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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

Then Sings My Soul Saturday is something to hold on to especially for those who love hymns and songs for the Lord. It is where we could express ourselves through songs and our love for the Lord. I love this meme. Although, it's quite late but I still wanted to join and be a part of this meme. It's fun thinking and reminiscing some songs that you love most. Try to join and be a part of this meme every Saturday. You will love it. Click the badge for the link.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Flashback Friday

Friday Photo Flashback
Today I have a different post of Photoflashback Friday. The two ladies were my cousins with their Mom and the child. They send this picture few months ago when we chatted. They were now working in Canada with their families. They seldom visit Phil. because they have also their work to do. I was glad to know that they knew the Lord in Canada. We had been praying for them ever since when were small children. It's so hard for us to share to them because of their belief. But I was so happy that they were active serving the Lord in Canada with some other Filipino brethren. Their mother is still keeping some things that keeps of her belief but gradually the Lord is changing her heart. More Than Words with Alicia has more to share. Try to join. It's fun to recall our memories through photos.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review - Anak ni Kulapo

Anak ni Kulapo Blog is in Filipino language. I love it because I'm a Filipino. It's a nice blog. It's a different kind of blog and you can gain insights too. Everything is written in Filipino and I guess most of the visitors are Filipinos. It's fun reading his posts. He also sponsored many blog contests like Fedhz of Home Buddies and Genejosh of Her and History. He had been a blessing to many especially in the blogging industry. He sponsored many contests already and did his own contest too. Filipino bloggers enjoyed and kept visiting his blog. Sya'y makatao at maka-Pilipino. He makes people laugh through his write ups. He had other blogs written in English of course like The Antisocial, Literary Ekek, and I am Buraot. It's fun to surf Anak ni Kulapo blogs. He got a lot of insights. Filipinos are everywhere in the world and I guess, they will enjoy reading this site which is written in Filipino.


Review - Buraot Site

Buraot is a Filipino blogger. He loves to express himself in writing. He sponsored a lot of contests in the blogging world. He had been blessing a lot of bloggers. His blog sponsored Genejosh of and Fedhz. He has another known blog "Anak ni Kulapo" which also sponsored some contests. I have seen this blog while I was joining my friends blog contests. Buraot sponsored many contests already, not only small amount but the main sponsor. That means he's always the main sponsor. Wow, he gave more. Try to check this site and see for yourself what's going on. He's a Filipino who soar high in the blogging world.


Review : Make or Break

I have known Pehpot of Make or Break few months ago in Mommy Moments. I didn't know her that much in person but her blog speaks about her. As I was reading her posts - I was amazed how faithful she was as a friend, a blogger and a person of concern. She is willing to help promote others blog and help others in need. Recently, she was given an award "THE PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2009 - FOR FAMILY AND LIVING". Just imagine having this award! This is great and she deserves it. She has a consistent interview with some of the bloggers in the blogging industry. She always had a guest blogger to be interviewed "In A Day In My Blog". I guess, many bloggers already enjoyed this and were given a chance to be connected with others and to express themselves. Pehpot is also joining people's health blogger awards and I voted for her because she deserves it. She writes healthy and encouraging words. She's a person with a willing heart. A blogger who cares. Blessings to you Mommy Pehpot for your coming baby.


Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest

I saw this contest few weeks ago but I didn't dare to join because of my hectic schedule. As I wrote some posts I saw this again from Chris with her Mommy Moments. I guess, this is the right time to join. This is a great contest, you can Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest. Try to click the link to know more about it and on how to join. It's easy. Fedhz is celebrating her first blogversary with her birthday celebration in November. It's a double celebration that's why she is giving away huge gifts for the winners. So why wait, join now and enjoy the fun. Hope you won't forget to mention my name if you join the contest. Let's celebrate with Fedhz on her great celebrations!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

This is my first time to join this meme. I guess, I like it. I'm sharing today 13 hand-made crystals that I did a couple of months ago from My Memories and Crystals blog. I enjoy doing it. Hope you will enjoy too. Thanks for Thursday Thirteen host. You can join too. Try to click here.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Word-Filled Wednesday

Prov. 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strong TOWER the righteous run to it and are safe.
Susan at Forever His is the week's host. Blessings to all.


Watery Wednesday

You can find this places in the western part of Thailand. Poor families are living near the lake or by the seashore. Watery Wednesday is up again. You can find more posts here. Check it out.


Security Consultants

Security Consultants? Who are they? When my hubby was still single, he used to work in a security agency because he had a military training when he was still young. He trained security guards and even some of the policemen and armies in our place. He also became a security consultant during that time. He was connected with other agencies and did a lot of firearms training. He met a lot of people and was connected to many consultants not only in the Phil. but other countries. More than a decade ago we found this firearms training in Los Angeles, California. My hubby has still the love for it. When he heard anything about this he would easily listen and it will get his attention. There is one of a kind program that will keep you challenged and motivated. It's a online guard training for those who are willing to be counted. It's always the desire of my hubby and I guess, he will be interested if given a chance.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Watermelon to the Max

Watermelon is the fruit of the season these days in Thailand. You can buy anywhere and cheaper. Last Sunday we joined a church outing after the service and we ate a lot of this fruit. The daughter of our friend who was only 2 years old loved to eat this. So she ate to the max... I could not imagine how she ate - she really ate and ate. I guess, she ate half of the fruit, huh! For a 2-year old, for me, that's amazing!!! But she did it. I discovered here in Thailand, if any fruit is in season, you can find a lot of it anywhere using their cars like Isuzu, or other expensive cars. Fruits are there at the back of the car and you can see it on the highway especially during night time. If you want to buy some fruits, you can find it anywhere along the street. They will just find their ways somewhere and people will just buy. I will try to take pictures and share to you next time.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

I guess most of us will agree that time flies. It's another Monday, a week just passed, so fast. And another post for Mellow Yellow Monday. I took this photo last summer in Bangkok when we applied for a renewal of our passport. We went as a family, so we were able to visit some places. This is a place for enjoyment and relaxation especially for the kids. But we enjoyed too because we can't leave our kids alone. I would like to say, for all your visits... myspace graphic comments Graphics for Thank You Comments


Yummy Sunday

After the church service we were invited to join a church outing today. So after eating our lunch we were on our way to the beach and relax. Some friends were cooking while others were swimming at the beach. It's so relaxing and we had fun too. We had played some games for everyone to enjoy especially the kids. We just came back late this evening. I took some pictures of our food for my Yummy Sunday today. Though it's late but I still wanted to post it. I don't want to miss it, huh! More yummy posts with Boogie. Wanna join? Try to click the link and be counted. You will really love it.


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