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Thursday, October 8, 2009

PR - What is it?

PR??? What it is all about? When I started blogging last Dec. I didn't know what PR is all about. I was checking at some of my friends' blogs and I was still groping in the dark of what it means. Then gradually I learned it slowly and enjoyed writing my experiences and my life's happenings. I was glad I learned a lot this time, of course with the help of some blogger friends. After few months I discovered that PR is known as page rank. PR is necessary when you earn to blog, because most of the on line companies wanted the bloggers to promote and write something about the paid sites but with a higher pagerank. It takes time for me to write and many times I was not writing anything, so my PR was always stagnant and very low. A couple of days ago I was amazed when I saw my PR - wow it goes one step higher. I didn't know why - but I was glad that at least it goes higher this time. But not sure if it will stay there or will go up or back to zero again, huhhuhu! What I knew now is it goes higher and it's a nice feeling, though. I find it hard to blog always, especially this time of the year. I was learning Thai with a friend, a teacher, a mother etc... etc... it's not so easy, but I enjoy writing sometime if I'm not busy. A sort of release for me. So no matter what my PR is? I will still blog if I have the chance...



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