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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Office Supplies We Needed

Last year, hubby was responsible for the office work. He helps with our manager working everyday. I was responsible for teaching students and hubby helped me in preparing the materials. We did English Camps to different places so our hands were full. During the preparation for our English Camps, we bought a lot of office supplies like stickers, pens, magnets, rubber stamps and the like for our students to enjoy while learning. We enjoyed buying the supplies to different stores because the supplies are not available in one store, we can't find all the materials we needed. It's fun though it's tiring. We spend time looking for rubber stamps and other materials which are very necessary for our camp.

We're quite busy last summer, we had students the whole day until evening. Our day was so full that we can't even prepare for dinner, lol! However, we enjoyed our work. Our students also enjoyed and we had a lot of fun. We had more than one camp so we were able to use all the materials we bought. I look forward for another camp this year. We're excited to buy office supplies again. I like the rubber stamps it's unique and the students like it especially the young ones.



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