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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Travel

We went to a school yesterday and taught English together with my hubby (who was driving),with my two sons. It's a long way, it takes two hours to travel. We bought some food for our lunch on the way. Then hubby stopped alongside for us to eat. It seems that we're having an adventure but with a purpose. We taught for two hours and I guess, all my strength were gone after teaching. But we're happy blessing the students. They are really excited to learn English. And we were glad to teach them. We went back home with a thankful heart knowing that we are doing it for the Lord. On our way back home, we saw people making themselves busy while buying some flowers. I was telling my hubby that it was "Loi Kratong". A Thai celebration where most of the schools and companies make something out of banana leaves and decorate with flowers or other things where they can decorate flowers and let it float on the water it could be in the lake, in the sea, river or other places, believing that their past sins will be forgotten and will float and gone. I was looking for a picture but I can't find one. I will try to find and post it here.


Unknown November 3, 2009 at 2:42 PM  

O, I almost forget. We have Loy Kratorn here too. Usually they celebrate it for 3 days and I think today's the main event where they float the flowers and the candles away... and of course sing the Loy kratorn son.


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