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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Learning Experience

One of my desires when I became a teacher is to finish my graduate studies. After knowing the result of my myoma check up - I went to the university where I studied before (during my time it was known as West Negros College) and 2 years ago, it was already called West Negros University. I was challenged to study again and finish my graduate studies.

When I checked, my records were already frozen, as what they call it. So, in order for me to write a thesis I need to be refreshed and took the basic subjects again for me to get a comprehensive exam which is a pre - requisite for thesis writing. It's quite hard at first but was able to survive. That's why I don't have enough time to blog. I had many things to do for my research subject, statistics and the foundation of education. It helps me recall what I had learned more than a decade ago and again I gained additional knowledge in teaching. We have had seminars attended and other research studies to add to knowledge gained. It's fun though tiring. Most of my classmates were teachers by profession and we had the same desire as teachers.

We learned a lot as students in the graduate studies. There were problems along the way especially in terms of finances but we were able to survive. The earnings I've got through blogging had helped a lot in my accounts paid in the school. I really enjoy my learning experience through blogging and my way of learning in the school. Learning is fun when your heart is there.



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