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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday #2

I would like to thank our Great Creator for this Thursday. He has been the source of our strength, it is renewed every morning. Great is His faithfulness! Here are some of my lists: 1. Thank you Father for the renewed strength every hour of the day. 2. Thank you for the good health each day of our lives as a family. 3. Thank you for blessing us with friends 4. Thank you for another opportunity to renew our visas as a family today 5. Thank you for friends who care especially the one who gave us a new laptop, blessings to his family 6. Thank you Father for your word that gives us a lamp to our feet and a light to our path For more Thankful Thursday posts please visit LYNN


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Linky Love for my FC this week myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Thank You Comments
I like giving linky notes for my FC. She really gave me a smile since the start of the week. Thank you Mariuca for giving some tips, now I'm inspired to give for my first FC a "linky thank you note". Giving post is something that we need to treasure. It gives you a smile. I'm glad to give this linky love note to my first commentator. Thank you Janet for your comments. I hope you drop by and give precious comments again. Thank you for giving me a smile!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yummy Sunday #3

Last Sunday I shared on how to make "Tom Yam" and hope you had already tried it. This Sunday, I'll be sharing another Thai food, it is known as "Neung Pla Manao" (Neung means 1, Pla means fish, and manao means lemon). I think you will love it! You need to prepare the following: 1. 1 big fish = clean and cut in between (please don't cut the fish in half) 2. lemon = squeeze to make a juice 3. chili = chopped or cut into smaller ones 4. lemon grass = cut the same size as chili 5. garlic = cut the same size as chili and lemon grass What to do: 1. Make a juice out of lemon 2. combine with chili, garlic and lemon grass that you had cut 3. Then place all the combined ingredients to the fish you had prepared and steam for 30 minutes (or you can use microwave) 4. Be sure to have a remaining sauce if done and that's it! You're done! It looks like this: You need to make a sauce that looks like this to make it palatable and delicious. Now the fish is ready to take off! lol, This is done. It's ready to eat. My Yummy Sunday for this week! I would like to thank Janet for this avenue to share my skill in cooking.


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