, when I was still a teacher in the Phil., my sister was making business cards. I helped her sell to my co-teachers and students as well. I find it interesting at first because I have something earned and my sister enjoyed too. But the thing is, she had a hard time when there are changes or the customer wanted a new design. It's not so easy to do it again, so gradually she gave up to it.

It's better if my sister discovered this business cards online, it's easy and she doesn't need to spend on expensive computer software or waste her time on unhurried graphic designers to get the perfect business cards to represent her business! Everything she needs to design her business cards online is provided.

My sister loves business and any opportunity given to her, she will easily grab it. This is the best place for her to open a business cards online. Making business card design, and online business card printing. She loves this kind of business because she was doing this before. I will start convincing her to start making business online and I will ask her to be her business partner.


The Signboards

I took these photos from another friend and made us laugh while reading. I decided to share it with you just to make you laugh too. Can you imagine these words? lol! It's fun but there's truth. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Blessings to all.


Friday Photoflashback - Cooking Time

Friday Photo Flashback
I love to cook. Everytime we have visitors or friends. I would love to cook for them. In 2007, we're already in Thailand, we had visitors and I prepared something for them. I cooked Tom Yam Kung and spicy Steamed fish. Hubby was helping me prepared something but most of the time giving me a smile and making my day bright as always, lol!

You can see more Photoflashback Friday with Alicia. Come on you still have time like me, hehe!


Healthy Fruits

Eating fruits and vegetables are the best recommended not only by doctors but also by a lot of friends and family members especially when you are expecting or having a baby to take care of. I'm a lover of fruits and vegies, I love eating most of it except for durian which my mouth won't accept nor swallow it. A lot of my friends reminded me to eat a lot of fruits and vegies and I don't have any problem with that.

Anyhow, fresh fruits and vegies are the best source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It gives a lot of nutrients that keeps our body from any sickness or health problems. It can also help make our baby grow while waiting for the expected date. I enjoy eating, the only problem is when I don't have enough to buy, lol!

Although hubby asks me not to stay in the computer all the time, I can bear to check some opportunities if ever to help me earn. At least a bit I could have gotten, huh! So blogging is a bit slow this time. I'm so sorry if I could not visit you sometimes. I need to refrain from using my cp most of the time. But I will try sometimes if I have a chance.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking for Comfortable Apartments?

My youngest sister Pinky is always traveling. She is working in a cruise ship. She usually travels to different places, different countries around the world. She also met people and friends inside the ship. She loves traveling. One time she was on her way home and she missed her flight because she is just new in the place and she didn't know where to go at first. Then she looked for an apartment but she finds it hard to look for it because it's quite expensive just to stay for a night. She was looking for a comfortable and reasonable place but she could hardly find one. Because of that experience, I used to surf the net and helped her find an apartment online to help her find her way if she had that same experience.

Glad to hear this rent apartment in Minsk a very nice place at a reasonable price. It's a short-term rent apartments, they have different types of apartments either single room, two-room or five-room apartments. I'm excited to tell her because they even provide other services like visa support, transfer and other services. Inside the apartment they also provide beauty salons, restaurants and the like. In case of emergency they have medical centers. I guess, my sister would love to rent apartment in Minsk next time she travels. She really enjoys traveling and see different fascinating and wonderful places around the world. I am sure she would love this place.


A Traveling Sister

I have a sister who loves to travel anywhere in the world. She travels a lot since 2005. She even visited different places and met friends of all ages. She loves meeting people. She is our dearly sister, she's very passionate in her work and gives extra effort in everything she does. She is loved by everyone in the family because she loves to share and takes care of everyone. She was a favorite child of my Tatay (father) because she knows how to get any one's attention. Her caring attitude for all of us makes our family loved and treasured her more. She is our youngest sister Pinky.


On Credit Cards and Loans

When I was working in the Phil. few years back we were given a privilege to have a credit card. Most of my co- workers enjoyed spending using their credit cards. I did at first but I was so afraid of having bad records and hubby didn't want me to use it again and again. So we decided to use it only when it is necessary. But I remember my co-workers spending a lot above their means which led them to a bad credit. They had many credit cards but bad records, a lot of banks refused to give them credit cards anymore.

I thought that having credit cards before was a good way of spending because I saw it from my co-workers. They enjoyed a lot for the first few months, but I discovered later that they were already suffering from debts. They were even called by some banks for personal investigation. I was so scared during that time that I decided to stop my credit card after using it for a year.

It's good to know that there are personal loans for people with bad credit. My co-workers need this. It is credit loans and debt consolidation. It can help them free from loans and bad credit. They will be freed from high interests and worries too. They can even check online, it's simple, fast, and secure. I will try to share this to my co-workers and let them know about the benefits if they will join. There are a lot of them and I guess, they will agree with me and wanted to have this.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Word-Filled Wednesday

He who has mercy on the poor,
happy is he.
Proverbs 14:21
All you have to give has many words to share on Word-Filled Wednesday. Please join and be blessed.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Children's Day Celebration (part 2)

Yesterday I've promised to post the affair for children. It was very interesting for my kiddos to join. They went to a nearby university and enjoyed the fun with children. Although they didn't join in some of the games so they haven't brought any gift except for the painting that they did.

These are the words in Thai. Wan Dek (Children's Day), Jan.9,2010
The children with their parents
AJ and Tricia (AJ's close friend) joined the painting
They showed the painting they've done
Then they went to this place and practiced driving, lol! They rerally had fun and they enjoyed their day.


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