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Friday, July 24, 2009

Then Sings My Soul - Be Unto Me by Don Moen

This is one of the songs that we sung last Sunday during our worship experience. I'm glad to have it posted today. Today's meme is one of my favorites because it speaks about who I am, my inclination in music and my participation in this field when I was still studying. It has a greater part in my life as a believer too. I grew in this field and lavishly doing something for the Lord. Wherever I go as long as there is music, I immediately soaked myself into it. God has tremendously used music to bless others too. And I saw it while bringing music to the doorstep of every individual, group, church, or any organization few years back. People were touched with the use of our music ministry. It has blessed many and it is still continuing and will continue to bless people of all ages. I am blessed personally with the people who brought music to others and was touched by it and use music to serve HIM. It's really a blessing to be blessed with great music for the Lord. Please try to visit Amy, our blessed host at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.


Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I took a pose while preparing for my graduation in my college years, many years ago, lol! Those were the days. I finished my Bachelor's Degree (BSEd) during this time and I still have a small pocket photo so I took a shot again through my digital camera in order to post here. It's the wonder of having one. How do I look? hahaha! That's the question that I don't want to answer. My friend who became my hubby liked this photo, so he had many pictures of me inside his pocket, hahaha! He was madly in love during those days. I'm glad to be a part of this meme, at least I can recall and be reminded my past, going forward in this present years and moving onward to the next years of my life. Each one is precious to the Lord and I'm glad I have Jesus, I'm so precious to Him! The photo has a lot of scratches already, it speaks of the years, lol! You can visit more Friday Flashback Photos and enjoy visiting the sites.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy Moments - First Steps

mommy moments
Yes, I agree with Chris, time flies so fast. Days are moving fast, I'm always reminded of God's word that says: "A thousand days is just one day for the Lord"..... Anyways, I'm glad to be part of today's meme, glad that I've brought with us some of their pictures when they were still small. I took a picture of some photos again in my digital camera, that's why it doesn't look good, just for my post today.
This is my eldest son, he was one year old in this picture. Someone gave us this pink stroller and we wanted to use it - lol! Color really didn't matter to us during that time. Now, he's a teenager, times really flies....huh! That means I'm growing older and wiser, hahaha!
This little baby is AJ-my 6-year old with his Papa and cousin, when they were still small, we usually brought them to the beach nearby. AJ was only 8 months in this photo.
First time for us to visit this place in Malaysia, it's the "Twin Tower" at Kuala Lumpur, AJ was only 2 years old and my eldest was 10. My eldest son when he was 10 yrs old, we were blessed by friends and they brought us to Manila Zoo, first time for our kids to visit this Zoo, and first time for us too (haha!), so all of us enjoyed the trip. It's first time for our eldest to ride this huge ostrich.
You can visit Mommy Moments and enjoy viewing other posts. Enjoy and have fun!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apples and Apple Cider Juice

Apples, apples, apples! Apples are very known now a days, guess what? Last night we went to a dept. store nearby and we saw a lot of people buying a lot of apples. Then I remembered a friend of ours who told us just recently that we need to eat a lot of apples to be freed from H1N1 (swine flu) and take Vitamin C daily. That's why apples are in demand these days. Then hubby gave me a wink to buy apples too. I bought apple cider juice because our friend recommended us to buy this kind of healthy drink which he used to drink before. I can't bear the pain on my throat so we take time to buy. I had a sore throat after taking antibiotic last week when I was sick. My throat was swollen so I need an apple cider juice aside from the apple cider vinegar that our friend gave to us. Here are some health benefits from Apple Cider: * Apple Pectin * is a water-soluble fiber richly found in apples * Vitamin C * helps protect your body against free radicals and assist with the production of skin-nourishing collagen * Potassium* is abundant in apples and helps maintain pH balance and the right level of electrolytes *Calcium* helps strengthen bone and teeth structure I'm a health conscious person and as much as possible I will refrain from taking a lot of medicines so I need to eat or drink healthy food. When I read the benefits of apple cider I decided to take it and gave a try. I already drunk 2 packs and I felt good.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 9 - Phil Island

Watery Wednesday is up again, I love waters. Without water, people can't live longer. Without water those living in the rivers, seas and ocean might die, therefore water is very important to all living things above the earth or beneath the ocean. Every time we travel, my 6-year old will always take pictures when he saw water along the way. Sometimes he would tell me, Mama there's water, I'll take some pictures, and we all laugh at him. Glad to join this meme every Wednesday, it helps me keep going. Visit more posts here. They got fantastic views of today's meme.


Alcohol is Out of Stock

Last night we went to a friend's house because we asked him for some apple cider vinegar to help ease my aching tonsilitis. It's good that they still have that kind of vinegar. It's quite expensive here in Thailand and I just need an ounce so we just ask from them. Then our friend told us that during their classes yesterday, a teacher found out that a student was not feeling well and the teacher discovered after asking the student that he visited another friend who was sick. Immediately the teacher send the student home and all of the teachers were already conscious that H1N1 is already in the city but the gov't is silent about some cases. Maybe because they don't want the people to panic or .... not sure and why? Then all the classes were stopped for a while and everybody cleaned their own rooms to avoid contamination. Another school was also having the same problem as what our friend told us... many students are not feeling well. And another friend told me today that there is a school that was closed for 3 days due to H1N1 cases. We went to a dept. store just this evening, and we brought with us something to cover our mouth. Only few people came and bought something, hubby noticed that only few are wearing masks and he said, I might conscious to wear it because we saw only few people are using. But I told him, he needs to wear it, "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". So it's better to be careful but in the end, we didn't wear it, lol! Because both of us were conscious of what others would see us. Then we decided to buy an alcohol, guess what? We could not find inside the store. We're saying, what's happening, why we could not find any, not even a small one? Then we went to another drugstore inside the dept. store, then the sales lady told us that "mai mei liew", that means no more stocks, oh boy, then we went to another drugstore and we're glad that they have a little bottle left, so we bought 2 small bottles just for our kids. I remember many years ago, when SARS was killing many around the globe, it was the same with H1N1. It was also pandemic and many lost their loved ones. But one thing for sure, amidst these circumstances and world turmoils we are safe in God's hands. Our lives are in His hands and no one could take it away from Him, our Almighty Father. He is our shield and defender. He is our Rock in whom we trust, no matter what happens... Thank you Father for being there for taking care of us!


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