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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Then Sings my Soul Saturdays

One of the songs that I love most during Christmas is this song, "We are the Reason." We are the reason that our Saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross. Christmas is a reminder that Jesus was born, but it wasn't ended there, He suffered, died and rose again on the third day and rose up to heaven with the Father. It's good news. Jesus came to set us free. We used to sing this song when I was studying and trained singers too in our place in the Phil. I really love this song. Amy with her Signs, Miracles and Wonders has a lot to share, try to visit her. A blessed weekend to all!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Mommy Moments - Talented Kids

AJ's Clay Designs
Last June we sent him to a Thai school to learn and speak Thai. After few months, we were surprised to see him writing in Thai.
I'm glad to join Mommy Moments again. My 6-year old son AJ is fond of making designs made of clay. e loves to draw anything. Every time we go to church I need to bring a pen or a paper for him to do. That's my boy. My teenager has another gift. He can play guitar and make designs made of paper. Try to visit Mommy Moments with Chris for more posts.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback
Hello everyone. I could not find any picture last Christmas but I still wanted to share some pictures many years ago. When I finished my Bachelor's Degree in the Phil. in 1992. Our graduation was held in the football field because there were a lot of students from different departments have joined us. Before it was only known as West Negros College but few years ago it was placed to a higher level and became a university. Those were exciting years of my life. I missed those years - I joined a lot of activities and became a member of the choir inside the campus known as Glee Club. I was a scholar that time so my parents didn't bother to pay any cents. I really enjoyed those years of my life. Those years trained me to be what I am now. I was trained to become a choir trainer as well as choir conducting. We even joined the national contest in Manila and won second place. We went to different places just to sing and doing a lot of concerts here and there. That's where my hubby find me. He was attracted to me because I was singing in one of our concerts. That's another story anyway,lol! I will be sharing more next time. You can visit More Than Words with Alicia for more Friday Photoflashback.


Happy Birthday Sis- A Story to Tell

Today is my sister's birthday. This month, I guess, we have a lot of celebrations in our family. Next week is my Nanay's (Mom) birthday. We will also celebrate our wedding anniversary this month, my hubby's birthday and my nephew too. Anyhow, I will highlight today's celebration.

My younger sister (Susan) is the fourth child of five. We were blessed with better husbands. Why did I say that? Because after I get married, she followed after a couple of months. But she got pregnant after 2 months while I enjoy my happy moments with my hubby. She gave birth for her first baby girl while I was waiting for another 2 months to give birth for our first born son. Our children grew together and became close to each other. They went to the same christian school and they both excel in their classes. My sister was a teacher in that school and my hubby was the POD (Prefect of Discipline) and a teacher as well. So both of our kids were free.

When the kids were already 7 years old, something strange happened. My sister's daughter, we call her Dawna Gaylle, was experiencing something inside and was always sick. My sister was anxious about it so she brought Dawna to the doctor for check up. Many tests were given to her as well as laboratories and the final diagnoses was that Dawna Gaylle had leukemia. That was an unexpected blast to my sister and to all of us as a family. We were crying in the middle of the church service and could not expect that diagnoses. We were all hopeless, didn't know what to do nor what to say. She was brought to Manila for another check up but it was the same. The last recourse is to let her undergo chemotherapy. She had undergone it for 2 years and she was healed.

She went back to school after taking PEPT, a test for children who failed to go to a normal school and she was upgraded to another level because she passed the test. She really wanted to have a normal life. She had good memories when she finished her elementary years. Her mother, who is my sister saw her growing and knowing the Lord. Last year when we went back to the Phil. she was diagnosed again to have her sickness recurred. My sister and the whole family was shocked again but that time was a different one. During her monthly period we brought her to the hospital for blood transfusion since April to October last year. During this time she became closer to the Lord and every time she feels the pain she was crying and told the Lord about her pain. But before we went back to Thailand she was miraculously healed. Someone visited her during the night and touched her. My sister thought she was just hallucinating because she just came out of the hospital. But she was insisting that she really talked to the person who was wearing white according to her. We were expecting that time that she will be taken by the Lord because her tummy was swelling with jaundice eyes. After that instance, we brought her to the hospital and everything was okay with her. Her Mama (my sister) was shouting in the laboratory when she saw the result.

After 7 months the sickness recurred again. We were asking a lot of times why? But the Lord has the answer. She was taken by the Lord last August 2009. Through her death, many came to know the Lord especially the young ones, her classmates, friends, teachers, schoolmates and other visitors. The Lord has always the answer to all our questions. It was painful but the Lord has the will.

Why I was sharing this today? Because when I send a message to my sister Susan (Dawna's mother) today and greeted her, she said, she missed Dawna Gaylle so much and her birthday today is the saddest one. Praying that you are blessed while reading this post.

To My Sister Happy Happy Birthday Be Blessed and a blessing!!!

Sometimes life is hurting, leaving us painful experiences but the Lord has the answer. His plan is perfect and He Makes no Mistakes!!!


Monday, November 30, 2009

New Paid to Blog Site

I'd been joining some sites to earn just recently. And one of these is Sponsai, the sister site of Socialspark. I have the desire to maximize my blogging journey with some earnings as well. I will be celebrating my first blogversary this month of December and I wanted to join some sites that really pay. I'm glad to discover Sponsai. I get excited to blog and to earn. I hope for the best these coming years. I didn't join as much this year in earning to blog because my blog is still new and I was making friends in the blogosphere and look for some good links. I'm hoping for the next few years I can do better and sites would be of help. Thanks for Sponsai dot com.


Mellow Yellow Monday

I saw this in the internet last year. I was so glad that the Phil. won. I heard the question and answer portion and she really deserves it. Anyway, can you see the yellow thing there? I like all their beauties, one is really different from the other. For more Mellow Yellow Monday posts try to visit and click the link. You wil enjoy visiting other photos.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yummy Sunday- Thai Noodles

It's another Sunday once again. Today I'm posting another Thai food that is so delicious for me and my family. We love to eat this spicy Thai noodles. I also long to cook this food in the months I guess. I'm late today in posting but as what I have said in the past, "it's better late than never, right?" More Yummy Sunday posts with Boogie in her Perfectly Blended. Try to join us and share your food prepared or eaten.


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