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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unbelievable but it's true

I was reading some of the sites that talked about songs and hymns and I was glad that I've found a great singer Sissel with Oslo Gospel Choir. I loved her voice, it's so amazing. God is to be praised, the giver of all gifts. I continued to check and was linked to another singers, but Sissel, a Norwegian sings well. While I was surfing, I happened to see this link from you tube. I can't believe it at first, but she exposed herself and her religion. I don't know what to say about - I'm not sure what you can say about it but she said it. You can watch this video. The last part of the video was a question for all who believe in God, the One true God, what shall we do about it? I've felt sad about this news but it happens few years ago, it was exposed and still leading others more and more to a new religion - not believing in God...


Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Found Friend

Last week I had a chance to teach a couple who wanted to learn English more. They came from Brazil, they are friendly, and easy to work with. They loved to help and reach out to others in love. We brought them to different places too like Songkhla Beach, the known mountain near our place. We also tour them around the city one night and let them see what's happening during night time. We had good time together. A lot of times I cooked food for them because they don't know what to buy and cook here, as if still a foreign land for them. Our sons especially AJ, would usually ask the wife to be with him while watching tv, or a movie. One time, we prepared and broiled fish, shrimps and squids, they loved it. They used to broil fish in Brazil and they missed it. So it's a time of recalling what they have eaten when they were in their country. According to them, their country is safe. All the nations of the world find comfort - they are a friendly people, and countries have their own community in Brazil. If a foreigner wants to make business, it's so easy, and besides foreigners will pay the same amount that the locals are paying. Foreigners and locals have may things in common. And many foreigners stayed in their country and find themselves staying for a longer time. Foreigners find comfort and can make business to earn a living so easily. Another thing that I've discovered was that, when the locals would apply for a divorce, it will only take 1-3 days. I was shocked because in the Phil. it will take 6 months to a year or more when a file for annulment is being processed and approved. Anyhow, my new found friend with her husband were great people. They have seen a lot of people with different personalities, nationalities, and cultures. They were also blessed with friends. They loved to help the poor and needy.


Mellow Yellow Monday

O how I love this picture. A friend of mine did this and shared it with me. He can paint, draw and sell these kinds of pictures. I'm glad he shared it and I chose to post it in today's meme. I missed this meme for quite sometime. Been busy and failed to post. For those of you who wanted to join just click the link above and you will be guided accordingly. You will really learn to love yellows.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday
Another Scenic Sunday post. I love the different scenes around the world. Another scene that I've got from a friend. I love the beach with the sky and the green thing. I love green and blue. It denotes nature. More Scenic Sunday post here. You will be amazed of the different scenes around the globe.


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