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Monday, August 24, 2009

Physically Weak

The next day after we settled back to Thailand we were sick. I was chatting with a friend and she told us that we need to see the doctor for check up. I had asked my hubby to bring us to the doctor (with our 2 sons) before leaving us. He left to Malaysia with some friends and I was upset that something might happen. So he hurriedly brought us 2 hours before he left. During my conversation with the doctor, he said that we need to prepare. I had soar throat, nasal congestion and body pain. The doctor said, if there is difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, don't wait go to the hospital immediately because that is already H1N1. The disease that is so dangerous at this time. All the possibilities according to the doctor is already with us, so we need to take care, drink a lot of water and take some rest. I had asked the doctor if they have many patients with H1N1. I was shocked when he said, all of the hospitals have H1N1 patients. Whew! I stayed at home for a couple of days now, I could not even write the past days to continue blogging because I felt dizzy. Just today I decided to write something, hope I can recover soon. Thanks for some friends who always visiting me here. It means a lot to me. God bless you all!


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