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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Pregnancy and the coming Baby

As I was told you in my latest post, I am pregnant every 7 years. I find it interesting though a bit nervous because of my age. But I'm still praying for the best. Being pregnant is not easy. It entails patience and perseverance to take care of the baby inside my womb and the desire to carry it through for 9 months.

I like this Baby and child site that talks about babies, pregnancy, getting pregnant and other topics about babies. It helps me to prepare for my coming baby and what to prepare, or even what to do. I already forgot some tips because as what I have said I'm only pregnant every 7 years. Now, my eldest son is already 14, turning 15 this coming May. It's not a joke to face and take care another baby at this stage. So I need to check from time to time the different sites to help me feel at ease and prepared. The experience I have had before may not be the same today.

Baby and child care should be given importance. While I was checking this site, I find it interesting to see different tips to a pregnant woman like me. For those Mommies who are on the way, try this one and you will also enjoy checking like me.


Children's Day (part 1)

Today is holiday in Thailand. Children of all ages gather and visited different places and enjoy games being prepared for them. Most of the schools and universities all over the country are busy giving gifts to all the children, allowing them to enjoy the activities or anything that the children are fond of. This day is known as "Children's Day". Every first Saturday of January they celebrate this occasion for children to enjoy. My kiddos love this day. They went out and had some fun with some local children. They went to a nearby university. I will tell you later and show you the picture if they went home.


Reading Eyeglasses

Since last year I had been looking for the right doctor for my eyes. It's not so easy to find the right one especially when you are out of the country. I visited an eye doctor once but I failed, she didn't understand the real issue for my eye problem.

I had a difficulty in reading since this year, I guess I need reading eyeglasses. I was glad to see this Stahl Eye center. A center specifically designed for patients who have eye problems. They have a procedure known as NearVision Conductive Keratoplasty (NearVision CK)it can reduce the need for readers for months at a time. It is done in a doctor’s office in about 20 minutes and the recovery can be as little as a few hours. Can you imagine this? NearVision CK normally has no pain and had been serving patients for more than 35 years. I'd better check this out. This is the center that I had been looking for.


Photoflashback Friday

Friday Photo Flashback
It's our first time to travel abroad as a family in 2005 and first time too for us to visit the Malaysian Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur. That was an amazing trip. An unforgettable experience Hubby was holding AJ, who was 2 years old then. Em2 was only 10 yrs old. Oh how time flies. Now my kiddos are quite big. We enjoyed that time.

You could see a lot of visitors coming. Foreigners from different countries came just to see this one of the tallest buildings in the world. So nice to be there on top on the 110th storey-building.

More Photoflashback Friday with Alicia. It's fun to join.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mommy Moments - New Year's List

mommy moments Mommy Moments every Friday is celebrating it's 1st year anniversary. And I would like to congratulate Chris, the host for a job well done. It's not just easy but she made it with all the moms around. Thanks Chris for allowing us to join Mommy Moments. It's really a privilege as a mom to be counted here.

The theme for this week is New Year's list since the aroma of New Year is still fresh. Sharing our new goals, events that happened and achievements of our kids and our family as well. Mommy Moments is still up and we can share some of our goals this year.

There is a blast in our new year. Unbelievable but it's true. You can read the link if you want to know the details. Yes, there are changes in our family.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my lists:

1. AJ is turning 7 on the 20th of this month- we are glad that we sent him to a Thai school because last Christmas we went to a Thai restaurant and we need to order but to write our order in Thai, a Malaysian friend who can read Thai looks for the food that we like, we have nothing to do because we can't read anything. Then we were surprised that AJ was the one who wrote in Thai, we enjoyed seeing him writing our orders. We all enjoyed the food.

2. We have added member in our family, now I discovered, I'm pregnant every 7 years. What a blessing from the Lord, a perfect number.

3. Since we came to Thailand, we did homeschooling program for our eldest and last year AJ did the same. We took it there in Manila. The change is that, we will send Em2 (14) back to the Phil. because we just knew last Nov. that the school (ACE) was not recognized by the government there in the Phil. and he needs to get a PEPT exam to be accepted to other schools and to know what level he is qualified to. We're a bit upset last time but the Lord assured us to trust in His care, because everything is under His control.

4. We also hope to travel for our kids to enjoy before Em2 be back to the Phil. Hope I can still travel or go anywhere.

5. Before the year ends, we will go back to the Phil. yehey! to visit our family, church and friends as well and be with Em2, our eldest son. It's quite exciting.

Yes, I agree with Chris, there are many changes this year, as well as exciting and more blessings from the Most High. God is good and faithful.

You still have time, come and join now and share your changes with us too. A blessed day to everyone with Mommy Moments.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Site that Helps

My teenager is fond of searching googles. Everytime I ask him he knows where to go and to visit. I enjoy asking him now because he knows where to check. To search is not easy, it will take time while reading, and surfing. It's not a joke actually.

Glad to know that there are sites that help in times of need. It's easier and helps in so many ways as far as surfing or searching is concerned. What you need to do is just to download software and you can search so easily without any hassle. I guess, everything is there, it's just a click away. I better ask my teenager to download software sooner for a better result of my searching. It's really a big help for me not to look for hundreds of sites before having the one I really needed.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watery Wednesday

This happened last August when we went back to the Phil. We visited my mother's (Nanay) place in Guimaras Island. I love this place because it's not polluted, clean and cool.
More Watery Wednesday photos here. See you there.


A Blast of the New Year

I don't know how to share and what to say first about this blast of this new year. But anyway, this is the story before I go further.

My hubby and I were married, I was 26 yrs old then. I was a teacher in a private school during that time, then came our most awaited firstborn son when I was 28yrs old. I had a hard time giving birth and my whole body was changed during that time and because of that I was scared to have a baby again. Several years later, Em2 our eldest son was already 5 years old and hubby wanted to have another baby. He was crying several times when I told him, "no baby again" (hope ladies understand this). My monthly period is coming every month although we're trying and trying and praying, mwahhh! When Em2 reached the age of 7, I became pregnant. It was a shocking moment for me, because I only knew it when I was there in Naga City, Phil. during Palarong Pambansa. During that time I was already teaching in a known public school in Bacolod City (Neg. Occ. High School-known as NOHS) and I was chosen to go with our athletes for the Palarong Pambansa. When I knew it through a preg. test, I hurriedly called my hubby and told him about the matter. He was shouting at the top of his voice on the mobile phone, mwahh! while talking to me. I was 35 during that time.

We were praying for a baby girl but when it's time for our baby to see the world he is going to live in, I had the difficulty of giving birth again, that was the time that the Lord was changing my heart and preparing us for another journey following His will. Then my hubby promised the Lord that it would be okay if our baby is a boy as long as I will give birth normally. Indeed, the Lord answered the prayers of His children. Then AJ came out after 36 hours of labor with 2 induced labor. That was so painful, I could never forget those moments of my life. I was chilling with fever before he came out into the world. You can read the story here. I could never imagine how I survived but I always believe God is always in control and He makes no Mistakes.

I am writing a long story, hehe! Last Dec 23, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. And we were enjoying our blessings from the Lord. Anyway, this is the blast of this new year, yesterday, I went to the doctor for check up and you know what? After 7 yrs again, AJ is turning 7 this 20th of Jan.(next week) and now I'm pregnant again. I don't know what to do, although our kids and especially hubby was still hoping to have another baby girl??? Mwaahh! But the Lord is always reminding me that His plan is perfect and this baby is not an accident...that His will be done. There is a purpose, so I'm starting to rejoice and accept wholeheartedly, I'm now 42 and turning 43 this year. I believe that God has a plan for all mankind, but we were still given a choice to believe Him and follow His will or do our own way. Now, I'm getting excited though anxious at times because of my age. Anyhow, His will be done and I'm following. I was also reminded of the verse "Nothing is impossible with God". When Mary was pregnant with the baby who will become our Saviour and Lord. And she was still a virgin after giving birth until the time that she was married to Joseph. That's impossible, but nothing is hard for the Lord. So, what can you say? Pregnant every 7 years? Will you accept it? Something is happening to our family every 7 years, that's a perfect number - it's the Lord's number!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Promotional Products

I enjoy visiting places with promotions especially on holidays and special occasions. In the Phil. there are a lot of promotions. Either in the big department stores, in the restaurants, or even in hotels. We loved the best buy ever and enjoyed seeing these places too with a lot of people coming. A lot of times, we just come and see if we like the products. And a lot of people do the same thing in our place. I remember last time people came to a big department so early and waited for the time of promotions. Can you imagine coming in the day then wait until 12 midnight for the exact time of the promotion? But people really wait just to get the best buy.

Here in Thailand, you could also have the best buy. They have a lot of surprises every now and it's very cheap. I love promotional products because for me, it's the best and I can still save some amount for another promotions in the future. Here in our place on the other hand, has a lot of promotional items or products. So every time there are promotions, I hurriedly ask my hubby to go to that place and see for ourselves and have the best buy. I also did some online promotions, it's worth it and the best too.


Mellow Yellow Monday

I missed this kind of fruit since we came here in Thailand. My father planted a lot of avocados in the Phil. And if it's time for avocados to bloom and bear fruit, my father would think of us. Then when its time to gather the fruits, we will be the first one to have it. Tatay (my father) planted the best. It's very delicious and yummy to the max. It looks like sticky and we will just peel the skin and ate with sugar or if you are conscious of your health or you don't want to have diabetes someday then you can eat it without sugar. It's really delicious.

That's why when we came here, I had been looking for it. But sad to say, it can only be seen when it's December because it's from other countries and the sad thing is, it's not yummy like what Tatay planted, huhuhu! It has a different taste and at times, you don't want to eat it because of the taste and besides, it's very expensive.

Anyway, this is my Mellow Yellow Monday post this week. Try to visit and join.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rapid 4 Me

There are a lot of search engines that we could find in the internet during these days. Last time as I was checking and surfing I told my teenager and he showed me some of the possible sites to help me download some of the songs. Then he told me there is one new search engine site which is faster and can help a lot. Then he led me to this Rapid4me search engine. My teenager was really true about this Rapidshare Search Engine. It's really fast and a lot of sites was provided here.

There are times that I need to search for songs or insights on improving good health and other sites that could easily help me when I need to search something. It's good that there are search engines that could easily help me when I need to search for something. Now, I enjoy searching because it's easy and fast.


Yummy Sunday

I don't have anything to share last new year because we didn't prepare anything considering that there are only four of us - it's really different when you are in a different country. Anyway, I took this photo last time during our wedding anniversary. We ate at KFC during lunch time.

Happy New Year to all of you my friends. Blessings to all of you this year and onwards... More posts with Perfectly Blended.


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