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Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Time - Ambulance?

It's my first time to ride in an ambulance..... Last Tuesday, at 2:30 in the morning, our brother from a distance called and told us that our father fell and can't move anymore. We hurriedly went to our sister's place where our father was staying for awhile. We all went there around 3 early morning. At 5 in the morning we called several ambulance available for us to be brought to the hospital with our father but we failed since all the ambulance were not available near the area. We waited for sometime until we called the ambulance of the hospital. After less than an hour, the ambulance came with the doctor and other helpers. It was my first time to ride on an ambulance. I almost fell when the driver was hurriedly driving on our way to the hospital.

Our father stayed in the hospital for almost a week. And our mother was already tired of staying in the hospital since they stayed longer time. It's not easy to be in the hospital - it's tiring....

When we reached the hospital, our father was brought to the x-ray room and the doctor found out that our father's bone on the leg was fractured. That's the reason why he can't stand after falling. He was crying since it was so painful. He was already 74 yrs old and his bones are weak according to the doctor.

There were many medications and considerations of what we can do to help him recover. The doctor suggested that our father would undergo an operation but when he was given an insulin for his diabetes, our mother was so worried about his situation because he looks so pale and weak. So our mother asked the doctor that our father will not undergo an operation anymore and we agreed.

Our sister provided all the needed expenses and things that our father would to have. Someone said, "ibigay ang hilig" that would mean give what our father needed and desire to have. He wanted to have a mobile phone and a wheelchair and a rattan hospital bed.

Now our father was staying with us with our mother and the helper. "To be sick is hard." Thank God for good health and added life each day. It's a blessing! Thank you LORD!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The travel and Recreation

We love to travel as a family and if there is a chance we usually grab it. It's nice to visit different places and travel to different countries. Sometimes we go by train, often time by plane and many times by motorhomes. It's interesting to see beautiful places and tourist spots around the world. We've seen high rise buildings, tall trees on the road, going on top of the mountains while seeing the city below and eating delicious and great food with friends.

Going by motorhomes is indeed a different experience not only for us but also for our kids. They met new friends as well by just traveling on the road. We saw different kinds of people with a different culture, tradition and beliefs. But the good thing is, we shared our experiences and touched their hearts.

Many times we go by camping as a family. The unforgettable memory that our kids could not forget. They wished to do it again. We were considering to have camping again on top of the mountain when hubby comes back in December. That would be another adventure for us with some friends and close family friends. We're excited to experience another motorhomes travel and recreation. You can do the same. Try it for yourself.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Online Services

Disaster is always my hubby's desire to do. When we're still a newly wed couple he could not "say no" to it because he used to help people in times of disaster and he could not just stay put but to do something and work with the group. After many years, changes came and online work or services are on the go. Many things happened and online services had been working well. However, disasters didn't just come in real life alone but also in online services. That's why you need link exchange sites that could help you and can give you thousands of backlinks to boost your link popularity and search engine ranking.

Many writers, bloggers and online services were looking for link exchange sites just to keep them going on the net and keep earning as well. Thanks to online services and those who are helping others boost their sites.

Disaster might happen in the web that's why we need the best link exchange sites that give the best services online. I guess, I would need this kind of service. It's interesting.


Masskara 2010

We just went out today because AJ was telling and pushing me to go out and see what Masskara is all about since he missed it for many years. We invited his cousin Karen just to be with us. We went around the city and roam around SM. After few walking AJ asked for lunch - but I had to tell him that I don't have enough to spend - so that he won't ask for more.We just went inside Jollibee, their favorite place and ate the crispy fried chicken. Hmmmmm..... it's yummy! I just ate my favorite macaroni soup, lol!

We're in a hurry to go back home because we don't want to experience being in a crowded place in the afternoon.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle

Hubby and I love doing exercises if we have a chance or extra time to do it. In Thailand, a lot of people wake up early to go out and do some exercises either in the gym or other outdoor exercises with friends. That's why many business establishments or individuals are making fitness business cards to promote their healthy lifestyle and most of the people enjoy doing exercises either in the morning or after working in their offices around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as what we think and say. "It's better said than done" as what the saying goes. However, to be physically fit is to work hard for it and I'm on my way to it. Hopefully I can make it. I'm always attracted to people who are doing a lot of exercises everyday.

On the other hand, fitness business cards is exciting since you will know more what to do before exerting your efforts in doing exercises that fit to your need. Others enjoy barbel while others enjoy running or even workouts. Whatever you need, you can choose with fitness business cards. I guess, this is the best one you need.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Away from the Maddening Crowd

It is one of those days – you feel bored and so dog-tired. The mundane works became tedious and burdensome – its like that you just want to flee somewhere, hours seems to drag slowly.

So, I decided to skip a day’s work. I pack my rucksack with some change of clothes and bade my family goodbye. I am off to an adventure. I call this, “time away from the maddening crowd,” which is one of my coping devices and a way to combat stress and depression that drains my energy and efficiency levels.

I call one of my friends and asked her, “where can I find a quiet place to have an overnight stay.” She told me that there’s a newly constructed lodge, which I might want to check out. I decided to drive to that place, which took me an hour and a half. It is situated on the top of the hill which the developer looped off to create a wider and broader place. The lodge was surrounded by a small cluster of edinburgh apartments . Perennial flowers displayed a riot of colors on the terraces below. Across the lodge, a cluster of pine trees surrounds’ a swimming pool overlooking the tree tops. I climbed the 300 steps to the top of the hill where I have a beautiful vista of the valley spreading below. I really enjoyed my stay here with edinburgh apartments and I went back refreshed, ready to face whatever life is in stored for me!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call of the Outdoors

I am a nature lover. I loved roughing it out in the outdoors, smelling the fresh cool breeze of the mountains and listening to the bubbling streams, crickets and night creatures. Usually when I feel choked and walled- up, I just pack my backpack with the barest essentials. Then, take 30 minutes drive away from the city, reaching the foot of the mountain that forms the chain of mountain ranges in the area.

It will take a 45 minutes hike to reach a settlement near the top of the mountain. The people in this village know me personally because of our reforestation works on this area for the past years. Our efforts paid off, because the area becomes a protected park, with the aim of preserving the endemic faunas and floras.

I have to sign my name on a logbook to enter the area – of which a villager will act as a guide. But today, I don’t need a guide; I just want to be on my own. So I followed a less traveled hiking path leading upward to the camping ground and a small waterfall. I pass by the settlement primitive cable car that spans the river canyon for 150 meters to the other side. They use it to transport local products bound for the market and also for people crossing, without this cable car – it will take them one day to go to the other side. I guess, it would be more interesting to hike with my family in a caravan holiday parks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I spent my day, trying new hiking trails, I took a dip on the cool waterfalls, slake my thirst from a bubbling spring, after taking my lunch I climbed the highest promontory of the park’s the camping ground. I spread my sleeping bag under the shade of a tree and nap – I woke late in the afternoon, when the sun is about to set on the horizon. The golden ray creates a kaleidoscope of colors, bathing the valleys below with its last warmth. I told myself, “it’s worth the trip…” reluctantly I left my perch and slowly trudge the path leading down the mountain, crickets and night birds begun their ode to sun. Below, the settlement stirs with the evening activities, I can hear mothers calling their children home, men pulling their cattle's to their shades, and others cooking their evening meals. Just before me, I can see the flickering lights of the fireflies chasing one another… Indeed, it's amazing to have a holiday much more if I go with some friends for a caravan holiday parks and just to rest for a while. I know I will be back another day!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Place I Love - MYM

MellowYellowBadge Mellow Yellow Monday is up again. This is one of the places that we love to visit in Thailand with hubby. It's a university that is surrounded by flowers.


Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
I'm back to posting photos. At last when I checked again this evening, it's working again. My Scenic Sunday photo is taken from a peaceful island in Cebu, Philippines. For those who would like to be away from the maddening crowd for a while this is the right place for you. A blessed Sunday to everyone.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charity for Children


We Love Sports

Hubby and I love sports, exercises and recreation. Everytime we have spare time we usually go out together or with the kids and do exercise or watch any kind of sports around the place. Hubby loves barbel more or even weight training since he's a man on the go, he loves that kind of exercise. More so, in playing basketball, he met some friends in the university who also love to play that kind of game. Many times when we're together, he played well especially in teaching his friends on How to Dunk since basketball is not an official game of Thailand. He really enjoyed playing basketball to the max.

He would miss playing it when he's busy and doing many things. He would always asked my permission to let him go if he had spare time. Or even at times when we're still sleeping early in the morning, he would go out and enjoy his exercises with some friends who are already waiting for him. There was one time that we went out with our kid and we played basketball together, he even taught us How to Dunk. It was fun and we enjoyed. It was an experience that our kid missed and asked us to go out again.

Basketball in the Philippines is an interesting and official sport. Wherever you go, you could see people playing. The government provided courts to different places inside the community just to give a chance to the out-of-school-youth to play with their peers. They enjoyed playing this kind of game as well. And many players know How to Dunk especially the women, they have their own style of playing.



I'm puzzled at this time. I don't know what's happening to my blog at this time. I can't post any pictures. The "add image" is not working. Anyway, However, I'm still grateful that I can write and post anything that is happening to me and my kiddos.

Since I came back to our city here in the Philippines I had a lot of things that need to accomplish. One of these is the remaining chapters needed for my research. I can't get away with it, I need to finish it whether I like it or not. It's good that when I visited my university and talked to the dean of the graduate studies, she allowed me to defend my final thesis on the first week of November. At least, I have a chance to finish. At first, I was upset because there are only 2 weeks left and vacation will have its way. I was so glad when the dean approved that I can defend in November before the second semester starts. Now, I am on my way to working on the final chapters. I would like to ask for your favor since I still don't have time to visit you all. Hope you understand. I will visit you all after this. Thank you so much for all your visits. I will visit your blogs as soon as everything is settled.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Family Outing

We had been enjoying boating during holidays whenever there is a chance for us to have our holiday as a family. It is something we desire to have especially our children. It's a good experience - we even have seen families being together doing boating in some lakes around the area where we stayed before. However, I was so excited to see this france boating holidays where everyone enjoys and an attractive place to relax and best for family outing.

My sister enjoys being with friends and family for any special occasions or outings anywhere she goes. I guess, she would love this place. I will try to encourage her to have our family outing with france boating holidays if she comes back next year since she is working abroad right now and she plans to have a family outing next year. This would be the best place for us, and I get excited to have our family outing with hubby of course.

My hubby loves to have family special day as well. He always remind me that a family is special and need to be given time in spite of busy days working. That's why we always give time to relax with the family. We just eat, swim, and relax under the heat of the sun and playing with kids. This will be an exciting time for us with france boating holidays and of course with hubby, with our youngest sister and our family circle.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Smell of Christmas

Christmas is few months away. I could smell the candles being lighted, I could even see Christmas lanterns and photo christmas cards in a lot of department stores around the city. It's interesting if we think of Christmas, it is coming soon and many people are excited to celebrate. It's a time of loving and sharing. A time of reconciliation, forgiving, and a time of releasing forgiveness but above all, a time of giving gifts to people you love and photo christmas cards is the best gift for special people of your life whom you love.

I could still remember the time when we were making cards and were given to friends and families. It was a beautiful experience for us since we were able to make more friends through the giving of christmas cards much more if we give photo christmas cards, our friends love it and rejoice with us as we celebrated the christmas season. They were surprised seeing their own picture inside the cards we've made for them.

And guess what, photo christmas cards is available at your convenience. After few months of the making of cards, we were able to sell it to friends and other students, they like the style and the way we made it. I guess, you will love it too.


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