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Friday, January 1, 2010

Power Steering Gadgets

My hubby learned driving last year when we were in the Phil. He was forced to do it because we are coming back to another country and he needs to drive. While doing his daily practices, his instructor gave him some tips on how to drive well. He learns fast and enjoys driving around our city. The car was using power steering rack and he likes it. He told me that it's so easy to drive in the city and he doesn't need any force while driving. He was enjoying his driving lessons.

We went back to Thailand and hubby drives always. We have learned many things about gadgets being used for cars. There are so many words being used for this purpose. And we knew it gradually while we use it, what each word mean and the uses of each part. One time, while he was driving he showed us the car that has a power steering rack because the car we are using doesn't have it. He had the hard time turning the car. We usually travel few miles and at times a long distance travel. Now, he desires to have a power steering car to make it easier and he would enjoy while driving. That sounds great, I guess. We started praying about it. And besides it's high quality and we have seen some affordable prices at stake. Hopefully, soon we might have one that we desire.


Friday Photoflashback

Friday Photo Flashback
My hubby attended a group activity last time and they were doing some acting. Whhaaah! my hubby likes to act and do some stunts. So his group enjoyed with him. His talent was not chosen in the field of acting,many years ago, lol! That's why he acts anywhere, whaaahh! Sorry that I could not share any pictures for new year's eve here, I could not find at this time except last night. Maybe next time I will share what we did yesterday during the 2010 countdown here in Thailand.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Point of No Return

I am blessed by reading daily bread today. And I would like to share it with you.

On New Year's Eve, we may fear the future because of events in the past. But we need not remain chained to our old memories because we can move ahead focused on God. Just as the Lord watched over the land and His people, so His eyes will be upon us all.

God's faithful care will extend to every day of the new year. We can count on that promise.

Thought for this New Year:

God holds the future in His hands
With grace sufficient day by day
Through good or ill He gently leads
If we but let Him have His way
The what of our future is determined by the Who of eternity.

A blessed New Year to everyone!


Monday, December 28, 2009

My Sweetie's Birthday

Today is my sweetie's birthday. Another life to live, and another blessings to receive, yehhhey! I really thank God for my sweetie. I remember when he was still courting me, whhhaaahh many years ago, he would do a lot of things just to please me. He was so sweet, caring and everything I was looking for a man. I'm blessed because I met him when he already knew the Lord. He was a different person before as what my friends and his friends were saying. He was a changed man, changed by the Lord.

Just a short review, hehe!. I was a member of the college choir, that's where I got my scholarship. We were known in and out of the campus. Hubby saw me when we had a concert. Anyways, while I was singing in solo he was attracted to my voice, whaah! That's the time he met me and I never bothered at first when we met because I was so scared of men when I was still young. However, God allowed us to meet again and we became friends. It's a long story, but I will tell you next time. I had learned so many things with my hubby. He's so loving and caring. Words could never be enough how thankful I am to have him. To you sweetie


Mellow Yellow Monday

It's Lantern Festival in town. You can see a lot of lights around. People come and go, visited the place, every year they have different views shared to people and different styles of lanterns.

Wanna join Mellow Yellow Monday? Just click the badge and enjoy visiting other blogs. You will really seeing different views around the globe.


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