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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank You Blogger Friends

Having friends are really a treasure to behold. I had been blogging for more than 3 months now and I've found a lot of friends already. Each one has its own unique template and different creativity. I also learned from them and their style of writing that attracts people. It's really true that "No man is an Island." We survive because of people behind us. And I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your comments and encouraging messages. I truly treasure it in my heart. Your support and visit really means a lot to me as a newbie in this field. Here are some thoughts to ponder:

Sometimes we have to learn to accept friendship.
And learn to be a friend in return. Intimate Knight
Friendship can be very beautiful.
And it can be very beautifully expressed. Heather Stoop myspace graphic comments Myspace Thank You Comments & Graphics
A Blessed weekend to all!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Twins with different features

Last month we were able to hold an English Camp in one of the provinces here in South Thailand. We went there as a family and enjoyed the coolness of the place. It's near the mountains but trains were passing near the place where we stayed.
We had a 5-day camp and the children really enjoyed. After the program on the last day, everybody were taking pictures and the parents really enjoyed the performance of their children. When everybody was preparing to go, a grandma came and talk to us and then my friend told me that grandma's grandsons were twins who were my students.
I was really shocked knowing about that because for the whole 5-day classes, I could not find any semblance between the two, they really look so different. Then I told them that my father has a twin too but there is something that unites them as twins especially their faces.
I immediately took pictures of these two boys before they left. It's good that I knew before they went home. Even during classes, I find them fighting, I didn't even thought that they were brothers.
Now look at them, can you say that they are twins?


Exercise Benefits Weight Loss

I started my diet since last week and I have noticed that there is a little improvement. Then I continue this week coupled with some exercises that I've missed a couple of months ago. Then lately, I started surfing on some websites and I've found this one that really suits my need. According to this article that I have read at that exercise alone does not promote a substantial weight loss but it will be coupled with the reduced calorie-eating plan. Exercise benefits weight loss and beyond. And it sounds great to me because I was not doing any exercises lately and besides I was eating less but I didn't dare to look at the calories that I'm taking. The article also states that exercise is the key strategy for keeping weight loss. Numerous studies have found out that doing physical activities within the week, for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity of any type of physical exercises have many benefits to the human body. Like a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high colosterol, colon and breast cancer and diabetes. It can also reduce stress that most of the people including me are concerned of, and can improve mental health. So why not start? As I was reading this. I'm encouraged to continue my long-awaited exercises that was stopped few months ago. I also agree to this article because I'm a woman - we felt better if we have done some exercises and we can do more jobs. But for men, it's different as what my hubby was always saying, no pain, no gain. If he does exercises regularly he gains strength and he feels better. There's a study at Stanford University about men and women participating in diet-only weight loss program and in diet with exercise. It shows that men in the diet with exercise program were less hungry and we're able to follow the diet. The result was found encouraging and beneficial. I think, I better start tomorrow.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy Moments # 8 - Silly Moments

mommy moments
Mommy Moments once again. Nice to be connected again with other Mommies in the net. Thanks for all the Mommies that I've met here. A blessed day to all of you.
When AJ was 2 1/2 yrs old.
He loves to imagine that he is fighting with someone but he's just alone playing.
He loves to make different poses.
Em and AJ with hubby
When AJ was asked to pray for my birthday. He looks cute.
Chris is hosting Mommy Moments. you can visit and join if you are a mom.


Rustic Furniture

I love wooden equipments like furnitures. Ever since, I long to have this wooden things in my home even before I get married. And I have seen a lot of wooden things here in Thailand, so nice and it attracts me. Then I would tell my hubby, how I wish I could have it too.
Today, while I was surfing and looking for furnitures I've found this western Rustic Furniture at I like the designs, the designers are really creative. And besides, they are using different woods like cedar, walnut, hickory and other known and heavy woods. It will surely give nature and warm feeling to your home, and one more thing, it's environment friendly because the woods came from the mother nature. If I have this, I thought, my home will be different.
Before seeing the picture, I thought rustic furnitures are not as heavy and strong as these because of the word "rustic" for me, it's rusty and it will not last longer. But this one is something different. I enjoy seeing the different designs. It's a quality furniture that was crafted and I think your children's children can still use it.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday # 11

Ruth 1:16

Where you go I'll go

Where you stay I'll stay

Your people will be my people

Your GOD will be my GOD

This is the verse that I would like to share this Thankful Thursday. Since the last week I was meditating upon this verse while reading the book of Ruth. She was a kind, caring woman. She loved her mother-in-law. She promised to stay with Naomi for as long as she lived.

The book of Ruth is a story of kindness and faithfulness, a tale of integrity, hardship and blessing. The love that they shared proves that we can never really know someone until we've wept with them. As what the saying goes and I quote, "Weep until you are maleable - God shapes best clay made soft by tears."Suffering had made them partners in their sorrow.

She was living in a different culture with different beliefs and tradition but the greatest bond between them (Ruth an Naomi) was their trust with each other. Love as strong as Ruth's results in TRUST.

Ruth's love yielded a harvest of grace and placed her name in the ancestry of JESUS!

Today I'm thankful

  • of the love of Ruth shown to Naomi
  • of how God works to different people with different circumstances
  • of God's love to mankind
  • of His great love inspite of who I am
  • of the hardship and strength to endure
  • that in the midst of sufferings an sorrows - God is still there and He understands
  • of the wisdom that comes from God Have a blessed and memorable birthday !!! LYN. Visit Spiritually Unequal Marriage for more TT posts.


Driving with Umbrella

Can you imagine this? I too, is scared everytime I saw people having umbrella while driving a motorcycle. When we first came here in Thailand, we were culturally shocked by the way people do things especially in driving motorcycle. More than 50% of the people are driving motorcycles, and not only that, I was shocked when most of the lady students drive a motorcycle with above the knee skirt, so sexy but able to drive.
Another thing that I've discovered was that they can drive a motorcycle under the rain with an umbrella. Owww! I was really scared everytime I saw them. For me, it's dangerous but for them it's normal. So when it's time for rainy season, I usually bring our camera and took pictures of those who are driving with umbrella.
Well, I think, it's in them, they love to do it, and it seems like normal for them to do so. Others, though enjoyed driving in the rain...


Approved Blog

Today, I'm so glad when I received an email that my blog is already approved by paperpost. It's quite a nice feeling. Although I didn't mind it anymore since I already submitted it few months ago and it was disapproved due to many reasons. However, now I'm happy and excited to write. So I checked to my open opportunities and started to make a post. Wow! It's so exciting, hope I can do more posts. A blessed and exciting day to all!


Fresh Scent

Scents are of any kind. It could be fresh ( like after taking a bath and you feel fresh) , or either a cologne or a perfume. Speaking of perfume, I'm not keen of having it but there are scents that I wanted to buy because it smells fresh and cool. Everytime I smell from others I really wanted to ask but of course I'm shy to do it. But I remember last year, when we were in the Phil. my sister gave me a perfume. It was Obsession Night (Calvin Klein) perfume. I like it a bit but not that I wanted. I'm still looking for that smell that I like yet I'm not sure of the name of that perfume. Hopefully, in the coming months or years I can have it. Scents differ and vary. This site provides something that you can't resist. You can check this kind of perfume. They have unique fragrances for men and women alike, and besides they have also for bath and body cologne and gift sets. They provide different scents of your choice. Try it out!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 4

This is the Suan Siam Swimming Pool in Bangkok. During occasions a lot of people are coming and make themselves cool in this blue, cool water. How about you? Do you have something to share? I hope so...
More views in Watery Wednesday. Take time to visit and take a look. You will really enjoy.


Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Designs

Yesterday I started to make another design of pearls and crystals (swarovski). Everytime I saw my new designs I'm happy and satisfied. For those of you have not known yet, I make different designs made of swarovski crystals and pearls. You can visit My Memories and Crystals if you want to view some of the designs.
I had been doing it a couple of years ago. But I can only make if I have extra time. Yesterday was holiday so I have ample time to make.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Different Celebration of Mother's Day

Here in Thailand, we have a different celebration of Mother's Day! It falls on the 12 of Aug. which is the birthday of the Queen. All schools, colleges and universities celebrate this momentous event. All students must give honor to the parents and the queen as well. They really give "wai" as a respect for their mothers and teachers who are also mothers. Anyway, we are still joining all the mothers today. It's your day!!! Happy "Mother's Day" to all the mothers all throughout the world.">Myspace happy mothers' day graphics Blessings to all!


Scenic Sunday # 3

Scenic Sunday

This is Hatyai, Thailand. We're here on top overlooking the city and taking some pictures. It's quite big and improving.

Visit more beautiful Scenic Sunday views. You will really enjoy!


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