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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Amateur Photographer

Nature photography is just one of those pursuits my husband’s passionately doing, aside from trekking and mountain climbing. Every trip for him will become a photo opportunity – he would rather be engrossed taking pictures of a scenic view – than wasting his time attending a party.

And because of his passion – our youngest son AJ, became hooked as well – the “amateur photographer,” will actually borrow his dad’s camera and just take a shot of anything that interest him…for him hearing the click of the shutter is like a soothing music.

Since, technology makes it easier to develop or print the pictures – Aj can actually print out and see his pictures in no time at all. The result of the “father and son” interests was tons of pictures – scattered around the house. You can find it tacked in the door of the ref, tape on the bathroom wall, their rooms – even in the sofa at the living room. Now photo albums will be greatly needed since there are many pictures scattered around the house. It’s been ages, that I am telling my husband to buy a very nice photo albums so that all their pictures will be properly kept. I guess, until then – I’d just be picking them up together with the socks and dirty clothes, I hope I won’t forget –or else the pictures’ might end up in the washing machine.



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