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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Teenager's Washing Time

This happened a couple of months ago but I still wanted to share this. Last January, when we discovered that I was on my way with another baby, my teenager Em2 learned to love washing our clothes. He won't allow me to wash clothes since they were expecting a baby sister. He would asked me to stay put and relaxed. That was the best thing that happened to my life. Hubby had to prepare our breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner. I was like a princess only for more than a month, huhuhu!

Thus, my teenager learned many things especially the household chores. He told me that it's not so easy to wash clothes because our washing was not working well for more than a couple of weeks and he had to wash it by hands. He even washed the dishes and clean their room. It's a nice experience for me and a learning experience for my teenager but a hard time for my hubby. Anyhow, we were able to survive and proud to say; we have learned from each experience we have had and we were blessed although we had hard and tough times. It's painful but meaningful.



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