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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Teenager's MP3

My teenager loved to do searching. One time we bought an MP3 for his Christmas gift and he was so excited to have it. He did a lot of searching on what to do about it. He wanted to search songs to download in his MP3 and he was so excited telling me that he discovered MP3 Search Engine to help him doing all the searching. I told him to choose the best and good songs to listen to and he agreed. I love music but I want the best songs for him to listen and learn as well.

I was glad my teenager is responsible enough for his choices. He chose the right songs for him and the good ones for his young brother to listen to during night time. Music is good but when it leads to distraction I'm the one who will object. MP3 Search Engine is the best engine search for my teenager, he had the better choice to search and download songs for him to enjoy.

Last time, I saw him sharing his MP3 to his younger brother before sleeping and his younger brother was enjoying the songs his brother downloaded. They both enjoy listening to the music. And they both fall asleep.



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