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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye Problem

I'm now having an eye problem and I guess I need to contact lense for this problem. Every time I felt the pain in my eye my hubby encouraged me to visit the specialist to help me. Thanks for my eye specialist. I'm excited to undergo this Lasik surgery or Stahl Eye Center for Lasik which is painless and the doctors are well trained and graduates from top universities. The surgery is often performed in the U.S. and I guess, I will consider this.


The Beach

AJ is enjoying with his older friends. He was so glad when we went to the beach last few weeks. He enjoyed playing with young and old, however, he enjoyed eating too, lol! He loves to do anything and enjoys going with people. That's AJ.

He also loved to swim in this beach, it looks so cool and clean. He swam a lot of times here with his friends and played with the sand.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Health Insurance for a Family

Health insurance is indeed a better way to prepare for future use these days. Many are suffering from sickness or any health problems anywhere in the world. It is one of the things that gives hope to those who are in need. There is a Los Angeles health insurance which is needed especially for a family. Thus health insurance can be trusted and be of great help.

We are facing crisis anywhere in the world these present days. People suffered due to sickness or any health problems. We can't escape from it but we have to face and deal with it, however, we need to prepare. Thus, with the help of this Los Angeles health insurance people who have health problems will not suffer that much. They give importance to their members and are concern of every detail for their members welfare.

Having health insurance is necessary and helpful. We were considering to have it too since we encountered health problems few years ago and we also suffered and felt the pain and hardship. I guess, we need to prepare for a health insurance not only for us and hubby but for the whole family. I was diagnosed to have myoma and I need health insurance. People anywhere in the world might be suffering from any disease and having health insurance can give us more benefits.


My Teenager's Washing Time

This happened a couple of months ago but I still wanted to share this. Last January, when we discovered that I was on my way with another baby, my teenager Em2 learned to love washing our clothes. He won't allow me to wash clothes since they were expecting a baby sister. He would asked me to stay put and relaxed. That was the best thing that happened to my life. Hubby had to prepare our breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner. I was like a princess only for more than a month, huhuhu!

Thus, my teenager learned many things especially the household chores. He told me that it's not so easy to wash clothes because our washing was not working well for more than a couple of weeks and he had to wash it by hands. He even washed the dishes and clean their room. It's a nice experience for me and a learning experience for my teenager but a hard time for my hubby. Anyhow, we were able to survive and proud to say; we have learned from each experience we have had and we were blessed although we had hard and tough times. It's painful but meaningful.


Monday, April 26, 2010

J. Hass Group - Debt Settlement

Have you heard about debt settlement? If you want to be out of debt, to be settled of all your debts you will need J. Hass Group, this group has been helping people out of debt for years. Can you imagine this, you can be out of debt in as little as 12-36 months. With the present economy, the on going high-rising expenditures and daily elimination of jobs more and more people are finding themselves in debt. For those who can't afford to make another payment the J. Hass Group recommends debt settlement. March Group is concerned of the people's welfare and helping people to be out of debt.

There are some groups or companies that only concerned of themselves. At times they would get greater amounts from the people who will be hooked. But J. Hass Group known as March Group really helped. I had read testimonies about this J. Hass Group and they had already proven themselves truthful to their customers. I guess, people who are suffering from debt would love to have this J. Hass Group. These days people are suffering from different kinds of debts, debts of all kinds and many times they run away from it. It's good to have J. Hass Group that really care for people who are full of debts and helped them to debt settlement.


Our Adventure

We were invited to join in a retreat a couple of weeks ago. We had fun especially AJ. He met new friends and enjoyed swimming in the beach. AJ looks big and strong. His body built is continuing to expand. Just look at him now...


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Future Plan

When I came back to the Phil. I found out that my brother-in-law became an agent of a funeral insurance quote after the death of his daughter who suffered from leukemia in the middle of last year. they find it helpful for them as a family. My sister was also interested to join and they both work for it.

It's indeed helpful and most workers and professionals got this kind of insurance for future need. They went to different places and look for people who are willing to join and to work hard for it. At this present time, people are looking for a better future and a chance to be free of future expenses if the member of the family will be facing death. This kind of insurance is really a great help for all since here in the Phil. everything is expensive.

One time I went with my sister and her hubby while looking for prospects to buy this kind of insurance and they enjoyed working together. They find it helpful, and still many would like to join. This kind of insurance has many benefits and it seems that most of their prospects agreed to be a member of this funeral insurance quote.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Video Surveillance

When I was young, one of my dreams was to a video surveillance in my house. I had been dreaming it and when I got married, we acquired a house and we desire for the installation video surveillance for our house protection. We had a neighbors and people who wanted to disturb us in the evening and we have decided to have this installateur video surveillance, I guess, this is necessary for our protection during night time.


Speaking Engagement

Last Thursday I went to a Youth Camp with my son AJ. We traveled by ceres, the big bus in our place, it was a long and tiring day since we traveled for more than 3 hours. Hence, AJ enjoyed our travel although at first he was crying. I prayed for him while traveling and after few minutes I heard him singing some songs of praise. What a day!

We reach Tuyom, the camper site at 12 noon. And it's time for lunch but sad to say all the food were all eaten by the campers. Everyone was so hungry for the second day. So we waited for a while.

I spoke and challenge the campers of knowing who they are as children of the Living God. And I encouraged them to surrender again their lives to Jesus and make Jesus the Lord of their lives. I was happy since I saw them sincere in what they prayed. Then we went back home the next day.


Baseball Lovers

My beloved hubby loves baseball, he learned it from his school. When my hubby was still small, he would go out with his friends and they would play together. He really enjoyed playing baseball. A lot of times they would watched baseball match anywhere in the Phil. since it's one of the favorite games of Filipinos. Everyone is always excited to watch anywhere with some friends and enjoy drinking tea while watching the game. My hubby and his friends would go back home late in the evening when there's a game match.

As he grows older and we got married, hubby trained our sons for this kind of game. Aside from watching, my hubby with our two boys will also find a way to play like baseball betting and they enjoy doing it. Our sons were even more excited to play with their father. There was a time when our friends invited my hubby and sons for a baseball game in one of the known baseball field in our place. And they had played to the max. That was the best game they had together with friends.

When we had free time we would visit a place for our sons to play and they would always choose baseball game and many times I saw them playing baseball betting and my 7-year old enjoyed a lot with his older brother playing together. Now, hubby and sons were playing together baseball game with some friends. Indeed, they enjoyed and had a lot of fun!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BC Bloggers Party - The Participants

I was excited to join BC Bloggers Party thanks to Paula of Mommy Diary. It's indeed a big party for everyone who joined. Learning others and knowing about them is indeed an interesting part of the party. You have a chance to know them too. Here they are....

Paula - A certified BC blogger - wife, mother, employee, blogger all rolled into one.

AC - A proud work-at-home mom and wife.

Bambie --- Living a blissful and simple life in a fast paced city of tokyo with her Love and lil bundle of joy, Azumi. Loves anything kawaii and fabulous things.

Bambie/Sunshine - blogging to let you take a sneak peak into a world that is MINE. This is me, the real me. No hesitations, no presumptions, no holding back. I'm sharing my heart to you, no-holds barred.

Beng - A busy working mom of 2 handsome boys, Financial Analyst by profession.

Cacai M. - a Stay-At-Home-Wife and blogging is my passion. I am happy when people are happy. I view blogging as my open or public diary of random thoughts wherein I can express and share my views, reviews, thoughts, happiness, adventures, and experiences."

Carmz - Newest Blogger on the Blogosphere! Workaholic, Fun and Crazy Girl of Makati District

Chin chin - Christian stay at home mom blogger blessed with 5 children - Thanks be to God's grace and strength to live the everyday life.

Chris - A follower of Christ who loves being a wife and a stay at home mom.

debrajills diary - A Diary of a Mom and her Journal through Life as a wife, daughter and a mother.

eikcaj - God's extra-ordinary girl....

Fedhz - I have a Kris Aquino mouth and a Judy Ann heart. Yes, I’m very sentimental and talkative and I guess that’s the very reason why I found myself blogging for more than 7 years now.

ferr'zWILL - I am just a simple jolly girl, sweet and heedful lady I love to depict unto others how I feel towards them.

Jade - A certified BC Blogger. Blogaholic, Workaholic but will soon be taking it slow...

Kaye - Blog designer extraordinaire. Not. Just blog designer. And writer, if you could consider my inane blog entries as “writing”. A WAHM from the beautiful city of Baguio, Philippines.

Inigo - Probably the youngest blogger at 21 months old. Posts were as early as fetal age.

Irish - A Christian family woman who's trying to juggle her blogging duties, her full time work, taking care of a 2 year old daughter and being the best wife ever to her hubby.

Just Simple Thoughts - loving wife; loving daughter; loyal friend; wants everything to be fair and just...

Laane - Usually I describe myself as a mom of 6. The oldest 4 are boys, all with an autism spectrum disorder. The youngest is dealing with classic autism. The other 2 are girls. Twins. One is dyslectic, like one of the boys. I'm always busy arranging things for them, solving problems or guiding. Dealing with the problems other people caused is one of the main issues.

Liezl - the frustrated chemist but now a passionate blogger and an aspiring psychologist. Proud BatangeƱa living all alone in Manila, deeply in-love, spontaneous and witty. A good conversationalist, fearless enough to tackle love, sex and politics.

Lizeewong - I'm a girly girl, mommy and wife. My world is quite simple. It revolves around my babies who amuse me, my husband who completes me and my blog which pleasures me.

Mommy Bonz - Certified BC Blogger. A simple mom and wife with lots of hopes and dreams for her family. Finding time with everything, being a full time mom, wife and an employee and now a part-time blogger.

Mommy Rubz - a simple stay at home mom who takes care of three kids and 40 plus domains.

Nelson - A Surgical Nurse who blogs down his experiences, both clinical and personal. Happily married and now living in the UAE.

Niko - Happy Mom and Wife, Full time office slave and Part time BLOGGER :)

Nicquee - A corporate slave wanting to be WAHM for her kids and husband through blogging

Nuts - Blogging with my family as source of my inspiration..

Peachkins - babaeng bakla. foodie.mahilig addict.froyo junkie. loves call girl[call center agent].loves peanutbutter.NCIS LA & CSI fan. nanonood ng BITAG tuwing sabado ng gabi.....frustrated cop.

Pehpot - is a stay at home mom of four kids. A part time blogger of 8 blogs (and soon to be 10). A novice blogger who always share her new found tips and techniques (through NOOB) and your slave if the price is right.

Red is Marose - simple pero rock, a working mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend, hoping to be a work at home. A forum addict and now a trying hard blogger.

Ria - Wife, and a mother of one lovely daughter, likes to read books and collect just anything. A person of unpredictable characteristics, stubborn yet soft hearted, active yet demure.

Rossel - Maybe an addict blogger but very proud to say that she is a loving and caring queen of their home.

Rosette - Mysterious gal who finds happiness and contentment in her son and partner.

Sam - Adik na WAHMmy (Work At Home Mommy). Former call girl, este call center agent.

Sarah - A mother of two wonderful smart and active kids. A wife, enjoys singing, playing the piano, and a friend in need...

Shamrocks and Shenanigans - I'm a Wife, Mom, short order cook, driver, maid, gopher....My life is perfect. I am happily married...unless he takes the remote from me. I love food and I love to cook.

Sherry Rambling; Blogger: Live, Love, Laugh

Shydub - stay at home Mom, full time wife and started blogging since 2008 as pastime and moolah maker.

Tetcha – A WAHM chronicling her experience as a mother and wife and everything else in between.

Valerie/Surreal Princess - travel enthusiast, half –vampire, half-human, multi-tasking extraordinaire. Backpacker, Blogger, budding photographer, housewife and work at home diva.

Verabear - I’ve been blogging here and there for about four or five years. I write for myself mainly, but I am happy whenever I get visits from both friends and strangers (*hint* I love getting comments!).

Vernz - A mother of three who loves free, budding potter, frustrated painter, trying hard blogger, dedicated teacher and a devoted mother.

Yami - Owns three blogs and work full time as work-at-home mom. I write just about anything that caught my interest and earn at the same time.

Yuuki - the drama queen, otaku, junkie collector, shopaholic, book worm, traveler, scientist, blogger, entrepreneur, lover, friend, fighter, survivor – complexity to the max!

Zoan - the single-mom blogger from Bukidnon.

Kerslyn - A work-at-home wife, hubby's cook, chef wannabe, and shutter button addict. Half Ilocana and half Bisaya with a Chinese taste buds.

Josie - Mother of three grown-ups, work at home mom, managing a home-based business,workaholic, busy as a bee but still trying my hand on blogging.

Gracia - A savvy chick with a big heart for fashion.

Kayce - I'm a stay at home mom, a businesswoman who manages our own business, an ebay seller, a singer-musician, a Christian and a servant of the Lord.

Charmie - I'm a frustrated career woman, a responsible, loving daughter and a sister.

ferry'zPROFESSION - A happy fulltime employee who loves to snip some of my time to blog, being a multi task is my game.

Mommy Liz - I am a wife and a mother to my 4 wonderful children and to 2 more, so we have 6 beautiful kids. I am a Stay at home mom and I am proud of it.

Maritz - A Civil Engineer by profession but work full time as a church admin officer. A fulfilled wife to a loving and God fearing husband and a mother of two wonderful children.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BC Bloggers' Party - Know Me More


As one of the members of BC Bloggers' I'm grateful. I'm glad to know other members too. Before anything else, I would like to greet the very head of this BC Bloggers' Group Paula of Mommy Diary, belated Happy Happy Blessed Birthday. Growing older and becoming wiser... I just hope that you will still accept this late post.

Let me share to you something about me. My name was taken from the Bible, my auntie named me Sarah ( but here in the blogging world I'm known as Princess Sarah - for a change naman, hehe! ) His Unfailing Love was my first blog that existed in late Dec 2008. I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Education in 1992. Was a Glee Club member at the same years when I took my education degree and been a scholar during those years. While groping in the dark as a newbie in the blogging world, 3 blogs followed that I never thought I could keep it going. I was changing fonts and templates and if I wasn't satisfied with it, I did another one and it happened that I continued to write again and again. So Bacolod and Beyond came into being, it's all about places and food, My Memories and Crystals followed which I shared about my skills in making bracelets, made of swarovski crystals and other trinkets for women, I also did another one for My Family Daily Adventure.

I'm blessed with a God-fearing love of my life, sweet, loving and caring sweetie.

With the added blessing to us, our two sons with different looks, try to look at this picture... it happens 5 years ago, hehe!

I love to train and direct a choir in our church. I love cross stitching, ladies' trinkets like bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. I also love to cook, doing some exercises with hubby and a lot more.

My Family 5 years ago

3 years ago

I love my family, I treasure my friends, and I trust God for everything that happens and the future that life may bring. Presently, I'm back to the Phil. due to my physical condition after my miscarriage last January. I was diagnosed to have myoma that caused my miscarriage. But praised be to the God of heavens, when I came back, my myoma became smaller and there was no pain, and bleeding. I believe God will continue to heal me. Thanks to all who really prayed for me. The Lord answers the prayers of His children.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Truck Accessory

It's so easy nowadays to check online. Many people are looking for truck accessory and they use online. Checking online is helpful for people who have no time to travel especially long distance just to check for the needed truck accessories. We can check online anytime, anywhere. It's stress free.

We enjoyed checking online with my hubby, we checked many times and it's so helpful and easy. You can check your truck accessory too, you will find it interesting and easy to find.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Doc Alma's Birthday

Today is Doc Alma's 62nd birthday. We often call her Nang Alma. She has 5 children who are now doctors. She shows her patience, perseverance, honesty and a good example for us to follow. She has been with us in the church through thick and thin. She's a friend, a mother, a doctor by profession and a true friend, she's even a friend at all times. When someone is in need, she's there to bless. That's Nang Alma.I will a picture later after our church council meeting.

Here are some of the food we ate after the service. Her children prepared the lunch for all of us in the church. This is my Yummy Sunday hosted by Boogie in her Perfectly Blended site.


Racks for Vans

Hubby was driving a van for more than a year now in Thailand. It was so helpful to us since we have two sons and we use it for other visitors who are coming to visit us and to help the work. We indeed use it to the full.

It would be more helpful if it has a rack on top of the roof like US rack to carry all the things like big bags and boxes. I would happily share it to hubby. I guess, he will be excited to have it. I was so attracted to the picture and the way they made it perfectly. Look at the picture below, and see for yourself.


A Refreshing Experience

These are some of the pictures we have had last week when we went to Bantayan Island in Cebu, Phil. It was indeed a refreshing experience for us. AJ loves the place and enjoyed being with new found friends and old friends too. I agree that it looks like Borakay Island. The only difference I guess is that it was so quiet and not many tourists came. It's fresh and new. Look at the pictures below.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crystal Singing Bowl

I learned to love crystals of any design. However, Crystal Singing Bowls is one of a kind. I was fascinated when I saw the designs. I was easily attracted to it. Like this BRAND NEW PURE QUARTZ CRYSTAL FROSTED SINGING BOWL. It comes with a free oring, instructions, and a leather striker.

Brand New highest quality pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. The sound is pure and relaxing. Excellent for meditation and healing. This is not a factory second item but the best one. It has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee and includes materials on how to use the bowl.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element. Because our bodies are also composed of a crystalline structure, using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing and meditation allows us to respond more quickly and favorably to the sound as therapy. I guess, having this kind of Crystal Singing Bowl would attract many.


The Pose

We took a pose while waiting for our part 2 musical presentation. God is indeed worthy to be honored and be given praise!


Looking for Lawyers?

There are a lot of accidents anywhere in the world. We saw a lot of people in Thailand who had been injured from car accidents, motorcycle or any other type of motor vehicle accident. I had a friend in Hawaii who also experienced that kind of accident. Personal Injury Laywer Hawaii could be a great help for her. Personal Injury Hawaii could help people who were injured in car accidents. Hawaii Injury Lawyers have concerns to people who have this kind of accident.


On Vacation

After our Musical Presentation, I get excited when our close friend told me that me and AJ will be joining with them in a retreat. It's our first time to visit Bantayan Island, Cebu. It was all for free. We didn't pay anything that's why we said "yes" without any hesitation.

We went to different resorts and enjoy swimming in the cave and in the beach. AJ met many friends and enjoyed swimming. It was really for families, although hubby and my teenager were not around, we enjoyed being with friends. We traveled by bus to another city for more than an hour and went by boat ( a bigger one ) for 2 hours and 45 minutes, the weather was a blessing since the sea was so cool and was peaceful. Most of us enjoyed the travel by land and sea.


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayas is one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world. It has Himalayan salt which is one of a kind. It is a type of rock salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. A salt lamp is simply a piece of this ancient rock that has been hollowed out to allow room for a light bulb or candle.

Himalayan Salt Lamps add a wonderful accent to any home decor. They work great in living rooms as well as kitchens and dens, anywhere that family gatherings or entertaining takes place. A Himalayan salt lamp is an attractive and natural alternative to the mechanical look of an electric air purifier. And helpful especially for those who are suffering from allergy.


A Cool Retreat - 1

We went to Bantayan, Cebu last Monday. It's a peaceful place and best resort for a retreat. I could say it looks like mini Borakay. Everyone of us loved the place. We had lots of fun and fellowship. It's indeed a great time to relax and be with families but sad to say, hubby is not around, I missed hubby in that place. We also went and swam in the cave. We played in the sand near the beach.

I will be telling you more on the next post.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marriage Problems

I have a friend in Canada who had had been suffering from marriage conflicts and problems. And that experience led her to file a divorce. I felt bad about it but she has nothing to do. She had been looking for the right lawyer and I believe Divorce Lawyers in Austin TX could help her in her situation. They are compassionate, dependable, knowledgeable and affordable. Helping their clients is what their first priority.


Friday, April 9, 2010

God's Ways are Perfect

I never thought of training a choir when I came back from Thailand to the Phil. last March. My purpose of coming back was to have a check up and preferably an operation for my myoma. But God changed it differently from what we had expected. In a week's time, I was able to train our church choir and the surrounding church nearby for a musical presentation that encourages those who attended the conference to move on and join the harvest. I could say with confidence that God's ways are different from our ways.... To Him all Glory belongs!


Free Informative Articles

Just this day, I was looking for some words and articles about anything that would fit my need and to encourage me. Of course looking for free articles online could be available anytime but to search for it, I find it hard. Article directory gives me the sufficient answer. I find it easy to search for any article that is recently written and informative. I don't need to look for the words or articles anywhere. Everything is set and prepared for our own use.

Since hubby loves to read any articles, I would suggest this Article directory, which is convenient for him. I find it interesting to look for any topic for my hubby to read. He loved reading and he enjoyed every bit of it. Articles about relationships, self-improvement, travel and leisure and many others are his ideal topics. And besides, he won't even stop until it's done especially if he is interested in the topic. He usually sleep in the middle of the night just to finish the topic he had started. That's my hubby. My teenager is following his father's footsteps. I discovered it when he was still a boy, he won't stop reading unless he's done with it. This Article directory fits to their need of reading articles and informative topics.


On a Journey

My immediate family, my parents, sisters with their families are going to our hometown today. AJ and I can't go with them since we will be going to Cebu early Monday. The travel is quite a long way, and it will take 4 hours of travel. So, I decided to stay home although AJ wanted to be with his cousins. I don't have any choice, because I also wanted to rest and stay for a while with some pastors and their families. We were invited to go with them for free, We better stay and prepare for that day.

We will be going there in our hometown when hubby comes in May.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Best Home in North Carolina

My sister who is working abroad wanted to buy a house and she has the desire to buy a house near the seashore or in a cool place where she could rest and have time to be quiet away from the maddening crowd. Glad to know this Firefly Cove homes at Lake Lure online. I would suggest this to all my friends here and there. There is another place in Firefly Cove community in North Carolina, a perfect place for rest and recollection. People would love these homes since the place is cool and cozy which is best for people who long to be away from the real world. The mountain attraction is quite interesting and enticing. It's also best for those are looking for a second and retirement homes in North Carolina, I guess, old ones like my parents would love this kind of house and surroundings. Take a look at these beautiful pictures of Firefly Cove.



Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I missed this meme. Thanks to Alicia in More Than Words. 20 years ago I was one of the members of a singing group in our university and we won 2nd place in the National Competition at CCP-Manila. I was still fresh and young, lol!

Share your old photos too and feel young at heart. Visit Alicia and enjoy the fun.


Looking for Homes

Would you like to live in a nice house with all the comforts it gives? I guess so, I'm referring to Homes Wilmington NC. It's cozy, clean and properly built. I was attracted the first time I saw it. There are houses near the seashore that would really attract you. If you are looking for the best house try to look at these houses.

While looking at this, I find it interesting. Homes Wilmington NC is a BlueCoast Realty. If you are buying a home, they have advanced search that allows you to view listings using the most advanced technologies available. However, if you are selling a home, they have unique seller services that ensure your home is sold quickly and for top dollar. Based on studies, over 85% start with an internet search and this number is rising. It is understandable that homebuyers want to search for homes without limitation. That means searching in the internet has a greater role in searching for homes and selling for it. And they know that their sellers require maximum visibility for their property and that's exactly why BlueCoast Realty focuses on technology mixed with personal service. This is what sets BlueCoast Realty apart from other real estate companies. So whether you are selling your homes or buying a house try to check it out.


AJ's Friends

AJ had found many friends during the annual conference since there were children who went with their parents and every time they saw AJ, they wanted to talk to him and make friends with them. Our son is a cross-cultural child, he could easily make friends with anybody, although at first, he is shy and would cry at times, but then when he learned to adjust everything is okay with him.

So during the conference he met many friends and he played with them. Young and old, children just like him or older than him, he could make friends with all of them and they enjoyed together.


Health Insurance

Health insurance is indeed necessary these days. There are many benefits as far as health and hospitalization are concerned. I'm referring to Tonik California which give a better health insurance for the members. It offers three Tonik plans the same all-around coverage like preventive, emergency, prescriptions, eyes, and teeth. The only difference is the monthly premium, deductible, co-pay, and number of doctor's visits included. And this is what I like most; all Tonik plans include the same Anthem Blue Cross PPO dental maintenance plan. Your checkups, cleanings and initial x-rays are free.

Why wait? Try now and see for yourself. Visit Tonik California as soon as possible.


The People who are Blessed

These are the people who were blessed by attending the annual conference. People from different walk of life. Young and old, thin and fat, strong and weak all of them had the desire to be used for God's glory and for the expansion of His Kingdom...


The Beauty inside Out

I met a lady this afternoon and she shared to us her experience of losing weight. She looks great and slim, how I wish it would happen to me too. After my miscarriage I find it hard to loose weight. Do I need to see this Plastic Surgeon Hawaii, I consider to see the surgeon if I have a chance.

How about you? Do you wanna lose weight with the beauty inside out? I have many friends who wanted to loose weight too, I guess, they would love this.


Tip for the Day

I just missed hubby, hehe! This was taken last year, look younger? Keep smiling and trusting the Lord... Blessings to all.


Free Wordpress Themes

I made a new blog from wordpress just recently. I was glad to share that it gives me joy and fulfillment since the wordpress themes are absolutely free. It's The Best Free Wordpress Themes For Download, so I made a couple of blogs and I find it interesting. Thanks to wordpress. I would suggest it to my friends especially the bloggers. Try it out.


A Musical Presentation

Glad to share about our Musical Presentation last night. We had a very exciting and fulfilling presentation for the Lord to give honor to what he did on the cross. God is indeed a great and awesome God. He had a purpose in letting me go back home here in the Phil. In everything God had a purpose not to destroy us but to give us a hope and future.

The choir sang before and after the Final Message. It was a great encouragement for all the people who attended the annual conference. The final night was the choir singing. Thank God for everything and His grace to all of us while doing our practice.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

UK Car Hire

Our youngest sister is working abroad. She loves to travel and visit different places and countries. While surfing today, I have seen a UK Car Hire, which I believe she needs when she travels with some friends around the place or travel to different places around US and UK. A Car Hire are specialists worldwide which deal with all of the major suppliers and even the smaller local suppliers and they gave the best prices. Whether you are taking the family on a long vacation around US or London UK Car Hire will always be able to help you find the best value of Car Hire available. And even going on a business trip UK Car Hire is on the go and willing and happy to help you. I guess, my sister would love this kind of UK Car Hire.

UK Car Hire is the best for business and travel, why wait, try now and see for yourself. I will tell my sister the benefit of UK Car Hire. Check it out.


The Blessing

As what I have shared last time, the Lord spared me from an operation, it's indeed a blessing from the Most High! Why? Because my OB told me that the Lord spared me from bleeding that many women are suffering having myoma, pains are not experienced by me and I feel good. Praise God for that, and I continue to claim total healing in Jesus Name! I do believe, our Great Father gave us life to the full but the enemy wanted to steal and to destroy that life but believing in Jesus Power, the enemy is helpless and defeated, and a Great Amen for that. Please continue to help me pray for total healing, our God is Great and Mighty!!!

As of this time, I'm busy since last week. I was training a joint choir from our church and the church nearby for an Easter Musical Presentation. We already sang last Friday during the Good Friday service and Easter Sunday yesterday during our church service. I was glad that the Lord used me again in this kind of ministry. My choir members were telling me that the Lord sent me back to the Phil. for a purpose not to operated but to be a blessing to all the churches in the Visayas Region because the choir will be giving a Musical Presentation on Wednesday. Indeed, the Lord knows what's best for His children.

Thank you so much for all your support and prayers! Blessings to all of you. Here's some of the pictures.... The Choir in Silence The Choir in Practice The Choir Singing


Special Days

When I was still single, one thing that I wanted to happen on my wedding would be simple yet memorable. When I was 26 years old the Lord gave me someone who really loved me come what may. And that dream came true. My special day was simple but memorable. And it happened many years ago on my wedding day. Prior to that day, we did a lot of preparations, we looked for a memorable Wedding Invitations, and other things needed for that special day of my life. It's memorable indeed!

After few years, I gave birth to our first born son, the most awaited baby. Some of my friends had baby shower before giving birth and gave Baby Shower Invitations, the same year that I gave birth. Baby shower is indeed a memorable day for parents. We enjoyed having our baby and gave him the best love we can give. As parents, we want the best for our children. We enjoyed seeing and visiting other shower parties for coming babies. They are sweet and precious.

We love our son and we are blessed to have him with us. So we Save The Date Cards for his special days. And indeed, he enjoyed and we find it memorable and we enjoyed too with his presence.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone. I'm so sorry for not visiting you all, rest assured I'm thinking all of you. Hope to visit soon. I would like to say..... myspace graphic comments


An Investment

My kids are growing and I find it hard to send them to school these days. Seeing the economy of the world we could think of hard and tough times. However, making investments would mean another thing. That's what we're considering to have for the future of our children. One of the services that we wanted to have is the Cavalry Portfolio Services which is better, interesting and dependable.

To invest is something that we need to consider this time. My dearly beloved husband asked me to look for an investment for the future. My dear friend also consider to have an investment for her children. I will also share what I've learned about Cavalry Portfolio Services that is very helpful. One thing that I like about this kind of investment is that they cater individual customers and affordable investments. I'm excited to have this kind of investment since Cavalry Portfolio Services is individualized and my investment is safe and dedicated to customer service. I'm excited to have it for my kids' future.

I know my husband would love this kind of investment. It is safe and reliable. Considering many things about investments and expenses, I chose to invest for my future expense, will you agree?


Won in a Contest

I'm glad to share that I won in a contest again. I only knew through my friend, thanks Genejosh of Her and History. It was really a blessing since I celebrated my birthday last week. Thanks to Melandria of My Journey to Life.

Here's my prize...

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