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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scenic Sunday 1

Scenic Sunday
This is my first time to join this Scenic Sunday using this blog. Thank you Scenic Sunday for this opportunity to be a part.
More Scenic Sunday here.


Yummy Sunday # 7

This is an ice cream from Suan Siam City in Bangkok. We ordered from one of the stores inside the park. It's so yummy. After eating, my friend said, her cough was healed after eating this ice cream. Wanna bet? Agree or disagree? Anyway, we had tried it and it's very delicious and yummy! More yummy photos with Janet.


A Friend is a Treasure

We are blessed with friends anywhere. We were quite busy these few days attending in a retreat and having some fun in a huge park in Bangkok. We also went to different places just this week. And we are thankful that we saw different places with enjoyment. Today, we decided to stay at the house of our friend here in Bangkok because we're quite tired of going out and explore. We're about to take a nap when another friend called on a phone and invited us to meet her in another mall. So we decided to go and meet her. We travelled by van and reached there after 30 minutes. The Mall is very large. It is known as Bangkape Mall where you could see a lot of promotions around. Then we met our friend - she brought us to the 4th floor. She showed us the Fantasy Lagoon - there is swimming pool in this area. After few minutes my hubby was encouraged to swim with our son and another friend joined them, but sad to say, after 15 minutes, a heavy rain came unexpectedly. So everyone was forced to come out of the water. We had a talk then we decided to eat dinner. I'm really thankful for giving us friends anywhere, we were exposed to different places and exciting malls because of them. Thanks to all of you!


Friday, April 17, 2009

My Great Family in a Stick Figure

This tag is something amusing. My friend Genebei shared this fun and I enjoyed it. While I was doing some editing, my teenager saw it and he did the rest for me. Here's my great family. Stick Figure Family at You can make youe Stick Figure Family at

I want to share this fun and amusement to my friends like Litlit, Love, Janet, and Grace. This is cool. Try it!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mommy Moments #4 -- Sentimental

mommy moments
Today's Mommy Moments is sentimental. For me, the topic is quite interesting and amusing. I'm glad I took some pictures just recently about 2 days ago. We went to Suan Siam City in Bangkok - just like you are in a Fantasy World. My son AJ with his uncle (my brother) looking at the Lotus flower garden. Being sentimental while faving at the Lotus flowers starting to bud.

AJ, my 6-year old is walking down the other place for another fantasy world. The place has a lot of amused fantasies to enjoy especially the kids. AJ loves it.

My hubby and AJ taking a pose in another view and my son is quite sentimental not looking at the camera. He might have thinking or looking at something.

More Mommy Moments photos with Cris. Just found out!


Thankful Thursday # 7

Having a grateful heart is what our Heavenly Father longs for His children. Just to be thankful for all the things He has done. This Thursday I am thankful for 1. His great love... for all His saints 2. His compassion... on His children 3. His kindness... to mankind 4. His protection... (this week we were in Bangkok and attended a retreat while the city is in chaos, we never had any fear of anything and we're safe) 5. His provision... (we just knew yesterday that Thursday and Friday were still holiday, supposedly the holiday were from Monday till Wednesday only because it's Songkran in Thailand-- also known as Thai New Year but they extended it until Friday --maybe because of the unrest situation in the city of Bangkok, so we need to stay until Tuesday to apply for our passport renewal in the Phil. Embassy here in Bangkok...we trust God's provision as we stay for the next couple of days here) 6. His Unfailing Love and care ( I believe He will just provide someone and help us as visit our Embassy and apply for our passport renewal. He knows what will happen to us in the next few days and we are confident that He will bless us) 7. His unlimited grace... an Amazing God!!!! For more Thankful Thursdays please visit Women Taking a Stand by Laurie


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