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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Son's Birthday

Today marks Em's 14th birthday. He is our eldest son. He doesn't want to have a party so we decided to buy pizza which he wanted to eat for his birthday. He asked us to buy the buy one take one promo which is cheaper and would be a better one for our expenses.
His younger brother was asking why he doesn't want to have a party because he had a lot of friends around. But anyway, the celebrator doesn't want to so everything was okay and feeling relaxed while eating the pizza, hmmmm.... yummy! But sad to say, I only ate the small part because I'm still on my diet, huh!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Template Header

I made a template like this last month. I like the green with flowers in it. I took this picture when we were in Malaysia. I was thinking of making or writing something but it took me sometime to finish. But I was able to make it! yeheyyyy! But sometimes when you are bored you want to make another one, right?
So, I changed my mind and I did this, but the problem is, my commenters can't give comments anymore because it is behind and my blog can't be seen anymore.
Now, it goes back to the original design because my new blogger friend, Jes commented on my other blog that she can't find my post. So I decided to change my header template back to it's original design, lol! That's true, sometimes, if we are not satisfied we long for more! huh! But still I'm back to the basic...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy Moments # 7 - Happy Mommy Moments

mommy moments
This is AJ, he's 6 and loves to eat, play and a lot more...
He also loves to read books especially Bible stories and I have ample time with him because he can't sleep without Mama.

He also loves to take a pose with anybody especially his family.

He loves to play ball games too. This is my eldest. He's turning 14 tomorrow. We could hardly take pictures with him now because he was saying he's already a teenager and he feels old. Myspace happy mothers' day graphics Myspace happy mothers' day graphics You can visit these sites like Funmunch and Aneem for more Mothers' Day pictures. Chris is the host of this Mommy Moments. I continually say thank you so much Chris for this meme. I'm glad that I'm a Mom like you. Blessings to all and HAPPY HAPPY MMOTHERS' DAY to all Moms!!!


FCC's for the month of May

First Commenter Club

May 2009

Thank you so much to all my commenters for this month. You have made my life more meaningful! It's something to be teasured!

Blessings to all!


Thankful Thursday # 10 -- Mother

My sister and her family with Nanay and Tatay

I don't feel like writing today because of the message that I had received from my family in the Phil. a while ago. But when I saw one post that Thankful Thursday is focused on mothers I decided to write.
Why I don't feel like writing? Maybe some of you may ask. It's because my niece who had Leukemia before was diagnosed again to have it recurred and is in the hospital right now for blood transfusion. She was miraculously healed last year in October. You can check it here because I wrote something about it, and if you want to know the whole story.
My sister told me that she's already confused of what's going on but I believe it's the work of the enemy and we declare healing for niece, Dawna Gaylle, and that the enemy have no chance to disturb her again by the power and the blood of the Lord Jesus that was shed on the cross! And I claim it right now! Praying that you will pray with me and my family too and declare God's power to be manifested!
She was baptized recently and was excited to join the choir but this was happened again. My sister told me that she is ready anytime if the Lord will take her but we felt sad because she is still young just 14 years old. She had undergone a lot of pains already with chemotherapy and all the pains she had but she was able to survive.
The doctor who had agreed that it's a miracle, now was recommending another man to visit and ask for help whom other Filipinos thought that he is Jesus??????? Another misbelief came to them. But my sister disagreed because he is not!!!!!!!! I'm not sure of that man too because the name is new to me! Anyway, we need more prayers to help us conquer the enemy! Please do!
Back to Thankful Thursday, I'm still glad to remember my Nanay (our mother). And I'm thankful for her life and dedication to help us grow and become a better person with our Tatay (father) too. Thank you so much Nanay and Tatay for lifting us up in your prayers. We were blessed because you had prayed for us always! We may not be around but our prayers would always be there.

My Nanay with my youngest sister. My sister sent this picture last time.

Blessings to all!!! HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the mothers!!!!!!!!!

You can visit more TT posts here and you will be blessed indeed!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My 2nd Day of Diet

Yesterday, I started my one-week diet. I feel good although I'm craving a bit, lol! However, last night my sweetie told us that another friend invited for dinner tonight. Ohhhh, I said, how about my diet? Then my teenager laugh so loud and teasing me and saying, Yessssssssss, the diet is destroyed!!!!
Anyway, I will still continue my diet tomorrow because we don't want that our friend will fell bad. He is only inviting us once because he will be leaving tomorrow to another country. So it's okay for me to stop for one meal tonight. You know where are we going to eat? In an eat-all-you-can restaurant. Huh, huh, huh! To tell honestly, I don't like to go to that place anymore because the next day after eating a lot, I felt tired... Anyway, we will be with him tonight, so no need to worry!


Watery Wednesday # 3

It's cool! This picture was taken in Bacolod City, Phil. My sister shared this picture to me while enjoying in the cool, blue swimming pool! You will enjoy seeing different Watery Wednesday photos. Just visit here. Have fun!


My Diet Menu

Stop craving food....
For the past months, I forced myself to thinking of diet. Everytime I speak about it, my teenager would say, "Are you sure Mama?" And my sweetie will say everytime we eat, just a little of it, but I found myself craving more. So I decided to have my diet for the whole week starting today. I discovered that I'm gaining weight more and more each day. And I feel tired every now and then. So I need to force myself to stop craving food for a while. I listed below my daily menu for my diet this week: I'm going to share it with you.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

  • Monday - Fresh juice - 2 boiled eggs - Vegetable salad
  • Tuesday - Fresh juice - 2 boiled eggs - yogurt
  • Wednesday - Fresh juice - Noodles with curry (1 bowl) - pineapple (1 slice)
  • Thursday - Fresh juice - Vegetable salad with chicken barbecue (1 pc) - yogurt
  • Friday - Fresh juice - papaya salad and chicken barbecue ( 1pc ) - vegetable salad
  • Saturday - Fresh juice - broiled fish - fresh milk
  • Sunday - 1 boiled egg - Noodles with curry (1 bowl) - pineapple (1 slice)


What do you think? Would you like to join me?


Monday, May 4, 2009

On the Way to Nakhon

We went to Nakhon last week. This is another province in Thailand. On our way, my sweetie was able to take some pictures. It's a fascinating place with a lot of curves on the way near the mountains. We love the place because it's peaceful and a nice place to rest. We also saw different views and fantastic mountain curves. If you are a nature lover, you will really love and like the place. Different curves on the highway, roads with ups and downs. We love the place, but our only problem is it's quite far, and you need to travel a long, long way!


The Great Men of my Life

I am the rose among the thorns. The princess and the queen in my family. My boys with their loving and amusing Papa. I have 2 active boys with different characters and personalities. Different skin tones, and different body shape. One is strict and the other is sweet.
One is bony and the other is fatty. One loves to eat and the other shuns to eat often. But they are both precious to me with their loving and sweet Papa!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Blue Water

I missed the swimming pool in our place, Bacolod City. There were lots of swimming pools anywhere and natural swimming pool too. It comes out from the spring or falls and the owner will just make a pool for swimming and he can earn too. It's really blue and you would love swim all the time.
They are the children of my younger sister and the mother of her husband.


Yummy Sunday # 8

It's mango season in Thailand. And everytime I saw this kind of fruit, I can't help but buy a lot and ate a lot too, AJ (my 6-year old) would always sit with me and we ate together.

It's my Yummy Sunday post for today. Yesterday, I decided to make "Mango Float" - others call it "Ice Box Cake" whatever it is called, it is delicious and yummy! My family in the Phil. loved it especially when I'm the one making it, huh! And our friends too in Manila. If I'm around, they will ask me to make mango float for them.

I seldom do it here because you could not find nestle cream and graham here in Thailand. Unless our friends will be coming and we ask them to buy for us. Our friends came last time and brought for us so I was able to make. Anyway, here's how:

You need: 1. mangoes - cut in small pieces (square or any shape) -- set aside 2. nestle all-purpose cream - 2 boxes (or can) 3. condensed milk - 1 can 4. graham crackers ( crushed and plain ) How to start, quick and easy: 1. Mix well Nestle all- Purpose Cream and condensed milk. 2. Spread 4-5 tbsps of the cream mixture into the bottom of the square glass, aluminum or plastic container. You can also use the ice cream container or box if it is available. 3. Arrange graham crackers on top of the cream (Crushed Graham Crackers), followed by mango on top of the graham crackers. 4. Add another layer of cream, then plain crackers, then add mango on top and be sure the last layer would be the cream. Then chill for at least a night. If you want it creamier, add more cream onto the layer. 5. Do it the same with the other container if cream and other ingredients are still available. You can also find more Yummy Sunday posts with Janet. Have a blessed Sunday!


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