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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Loans

Payday is almost at the tip of the month. Many working people are waiting for this day in order to prepare for the next month budget. Some have less income and need other sources in order to survive and keep going. One thing they did was looking for some payday loans in order to augment the needs. Many have been hooked in this kind of loans and payday loans had been of great help for them.

When I was teaching in a public school few years ago, I had many experiences about having loans here and there. Together with my co-teachers we did the same thing and we also have payday loans although I did a little but it still one of the ways we survive. It helps and goes a long, long way since payday loans was not only for the teachers living in the cities but also in the rural areas, many teachers wanted to avail of it. So payday loans has reached to people living in the mountains.

There are even payday loans online that help many people who are really in need. There are difficult situations that led them to ask for cash advance and payday loans made it possible for them to survive. Getting the money is even faster and convenient, no need for additional requirements.

This online payday loans are mostly small loans and are mostly short term to cover the person borrowing them for their emergency needs. They can also be referred to as cash advance loans. They are usually given especially when an individual needs money and is yet to be paid. It may also be given through the use of credit cards. There are different laws that surround payday loans and may vary from country to country. The borrower can decide to pay back by writing a cheque that is usually postdated to be able to pay back the online payday loans . Most lenders give a period of 2wks for payment to be made.Most people term these as payday loans no faxing cash advancements.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swimming Time

This is my Watery Wednesday post for this week. I missed this meme for quite sometime. My bigger laptop was not working well last time. Now, I'm glad to be back. What about your watery post? I guess, you have beautiful photos to share.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Glasses Needed

When I turned 40 I had the difficulty in reading especially nearby. Right there and then I discovered that I'm a far-sighted person and I need to buy glasses online which for me is easier to choose and the best.

It's not easy without the help of eyeglasses, I can't do anything without it especially when I'm reading or doing looking at some words nearer. However, I still need to choose the best that fits my eye problem with the best frame. That's why I decided to buy glasses online in order to choose the best frame for my face ad the right protection for my eyes.

Even my hubby wanted to have one too. So we decided to buy glasses online together, it's interesting right? We will choose together and buy together and maybe we can avail of the discount for that purpose, huh! When I discovered that I have an eye problem after few months hubby had the same problem that's why we both decided to buy glasses online. We have many choices but we need to choose the one that makes us feel comfortable while wearing it. We were looking for the cheapest price but reasonable as well. The price that is right and affordable. We are now excited to have it before we celebrate our wedding anniversary next month.


Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Mood for Wood

Living in the city, the so called – “asphalt jungle,” is a stressful lifestyle. That is why most people opted to have a house with some sort of nature themes. The natural settings have the ambiance of being closed to nature. It soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit. I'm referring to wooden venetian blinds that many would love to have in their homes.

Most nature themed houses will be a constructed with a mixture of concrete and wood…the more natural the setting become – the more people were drawn closer to it. For some having a wooden venetian blinds is a plus factor. Previously – people love to put panes of glass in their windows – they said it makes them feel spacious and to let in the sunlight. Now, people were reverting, - to using wood in their construction projects.

I guess, most of the old ones are aiming to have their own wooden venetian blinds to make them feel cool and just like living near the mountain ranges and feeling the breeze with the coolness of the wooden thing.

I'm excited to have it too. I already desire to buy one soon for our parents to feel cool like staying in a native house. My hubby will get excited by then, since he loves nature, he is a nature-lover person and he always enjoy going out or looking down from the mountains seeing the beauty of nature.


God is in Control

Yes, I always believe God is in Control of everything eve our very lives. Our father was just out of the hospital and needs proper care, attention and support financially. We always depend on the Lord for everything. We always thank God for life, a new life to live each day and the blessings we received in a daily basis. THANK YOU LORD...

The only we can do is to be thankful at all times....


The Amateur Photographer

Nature photography is just one of those pursuits my husband’s passionately doing, aside from trekking and mountain climbing. Every trip for him will become a photo opportunity – he would rather be engrossed taking pictures of a scenic view – than wasting his time attending a party.

And because of his passion – our youngest son AJ, became hooked as well – the “amateur photographer,” will actually borrow his dad’s camera and just take a shot of anything that interest him…for him hearing the click of the shutter is like a soothing music.

Since, technology makes it easier to develop or print the pictures – Aj can actually print out and see his pictures in no time at all. The result of the “father and son” interests was tons of pictures – scattered around the house. You can find it tacked in the door of the ref, tape on the bathroom wall, their rooms – even in the sofa at the living room. Now photo albums will be greatly needed since there are many pictures scattered around the house. It’s been ages, that I am telling my husband to buy a very nice photo albums so that all their pictures will be properly kept. I guess, until then – I’d just be picking them up together with the socks and dirty clothes, I hope I won’t forget –or else the pictures’ might end up in the washing machine.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for Web Hosting?

Blogging has been my passion since I started a couple of years ago. Since then, I started to look for a dedicated hosting solution for my blogs. Even my friends who were blogging were looking for the right and dedicated hosting solution for their blogs and since we still consider ourselves as newbie in blogging we look for the best.

I even have friends who have their own business and wanted to have their own domain. I guess, they would need to have a dedicated hosting solution for their business and to be known online. Even my hubby was surprised that I have my own domain after few months of blogging. Now I'm excited to have a new domain for my other blog. I am even more excited to share it to my friends who are also doing business and blogging as well. I have found lots of friends since I started blogging. It's interesting and I learned to love it.

How about you? Do you need the same web hosting? Try to check it out and enjoy the benefits. You will learn to enjoy and love it too. They provide solution for your business. The client has the freedom, the access and control of his domain. You will get excited too.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Time - Ambulance?

It's my first time to ride in an ambulance..... Last Tuesday, at 2:30 in the morning, our brother from a distance called and told us that our father fell and can't move anymore. We hurriedly went to our sister's place where our father was staying for awhile. We all went there around 3 early morning. At 5 in the morning we called several ambulance available for us to be brought to the hospital with our father but we failed since all the ambulance were not available near the area. We waited for sometime until we called the ambulance of the hospital. After less than an hour, the ambulance came with the doctor and other helpers. It was my first time to ride on an ambulance. I almost fell when the driver was hurriedly driving on our way to the hospital.

Our father stayed in the hospital for almost a week. And our mother was already tired of staying in the hospital since they stayed longer time. It's not easy to be in the hospital - it's tiring....

When we reached the hospital, our father was brought to the x-ray room and the doctor found out that our father's bone on the leg was fractured. That's the reason why he can't stand after falling. He was crying since it was so painful. He was already 74 yrs old and his bones are weak according to the doctor.

There were many medications and considerations of what we can do to help him recover. The doctor suggested that our father would undergo an operation but when he was given an insulin for his diabetes, our mother was so worried about his situation because he looks so pale and weak. So our mother asked the doctor that our father will not undergo an operation anymore and we agreed.

Our sister provided all the needed expenses and things that our father would to have. Someone said, "ibigay ang hilig" that would mean give what our father needed and desire to have. He wanted to have a mobile phone and a wheelchair and a rattan hospital bed.

Now our father was staying with us with our mother and the helper. "To be sick is hard." Thank God for good health and added life each day. It's a blessing! Thank you LORD!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The travel and Recreation

We love to travel as a family and if there is a chance we usually grab it. It's nice to visit different places and travel to different countries. Sometimes we go by train, often time by plane and many times by motorhomes. It's interesting to see beautiful places and tourist spots around the world. We've seen high rise buildings, tall trees on the road, going on top of the mountains while seeing the city below and eating delicious and great food with friends.

Going by motorhomes is indeed a different experience not only for us but also for our kids. They met new friends as well by just traveling on the road. We saw different kinds of people with a different culture, tradition and beliefs. But the good thing is, we shared our experiences and touched their hearts.

Many times we go by camping as a family. The unforgettable memory that our kids could not forget. They wished to do it again. We were considering to have camping again on top of the mountain when hubby comes back in December. That would be another adventure for us with some friends and close family friends. We're excited to experience another motorhomes travel and recreation. You can do the same. Try it for yourself.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Online Services

Disaster is always my hubby's desire to do. When we're still a newly wed couple he could not "say no" to it because he used to help people in times of disaster and he could not just stay put but to do something and work with the group. After many years, changes came and online work or services are on the go. Many things happened and online services had been working well. However, disasters didn't just come in real life alone but also in online services. That's why you need link exchange sites that could help you and can give you thousands of backlinks to boost your link popularity and search engine ranking.

Many writers, bloggers and online services were looking for link exchange sites just to keep them going on the net and keep earning as well. Thanks to online services and those who are helping others boost their sites.

Disaster might happen in the web that's why we need the best link exchange sites that give the best services online. I guess, I would need this kind of service. It's interesting.


Masskara 2010

We just went out today because AJ was telling and pushing me to go out and see what Masskara is all about since he missed it for many years. We invited his cousin Karen just to be with us. We went around the city and roam around SM. After few walking AJ asked for lunch - but I had to tell him that I don't have enough to spend - so that he won't ask for more.We just went inside Jollibee, their favorite place and ate the crispy fried chicken. Hmmmmm..... it's yummy! I just ate my favorite macaroni soup, lol!

We're in a hurry to go back home because we don't want to experience being in a crowded place in the afternoon.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle

Hubby and I love doing exercises if we have a chance or extra time to do it. In Thailand, a lot of people wake up early to go out and do some exercises either in the gym or other outdoor exercises with friends. That's why many business establishments or individuals are making fitness business cards to promote their healthy lifestyle and most of the people enjoy doing exercises either in the morning or after working in their offices around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not as easy as what we think and say. "It's better said than done" as what the saying goes. However, to be physically fit is to work hard for it and I'm on my way to it. Hopefully I can make it. I'm always attracted to people who are doing a lot of exercises everyday.

On the other hand, fitness business cards is exciting since you will know more what to do before exerting your efforts in doing exercises that fit to your need. Others enjoy barbel while others enjoy running or even workouts. Whatever you need, you can choose with fitness business cards. I guess, this is the best one you need.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Away from the Maddening Crowd

It is one of those days – you feel bored and so dog-tired. The mundane works became tedious and burdensome – its like that you just want to flee somewhere, hours seems to drag slowly.

So, I decided to skip a day’s work. I pack my rucksack with some change of clothes and bade my family goodbye. I am off to an adventure. I call this, “time away from the maddening crowd,” which is one of my coping devices and a way to combat stress and depression that drains my energy and efficiency levels.

I call one of my friends and asked her, “where can I find a quiet place to have an overnight stay.” She told me that there’s a newly constructed lodge, which I might want to check out. I decided to drive to that place, which took me an hour and a half. It is situated on the top of the hill which the developer looped off to create a wider and broader place. The lodge was surrounded by a small cluster of edinburgh apartments . Perennial flowers displayed a riot of colors on the terraces below. Across the lodge, a cluster of pine trees surrounds’ a swimming pool overlooking the tree tops. I climbed the 300 steps to the top of the hill where I have a beautiful vista of the valley spreading below. I really enjoyed my stay here with edinburgh apartments and I went back refreshed, ready to face whatever life is in stored for me!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call of the Outdoors

I am a nature lover. I loved roughing it out in the outdoors, smelling the fresh cool breeze of the mountains and listening to the bubbling streams, crickets and night creatures. Usually when I feel choked and walled- up, I just pack my backpack with the barest essentials. Then, take 30 minutes drive away from the city, reaching the foot of the mountain that forms the chain of mountain ranges in the area.

It will take a 45 minutes hike to reach a settlement near the top of the mountain. The people in this village know me personally because of our reforestation works on this area for the past years. Our efforts paid off, because the area becomes a protected park, with the aim of preserving the endemic faunas and floras.

I have to sign my name on a logbook to enter the area – of which a villager will act as a guide. But today, I don’t need a guide; I just want to be on my own. So I followed a less traveled hiking path leading upward to the camping ground and a small waterfall. I pass by the settlement primitive cable car that spans the river canyon for 150 meters to the other side. They use it to transport local products bound for the market and also for people crossing, without this cable car – it will take them one day to go to the other side. I guess, it would be more interesting to hike with my family in a caravan holiday parks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I spent my day, trying new hiking trails, I took a dip on the cool waterfalls, slake my thirst from a bubbling spring, after taking my lunch I climbed the highest promontory of the park’s the camping ground. I spread my sleeping bag under the shade of a tree and nap – I woke late in the afternoon, when the sun is about to set on the horizon. The golden ray creates a kaleidoscope of colors, bathing the valleys below with its last warmth. I told myself, “it’s worth the trip…” reluctantly I left my perch and slowly trudge the path leading down the mountain, crickets and night birds begun their ode to sun. Below, the settlement stirs with the evening activities, I can hear mothers calling their children home, men pulling their cattle's to their shades, and others cooking their evening meals. Just before me, I can see the flickering lights of the fireflies chasing one another… Indeed, it's amazing to have a holiday much more if I go with some friends for a caravan holiday parks and just to rest for a while. I know I will be back another day!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Place I Love - MYM

MellowYellowBadge Mellow Yellow Monday is up again. This is one of the places that we love to visit in Thailand with hubby. It's a university that is surrounded by flowers.


Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
I'm back to posting photos. At last when I checked again this evening, it's working again. My Scenic Sunday photo is taken from a peaceful island in Cebu, Philippines. For those who would like to be away from the maddening crowd for a while this is the right place for you. A blessed Sunday to everyone.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charity for Children


We Love Sports

Hubby and I love sports, exercises and recreation. Everytime we have spare time we usually go out together or with the kids and do exercise or watch any kind of sports around the place. Hubby loves barbel more or even weight training since he's a man on the go, he loves that kind of exercise. More so, in playing basketball, he met some friends in the university who also love to play that kind of game. Many times when we're together, he played well especially in teaching his friends on How to Dunk since basketball is not an official game of Thailand. He really enjoyed playing basketball to the max.

He would miss playing it when he's busy and doing many things. He would always asked my permission to let him go if he had spare time. Or even at times when we're still sleeping early in the morning, he would go out and enjoy his exercises with some friends who are already waiting for him. There was one time that we went out with our kid and we played basketball together, he even taught us How to Dunk. It was fun and we enjoyed. It was an experience that our kid missed and asked us to go out again.

Basketball in the Philippines is an interesting and official sport. Wherever you go, you could see people playing. The government provided courts to different places inside the community just to give a chance to the out-of-school-youth to play with their peers. They enjoyed playing this kind of game as well. And many players know How to Dunk especially the women, they have their own style of playing.



I'm puzzled at this time. I don't know what's happening to my blog at this time. I can't post any pictures. The "add image" is not working. Anyway, However, I'm still grateful that I can write and post anything that is happening to me and my kiddos.

Since I came back to our city here in the Philippines I had a lot of things that need to accomplish. One of these is the remaining chapters needed for my research. I can't get away with it, I need to finish it whether I like it or not. It's good that when I visited my university and talked to the dean of the graduate studies, she allowed me to defend my final thesis on the first week of November. At least, I have a chance to finish. At first, I was upset because there are only 2 weeks left and vacation will have its way. I was so glad when the dean approved that I can defend in November before the second semester starts. Now, I am on my way to working on the final chapters. I would like to ask for your favor since I still don't have time to visit you all. Hope you understand. I will visit you all after this. Thank you so much for all your visits. I will visit your blogs as soon as everything is settled.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Family Outing

We had been enjoying boating during holidays whenever there is a chance for us to have our holiday as a family. It is something we desire to have especially our children. It's a good experience - we even have seen families being together doing boating in some lakes around the area where we stayed before. However, I was so excited to see this france boating holidays where everyone enjoys and an attractive place to relax and best for family outing.

My sister enjoys being with friends and family for any special occasions or outings anywhere she goes. I guess, she would love this place. I will try to encourage her to have our family outing with france boating holidays if she comes back next year since she is working abroad right now and she plans to have a family outing next year. This would be the best place for us, and I get excited to have our family outing with hubby of course.

My hubby loves to have family special day as well. He always remind me that a family is special and need to be given time in spite of busy days working. That's why we always give time to relax with the family. We just eat, swim, and relax under the heat of the sun and playing with kids. This will be an exciting time for us with france boating holidays and of course with hubby, with our youngest sister and our family circle.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Smell of Christmas

Christmas is few months away. I could smell the candles being lighted, I could even see Christmas lanterns and photo christmas cards in a lot of department stores around the city. It's interesting if we think of Christmas, it is coming soon and many people are excited to celebrate. It's a time of loving and sharing. A time of reconciliation, forgiving, and a time of releasing forgiveness but above all, a time of giving gifts to people you love and photo christmas cards is the best gift for special people of your life whom you love.

I could still remember the time when we were making cards and were given to friends and families. It was a beautiful experience for us since we were able to make more friends through the giving of christmas cards much more if we give photo christmas cards, our friends love it and rejoice with us as we celebrated the christmas season. They were surprised seeing their own picture inside the cards we've made for them.

And guess what, photo christmas cards is available at your convenience. After few months of the making of cards, we were able to sell it to friends and other students, they like the style and the way we made it. I guess, you will love it too.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Furniture We Needed

Have you seen this kind of table? I do, I have seen this few months ago and I wanted to have one. Since we came back to the Philippines I wanted to buy this kind of table because it looks like hard wood and heavy, even termites could not easily destroy which for me is worth the buy. I love dining room furniture for the house since all our things were already destroyed and we needed to buy new furniture. Dining table is one of our needs in the house this time. We are just using plastic table at this time and it's not enough for us since my parents are staying with us. I just hope I could buy soon.

It's nice to have a dining table that looks great, you will love to eat more too. There are many choices in the market but this one looks different and entice me and to have my own. When I asked my hubby few weeks ago, he told me that I can have it if funds are available, I can even choose the one which for me is the best. Thanks for hubby, he understands my desire and my longings even before. To choose the best and the one I like most. This kind of dining room furniture is always a good choice and the best buy for mothers. We love cheaper price with the best buy and the best furniture for the house.


Back to Bacolod

At last, I'm back to Bacolod with all the hassles that my travel had brought me. However, I'm not back to regular posting since I'm still finishing my thesis and need to pass it soon to avoid delay. At the same time to be freed from all these requirements. Not sure yet if I have a chance to continue my Ph.D. but I wanted to, so I will be asking my sister who have many financial sources to help me. If she will say "yes" then I can continue for 2 years before going back to Thailand.

Thank you guys for all your visits. I just hope to visit you all again soon. Blessings to all....


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Thai Food

This is one of the yummy food I missed in Thailand. Last Wednesday we went to a restaurant and have dinner with some friends. I forgot the name in Thai but this is a shredded fish with mixed fruits like mango and more... Happy Yummy Sunday everyone.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
On top of the mountain, Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand. Happy Scenic Sunday.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Out for a while

To all my friends,

I'm sorry to let you know that I can't visit you these days until the end of this month. I'm here with my hubby in Thailand, quite busy working on my thesis and of course to be with hubby. I will try to visit you again next month when everything is settled.

Please bear with me. Thank you for all the visits you have shared. Blessings to you all!!!


A Quest for Dating

Have you heard about equestrian dating ? For me, it's something unusual which is different from any dating with your someone special. It's a kind of service that helps people from all walks of life to meet each other and know who they are as a person. It is quite interesting since many young ladies and gentlemen would love to meet anybody around the globe to make friends or even get acquainted with them. And maybe later, they became partners.

This kind of service is good especially for singles. This equestrian dating service is something that I wanted my friends and especially my sister to know about. It's a kind of social network that connects in just a couple of minutes. It helps people look for someone in the net in their place of interest especially those who are looking for an online relationship where they find it easy to find. This is the right place for you. This equestrian dating service helps you meet someone with the same passion you've got and share your passion together, or perhaps sharing your dreams and ambitions in life. This is it, you don't need to tarry, check it out and be a part of this worldwide quest for looking the right one.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Media Agency

As what I have shared a while ago, having business online is the something to look up to. There are agencies like Social Media Agency that caters the need of the online business and helped it grow stronger and earn as well. It's an agency that is dedicated to help increase their potential of earning a living and making their business grow drastically. An agency that enjoy helping others and most of the things that people enjoy will be provided like twitter, facebook and google. So what are you waiting for, try this out and see for yourself. You will indeed enjoy the benefits. It's competitive and value customers' opinions. This is something you are looking for.


On Top of the Mountain

I will be visiting this place soon. Hubby is here and we'll be seeing again. A place that many tourists are coming. A place full of beauty with matching spicy but delicious food. A place you will be missing after all.


Wanna Brash?

Having business online is something that many people are craving. I have many friends who are selling something online and they even met new friends around the globe. And talking about it there are social media or online businesses that attracts many. One of these is Brash that is working and helping people in making their business grow fast and easy. It's just a link away - as what others say. And it's indeed working for the best. It has all that you can get like seo, link building, social media and many more. Try to Brash and see for yourself. It's something you wanted to have when you're having business online. Try to check it out.



Just for a look, I love this picture capture, it gives me peaceful mind and calmness in the midst of turmoils that life may bring.


Coffee Beans my Friends Love

My friends love coffee and many times they bought Coffee Beans from different countries. It taste differently as what they said but they love each unique coffee around the world. It's a kind of feeling they could not imagine when they drink of it. However, the taste is something they long to drink again and again.

We have many friends and we always prepare coffee for them every time they visit us. It's something that they wanted to when we meet. We also enjoy buying coffee for them, friendship will always be there with a cup of coffee in front of us while sharing our experiences either good or bad.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday, I had a tremendous experience from Bacolod to Manila. Let me tell you a story. I was busy preparing for my travel to Thailand - doing many things here and there, that's one of the reasons why I failed to visit you for the past weeks.

As usual, when you are going to another place there are always that last minute things that need to be done and accomplished. I guess, most of you can relate to that. Yesterday, I was about to go when Sony appliance send a message that the videocam that they repaired was already fixed and is now working. That is one of the things that I needed for my respondents in Thailand for my thesis. So therefore, I was so excited to pass by before going to the airport. When I reached there, I waited for a while and remembered that I did not bring the charger, I asked the sales lady for the price of the charger and she said it's 2k, and since my money is running over, I don't have enough to buy I was forced to go back home and get the charger. It was not already in my mind to bring the videocam thinking that it won't be fixed, that's why I didn't bother to bring the charger.

On our way to the airport, I was praying and asking the Lord for protection because my brother-in-law was already rushing while driving. When we reached the airport, I was so relaxed that I did not think of bringing extra money for other fees since my previous travels I didn't pay that much. When the cashier asked me for the payment, I was shocked for the amount, because I told her that I won't stay long in Thailand and I will come back after 3 weeks. Since I don't have that much to pay, I looked for an ATM to get some amount. There was only one ATM around the area and it was not working, I immediately called my brother-in-law and but he was already outside the airport so I was forced again to look for a vehicle to bring me outside the airport. It took me half an hour to travel back and forth. anyway, I reached the place and was able to pay. Then I proceeded to the check-in counter waited for another quarter an hour and flew to Manila.

Supposedly, I had a connecting flight from Bacolod to Bangkok but sad to say I was denied. It might be okay if I will be going to the U.S. that's the irony there. I reached Manila before 6 pm but when I was already at the immigration counter the lady wondered why I had a working visa but I will go as a tourist.

I explained that I was sick and went home last March and needed medical attention, and I'm not working anymore in Thailand. But I will just visit my husband who is still there for 3 weeks. The funny and irony thing is, I have my visa but they won't allow me to go because I told them that I was not working there anymore. I felt bad because there are people working with Cebu Pacific who are already waiting for those who have a little bit problem and immediately ask my luggage to be offload. I was trying to ask a favor to another immigration but Cebu Pacific people were in a hurry to stop me, when I asked them what shall I do, they just tell me just buy another ticket, just as simple as that. They don't have the heart to people, in helping their need, sad to say.

I was hopeless and asked the Lord for help, in times like these, when nobody prayed on your behalf, you might get frustrated. But I'm still thankful for people who are there praying for me. Thank you so much!

I have another option today, I will be going to Thai Embassy and ask them to cancel my visa so that I can buy a ticket and go. I still need to go for many reasons. But I still need to pray and ask the Lord for provision, I still believe, HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO ALL HIS PROMISES... I need to cling on to God for help, mercy and HIS grace to abound. Please do pray with me. Thank you so much and I will let you know for the update later.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yummy Sunday

Yummy Sunday is all about yummy food around the world. If you join you will enjoy visiting all the yummy food anywhere. It's fun right? Perfectly Blended has more Yummy Sunday post.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Linggo ng Wika

I just want to post the past activities of my 7-year old kid for his Papa to see him performing. AJ and his classmates are wearing "bahag" igorot style showing their macho body, hehe! All the kids enjoyed and gave their best in the presentation.


Away for a while

I'm sorry to say that I can't visit you all these past weeks. I had been working on my thesis and I need enough time to work on it since I will be defending my thesis next week. After which, I would be flying to Thailand to visit my hubby. Hope you will continue to visit me even when I'm out of the blogosphere for a while. I will try to visit soon if I have a chance and when everything is settled.
Thank you so much for all your visits and comments. Please do remember, my thoughts are always there for you all. You had been my inspiration in my journey in the blogging world. I'm inspired seeing your visits and inspiring words of encouragement. Blessings to you all.


Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
Another Scenic Sunday on the go. A picture inside Bacolod City, the city of smile.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
Scenic Sunday photo from Hatyai, Thailand.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weight Loss Program

When I was in Thailand I had been doing and following any weight loss diet program and I find it interesting to see my body losing weight. I followed a one week program or even a 15-day diet recipe just to see the result after. At first, it's quite easy but when I reach more than 3 days, I became weak and helpless. Nevertheless, I kept on following my recipe and I saw the effect after doing it vividly. Hubby was feeling uneasy of what I was doing but then he was happy seeing me losing weight everyday until I finish my weight loss diet program. I get excited seeing my new look although it's not that much but there was indeed a difference before and after. I thank my hubby for the support.

Losing weight is always the cry if many women especially the mothers, thus giving a try of it would mean something. I have a friend who also did a different program yet he fails and became weak, he used a different method that led him to stop because he became sick. Therefore, I could say that he needs to look for the best weight loss diet program in order to survive and have the better effect for his body. It needs proper diet and exercise, start with the basic weight loss, and since he was quite big, he needs to take diet pills and supplements needed for his weight loss diet program. It's fast and quick and the safest ever. I guess, I need to share it to our friend.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

It's a blessed Monday and I would like to share these photos taken from different places. Have a blessed day to all with Mellow Yellow Monday.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Couple's Corner - Likes and Dislikes

Rodliz’s Nest
Sharing our differences as husband and wife is something that makes our heart grow fonder right? and this week's theme speaks about our like and dislikes. This is something since I already missed my hubby and thinking of our likes and dislikes would mean a lot to us. Hubby had tried coffee 5 years ago and he continues to drink if he's with friends although he's not drinking with us. When we're together we drank milo, hehe! with kids, feeling young...He likes mashed potato but I'm not enjoying it. Hubby also enjoys playing outside with kids but I enjoy staying at home, doing my chores, or making all the girl's thing like bracelets, necklaces or rings. I love making all those. So when they're out I'm glad to be on my own, hehe! They also love watching movies but I'm not fond of doing it, maybe sometimes.

He dislikes dishonest people and those who are making stories. I do. I doesn't like me to raise my voice or say something that will hurt his feelings. He even doesn't want me to take some of my eyebrows, he would say something if I've gaining weight and he enjoys seeing me sexy - losing weight a little bit. That's my hubby. We have our own likes and dislikes but we were meant for each other and God intended us to be one and be united in love.

Try to join and share your likes and dislikes with Rodliz Nest. You can see more posts that will make you love your hubby more.


Diphthongs Video from everywhere!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Our Friends' Wedding Cake

Happy Yummy Sunday to everyone. Last summer, our friend had their wedding and I really like the color of their cake. It looks like my green template. They had a beach wedding. I will show you next time.
Try to join now you still have time. A blessed Sunday to all!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

On a Camping... we go

Many Asian countries nowadays were known all around the world as a destination for various nature-based activities and Eco-tourism. Vast possibilities for jungle-trekking and camping is just around the corner, anyone looking for thrills can try wild rafting in frothing rivers, even diving or snorkeling in calm seas.

The rugged terrains and dense rain forests crisscrossed by rapid rivers is a great challenge for four wheel drive (4WD) expeditions. For those in love with off road-driving, the mud, the humidity and intermittent rainstorms add to the challenge of grueling yet exhilarating sport.

Speaking of vehicles, during one of our trip to Bangkok, I've seen one motorhomes (RV) which caught my fancy. It was equipped in such a way that it seems to be like part of one's house was taken and packed inside a vehicle. I was so impressed by its uniqueness and at the same time its functionality - truly a comfortable and stylish way of going to a fascinating holiday destination.

I guess, the owner really understands the delightful experience of living near nature - in such a way - that he fused in comfort, style and modern amenities in his fabulous motor home or recreation vehicle. Well for us, who do it in an old fashion way...back packing - can just melancholy say.."well, on a camping we go, one more kilometer to go..!" Wanna motorhomes?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couple's Corner - Total Opposite

Rodliz’s Nest
Although I'm quite late but I still wanted to post. Sorry guys but I still wanted to share. I love this meme too and couples corner is something that we need to give importance to. Yes, I always agree that there are no perfect couple but we can do something to make our lives something memorable as possible. Here are some of the truths about us.

1. I'm madly in love and enjoys eating vegies but hubby ate a little.
2. He loves meat I like fish.
3. I don't spend that much but when hubby had money he enjoys spending for the family.
4. I love to eat spicy food now he learns to eat, hahaha!
5. He loves to talk and I refrain from talking a lot.
6. He loves to watch movies especially about army, or wars and adventure but I enjoy romance movies and true to life stories.
7. He enjoys reading any books like fiction or anything but I enjoy reading true stories and books about the mysteries of God.
8. I like going to the mall but he loves going to the park.
9. He loves to pack things and enjoys cleaning but I seldom do it.
10. He could easily make friends but I find it difficult.
11. I love to barter but he doesn't.
12. I love to play musical instruments but he enjoys looking at me.

There are a lot to share but I need to end here. Thanks to Rodliz for the Couples Corner. Blessings to all.


Best Apartment

When my sister went abroad one of the things she was concerned of was the apartment or a place she needs to stay for a while before going to her destination. She was considering to stay in an apartment for few days. She traveled a lot and went to different places. I guess, she needs to visit Manchester and stay in one of the manchester apartments to make her feel home and visit the wonderful places and tourist spots. She needs to visit the famous nightlife and excellent choice of restaurants which is just a short hop from manchester apartments which has a family accommodation. She won't miss us that much since the people are like a family when they accommodate those who stay. Manchester is also famous for its Chinatown, where tourists are fond of searching when they visit different countries - here, Chinatown is packed with authentic restaurants. The shopping here is outstanding too, from large chain stores to small independent shops, another great reason to enjoy a city break in Manchester. Why bother staying in one of the hotels in Manchester when you can enjoy the freedom of our self catering accommodation in Manchester? This is what my sister is looking for when she travels this manchester apartments. It's a perfect place for her.


The Friend I Met

I met this friend of mine when I was still in Thailand. She's a Chinese and loves to work for the Lord. I missed my work there but as of this time my kids need more of my attention especially in the school. Their education is more important for me this time. Thank God for the strength although hubby is not with us but God is there to guide, and give us wisdom in every decision and strength to carry on the task each day.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Credit Free

One of the problems of the teachers here in the city and even in all places nationwide is the credit loans which they got from different sources. I could attest to that since I was a teacher myself few years ago before I went to Thailand. During that time, I wanted to get rid of my credit loans that's why I wanted to be freed from it. I did a lot of searching on how to do about it.

Various financial establishments give loans for people with bad credit, and that is true to our place here. Applying for bad credit loans requires some forethought and many considerations for me. As you shop around for the best bad credit loan deals, remember to weigh your options carefully. And that is always the things I did. I had once and I don't want to be trapped again.

However, there is an agency that helps you get out of your loans they are the people who cares for those who were trapped and you can just apply and get approved the next day. It's easy and fast.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

AJ's First Performance in School

The first activity of AJ last month in the school. He got many friends after few weeks and they had great performance. They were singing while doing some actions. The picture speaks. Hello Papa, I was able to stay at home because I was sick that's why I was able to post this pictures for you to see your son performing.


Yummy Sunday

We attended a birthday party of AJ's classmate just recently and the kids enjoyed eating the Yummy Food prepared for them. This is my Yummy Sunday for this week.


Mellow Yellow Monday

These are the things I love. Every time we travel I took an opportunity to take pictures. This is my Mellow Yellow Monday post.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday Badge

This is the place that I like when I visited Mom's Place. ABC Wednesday is cute and I like the picture because we love to play scrabble. Hope I could join next time.


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