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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Then Sings My Soul # 3

Another week to behold and here comes "Then Sing My Soul" meme. I always look up to this meme every Saturday. I wanted to do it earlier today but my computer didn't work well. Glad that it's a bit okay now.
Yes, songs come from the HEART. It gives light to a weary soul. It lightens the load of a heavy heart and strengthens our whole being daily amidst the hastles and dassles of life. It's really true that "Music is the Language of the Soul".
As what I had mentioned before, music has been a part of me, a part of my life. I was involved in many activities with the Music Ministry. And I'm glad that God was able to use me mightily.
There is a song that keeps me singing these few weeks. And last Sunday, I was able to sing in the church my favorite song and I sang it in A Capella. How I wish my hubby was able to get a video but he failed to do so. Anyway, this song was sung by Sandi Patti a decade ago. I already forgot some of the words but when I started surfing the net, I found the lyrics. So I hurriedly ask my teenager to get a copy and save it. This song was entitled "BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE". For me, it's a powerful song and is still alive and it's meaningful to me.
BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE Sandi Patti You spoke the words and all the words came into order
You waved your hands and planets filled the empty skies
You placed the woman and the man inside the garden
And though they fell they found compassion in your eyes
Oh Lord I stand amazed at the wonder of your deeds
And yet a greater wonder brings me to my knees
Lord I praise you, because of who you are
Not just for all the mighty things that you have done
Lord I worship you, because of who you are
You're all the reason that I need to voice my praise
Because of who you are.
One holy night you brought the promise from a virgin
And promise grew as he revealed to us your heart
Enduring love displayed through out his Crucifixion
And in the dark, you tore the grave and death apart
[Chorus 2x]
I will try to check the video for the song next time. Hopefully, my PC will be okay.
You will be blessed with more posts of Then Sings My Soul with Signs, Miracles and Wonders.


Increased PageRank

Since I started blogging I wish to have the same experience as what others do in their blog. As a newbie of this field I desire for more. I really wonder how to have PR ( Page rank). Not until the time that I saw my own blog with PR 1. I never thought of searching at first because I find it hard. I just wonder why others who are still new have already PR 1. Right there and then I started searching and I was glad that I found the answer. I've got this from a friend and I guess, you can do the same and be a part of this SEO experiment by just linking to the website. Their rules are quite easy and you can easily follow.
So for those of you like me who are aiming that your PageRank will increase, check this out. I'm starting to connect. Just click the green logo below.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheap Fruits

Fruits are everywhere around the globe. They are the best source of vitamins and minerals. I love fruits of any kind except for the one that loves by many, it's DURIAN. I had been trying to eat a bit but I can't bear the smell of it. My sweetie and my teenager loved it.
Look at the fruits here, these are the ones we love to eat especially AJ and myself. We love any kind of these fruits. It tastes delicious and our tummies were craving for more.
Fruits in Thailand is quite cheap and we enjoy it. Unlike in the Phil. fruits are quite expensive and we seldom buy especially mangosteen. But here in Thailand, oh how we love it. I discovered why it's cheap because I asked my co-teacher before and she told me that the planters are the one who will sell the fruits. They don't allow anybody to sell for them. It's so different in the Phil. because the planter will sell it to the wholesaler to be forwarded to another buyer and to the middle man and the retailer. I guess, a lot of Filipinos didn't enjoy expensive fruits.
For me, without fruits my day is not complete, huh! It's gives me strength and I enjoy buying and eating them. My 6-year old followed my footsteps, he loves fruits too.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mommy Moments # 10- Time Out with Friends

mommy moments

Mommy Moments once again. Glad to be back. Last week I wasn't able to join because I don't have pictures, hehehe! Right after the post last week, the next day, my son decided to have hair cut so I told my sweetie to take some pictures. Anyway, I'm excited to be back and when I checked the theme for this week, I was glad that I have a lot to share, huh! At least, I can join again. Before I knew the theme, I thought, if I don't have pictures, then I will still join and place some pictures related to my kids. I'm enjoying this meme, so I look up into it every week.

Here's AJ, having fun with other students during our English Camp.

AJ can manage anywhere, whether old or young -
at any age he can mingle and make friends so easily.
My teenager with his younger brother AJ, taking a bath in a beach
with their Indian - Malaysian friend. We went to another place and taught English, AJ was playing with some boys. Another English Camp and AJ loves to join especially in singing. He also loves to sing.
AJ with baby Hyzyd, as if watching and taking care of the baby.
AJ with another friends in the Phil.
He was riding on a horse.
AJ with his cousins in the Phil. We love to go
to the beach and play in the sand
and that's what they did.
Maybe you will wonder why AJ has a lot of pictures. It's because my teenager doesn't like to join us in the picture taking. He just feel awkward when he did. And at times, he wanted to just be himself. I guess, teenagers are like that, huh!
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Thankful Thursday # 7

It's another Thursday and another day to thank God for all the things He has done. Glad to be here once again. Yes, I agree with Laurie of Woman Taking a Stand when she shared about Psalm 19: 9-10. Actually, this was my favorite verse when I was still studying. We were singing those verses in Psalm 19: 7-10 in a King James version. We love to sing it because it gives us light, strength and courage. I would like to share it again in another version because different versions are really great. It differs one from the other. It says here:
Psalm 19: 7-10
The law of the Lord is perfect, it gives us new strength
The law of the Lord can be trusted, they make childish people wise.
The rules of the Lord are right, they give joy to our hearts
The commands of the Lord shine brightly, they give light to our minds.
The law that brings respect for the Lord is pure, it lasts forever
The directions the Lord gives are true, all of them are completely right.
They are more priceless than gold
They have greater value than huge amounts of pure gold
They are sweeter than honey that is taken from the honeycomb.
Yes, I am thankful to the Lord for all He has done. I am thankful for His daily provisions for us as a family. I am thankful that my kids were able to finish their homeschool and another paces will be coming. I am thankful for His protection upon us everyday.
My desire is that I will have that spiritual sweet tooth as what Laurie shared in her post. So that I can also enjoy every taste of His word. Thank you Laurie. More TT posts in Laurie's place of Woman Taking a Stand. You will really be blessed.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Word-filled Wednesday # 2

Give thanks in all circumstances for this is
God's will for you in
Christ Jesus
It's my chance to share this meme. Glad that I can show the world in my own way how powerful is the word of God. Have a blessed Word-Filled Wednesday to all.


Watery Wednesday # 6

Watery Wednesday is now again. I'm glad to be back and share something. I took this photo the other day while we're traveling. It's in the middle of the road. They call it roundabout.
You can visit Watery Wednesday site for more interesting posts with beautiful views. A blessed Wednesday to all.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 1

MellowYellowBadge MellowYellowMondayBadge

This is my first to join this meme. Glad that I have a chance to make a post today. This was taken from our place in the Phil. by my sister.

If you want to join just visit Mellow Yellow Monday and enjoy visiting other sites too with Mellow Yellow posts. Enjoy and have fun.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yummy Sunday # 11

Last night I invited my students to dine with us. It's our way of making friends with them. This is one of the fruits we have. They cut it nicely and arranged it properly. Most of them helped me to cook. Wow, they are nice and friendly.

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Today's Flowers # 1

I love flowers. It gives color, beauty and life. Joining here is really interesting and enjoyable. You will be amazed of different - attractive and fantastic flowers all over the world.
Come and visit Today's Flowers now and enjoy seeing the beauty of flowers.


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