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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Urgent Call to Go Back Home

We're preparing for our trip back to the Phil. tomorrow. Maybe you have read what had happened in my family back home. We will be with them and see the body of our dearly beloved member of the family who is already with the Lord. It's painful but we have nothing to do, God has His own way, though we may not understand sometimes... but the best thing is... HE CARES for us! And He is also hurt when we're hurting... He grieves when we're in grief... He really understands how we feel! We are blessed with friends who care and love us. One friend provided for our airfare, another booked for us, another sends words of comfort, and many sends emails. Friends are really hard to find but when they come, they are worth and a treasure! I'm not sure if I still have time to blog there in Bacolod but I will try if I have a chance. I will be missing you for a while but we will be back after two weeks. Life without friends are boring, right? We need people, friends and family who care! Life is not complete without them. But above all, life is worthless without our Father who is the greatest lover of all. A Father who is in heaven and cares for His children. We will be missing our niece of course especially her parents and sisters, but we are assured that we will see face to face again someday. It's an assurance for us as believers in Christ. Abrupt preparations are sometimes hard, we were shocked what had happened. But God is faithful, He knows what lies ahead of us, He knows each one's name, He cares... I would like to share this song that touches my heart every time I sing:

I have a maker He formed my heart Before even time began My life was in His hand He knows my name He knows my every thought He sees each tear that falls And hears me when I call I have a Father He calls me His own He'll never leave me No matter where I go
Our Father, our Maker, our Master knows what's best for each of His children, though we grieve but it won't last because we know that we will see her again someday. Our lives are in His hands...


Monday, July 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

The children's graduation during our English Summer Camp, we had a short activity and the kids performed something. Can you see some yellow there? This is my post for today's meme, Mellow Yellow Monday.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is Life?

God's plan is perfect...and He makes no mistakes! It's great how He created and molded people for His purpose. Just this evening around 6pm, my brother called and told us that our niece (Dawna) is already with the Lord. Maybe some of you knew about her situation. I'm writing right now with tears and don't know what to write but our God knows and sees every tear that falls and He understands... This is the story behind. My niece was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 6 years old. She's the same age with our eldest son. Then she had undergone chemotherapy and was healed. When we went back to the Phil. last year to visit the family, her sickness recurred, she had undergone a lot of blood transfusions and was given heavy medicines just to survive. We prayed a lot for her and the Lord answered our prayers, 4 days before we left and went back to Thailand- she was healed. You can read here to know the real story. God has been so gracious to her and to our family. She was totally healed and all the diagnosis was normal, Her Mama cried a lot when she read the result. Even the doctor would agree that it's God's power. Just imagine in the midst of swelling tummy, legs and jaundice eyes... all of a sudden she was okay. Just recently, again the sickness came back, we're already confused why? We always believe it's the work of the enemy... but we kept trusting the Lord for her to survive. But God has His own plan... we may not understand, it's hurting but we need to accept that life is like a vapor that passes by ... it won't stay long. I tried to call my sister ( the mother of Dawna) and she told me that Dawna is already with the Lord. They ( Dawna and her Mama) visited our eldest sister in the morning yesterday and Dawna told her Mama that she missed her cousins and continued to say that she could not remember something, she couldn't understand. Her Mama saw that there is a blood clot on her head and they brought her to the hospital for check up and immediately she was brought to the ICU but she did not stay longer, the Lord took her at 5pm yesterday. It was sudden and hurts us but everything was under His hands. I like this song and I quote:

God is too wise to be mistaken God is too good to be unkind So when you don't understand When you don't see His plan When you can't trace His hand Trust His HEART....
We have the desire to go home and see her for the last time. But we are still waiting for God's perfect timing and the provisions too because we need to go as a family.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Then Sings My Soul - Be Unto Me by Don Moen

This is one of the songs that we sung last Sunday during our worship experience. I'm glad to have it posted today. Today's meme is one of my favorites because it speaks about who I am, my inclination in music and my participation in this field when I was still studying. It has a greater part in my life as a believer too. I grew in this field and lavishly doing something for the Lord. Wherever I go as long as there is music, I immediately soaked myself into it. God has tremendously used music to bless others too. And I saw it while bringing music to the doorstep of every individual, group, church, or any organization few years back. People were touched with the use of our music ministry. It has blessed many and it is still continuing and will continue to bless people of all ages. I am blessed personally with the people who brought music to others and was touched by it and use music to serve HIM. It's really a blessing to be blessed with great music for the Lord. Please try to visit Amy, our blessed host at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.


Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I took a pose while preparing for my graduation in my college years, many years ago, lol! Those were the days. I finished my Bachelor's Degree (BSEd) during this time and I still have a small pocket photo so I took a shot again through my digital camera in order to post here. It's the wonder of having one. How do I look? hahaha! That's the question that I don't want to answer. My friend who became my hubby liked this photo, so he had many pictures of me inside his pocket, hahaha! He was madly in love during those days. I'm glad to be a part of this meme, at least I can recall and be reminded my past, going forward in this present years and moving onward to the next years of my life. Each one is precious to the Lord and I'm glad I have Jesus, I'm so precious to Him! The photo has a lot of scratches already, it speaks of the years, lol! You can visit more Friday Flashback Photos and enjoy visiting the sites.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mommy Moments - First Steps

mommy moments
Yes, I agree with Chris, time flies so fast. Days are moving fast, I'm always reminded of God's word that says: "A thousand days is just one day for the Lord"..... Anyways, I'm glad to be part of today's meme, glad that I've brought with us some of their pictures when they were still small. I took a picture of some photos again in my digital camera, that's why it doesn't look good, just for my post today.
This is my eldest son, he was one year old in this picture. Someone gave us this pink stroller and we wanted to use it - lol! Color really didn't matter to us during that time. Now, he's a teenager, times really flies....huh! That means I'm growing older and wiser, hahaha!
This little baby is AJ-my 6-year old with his Papa and cousin, when they were still small, we usually brought them to the beach nearby. AJ was only 8 months in this photo.
First time for us to visit this place in Malaysia, it's the "Twin Tower" at Kuala Lumpur, AJ was only 2 years old and my eldest was 10. My eldest son when he was 10 yrs old, we were blessed by friends and they brought us to Manila Zoo, first time for our kids to visit this Zoo, and first time for us too (haha!), so all of us enjoyed the trip. It's first time for our eldest to ride this huge ostrich.
You can visit Mommy Moments and enjoy viewing other posts. Enjoy and have fun!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apples and Apple Cider Juice

Apples, apples, apples! Apples are very known now a days, guess what? Last night we went to a dept. store nearby and we saw a lot of people buying a lot of apples. Then I remembered a friend of ours who told us just recently that we need to eat a lot of apples to be freed from H1N1 (swine flu) and take Vitamin C daily. That's why apples are in demand these days. Then hubby gave me a wink to buy apples too. I bought apple cider juice because our friend recommended us to buy this kind of healthy drink which he used to drink before. I can't bear the pain on my throat so we take time to buy. I had a sore throat after taking antibiotic last week when I was sick. My throat was swollen so I need an apple cider juice aside from the apple cider vinegar that our friend gave to us. Here are some health benefits from Apple Cider: * Apple Pectin * is a water-soluble fiber richly found in apples * Vitamin C * helps protect your body against free radicals and assist with the production of skin-nourishing collagen * Potassium* is abundant in apples and helps maintain pH balance and the right level of electrolytes *Calcium* helps strengthen bone and teeth structure I'm a health conscious person and as much as possible I will refrain from taking a lot of medicines so I need to eat or drink healthy food. When I read the benefits of apple cider I decided to take it and gave a try. I already drunk 2 packs and I felt good.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 9 - Phil Island

Watery Wednesday is up again, I love waters. Without water, people can't live longer. Without water those living in the rivers, seas and ocean might die, therefore water is very important to all living things above the earth or beneath the ocean. Every time we travel, my 6-year old will always take pictures when he saw water along the way. Sometimes he would tell me, Mama there's water, I'll take some pictures, and we all laugh at him. Glad to join this meme every Wednesday, it helps me keep going. Visit more posts here. They got fantastic views of today's meme.


Alcohol is Out of Stock

Last night we went to a friend's house because we asked him for some apple cider vinegar to help ease my aching tonsilitis. It's good that they still have that kind of vinegar. It's quite expensive here in Thailand and I just need an ounce so we just ask from them. Then our friend told us that during their classes yesterday, a teacher found out that a student was not feeling well and the teacher discovered after asking the student that he visited another friend who was sick. Immediately the teacher send the student home and all of the teachers were already conscious that H1N1 is already in the city but the gov't is silent about some cases. Maybe because they don't want the people to panic or .... not sure and why? Then all the classes were stopped for a while and everybody cleaned their own rooms to avoid contamination. Another school was also having the same problem as what our friend told us... many students are not feeling well. And another friend told me today that there is a school that was closed for 3 days due to H1N1 cases. We went to a dept. store just this evening, and we brought with us something to cover our mouth. Only few people came and bought something, hubby noticed that only few are wearing masks and he said, I might conscious to wear it because we saw only few people are using. But I told him, he needs to wear it, "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". So it's better to be careful but in the end, we didn't wear it, lol! Because both of us were conscious of what others would see us. Then we decided to buy an alcohol, guess what? We could not find inside the store. We're saying, what's happening, why we could not find any, not even a small one? Then we went to another drugstore inside the dept. store, then the sales lady told us that "mai mei liew", that means no more stocks, oh boy, then we went to another drugstore and we're glad that they have a little bottle left, so we bought 2 small bottles just for our kids. I remember many years ago, when SARS was killing many around the globe, it was the same with H1N1. It was also pandemic and many lost their loved ones. But one thing for sure, amidst these circumstances and world turmoils we are safe in God's hands. Our lives are in His hands and no one could take it away from Him, our Almighty Father. He is our shield and defender. He is our Rock in whom we trust, no matter what happens... Thank you Father for being there for taking care of us!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Then Sings My Soul

I missed this meme for quite sometime, I was sick and I was weak so I decided to stop blogging for awhile. Now, I'm back with this meme, I'm glad to be back of course. I love singing and this was my life before so I just can't let it pass by.

Anyway, there were songs that I love to sing, there were also singers that I love to hear like Sandi Patti, Charlotte Church, Steve Green and others. They are really great singers! I also loved to sing classical songs, wedding songs, and love songs. These are the songs that inspired me. I had been singing ever since, even before we came here in Thailand. So when someone ask me about singing I can't help but join and be a part of the group.

I had been training different choirs in the Phil. before coming to Thailand. Our church is one (for our church choir), then a children's choir under a Chinese Christian Church, another church that has no choir director (they ask me to help them) so I spared some of my time with them. I missed those days.

After 2 years here in Thailand I had the opportunity to train a choir just for once, during a church anniversary. Just there and then, I have the chance to sing in some of the weddings here in this country. If I have a chance I really grab the opportunity to sing. Sandi Patti is one of my favorite singers. So I will be sharing today my favorite song and this was sung by her. Visit Signs, Miracles and Wonders, it's a great site. You will really enjoy.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback
I saw this picture in my wallet and I decided to take a picture again using my digital camera. This picture was taken when we were still friends (with my hubby), hehehe! closer than a friend. I was still taking my Bachelor's Degree during this time. I like this photo that's why I brought this photo with me wherever I go.
I met my hubby when I was still studying. I joined in a college choir, ( it was known as Glee Club) where I became a scholar. We went to different places and sang some classical songs. Aside from joining the Glee Club, I also joined another singing group but all of the members were christians. We had concerts to different places and churches as well. One time, in one of our concerts in a church, I was singing solo, someone saw me and was attracted to me while I singing, hehe! He became my hubby, so sweet! Just a part of my life.
Anyway, it's my first time to join this meme, thanks for the host. Try to click the link above and you will be linked to the host and you can also visit other posts here at Photo Flashback every Friday, you will enjoy!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommy Moments - Playing Time

mommy moments
I'm glad to be back again for quite sometime due to sickness. I was sick for few days. Anyway, I don't want to miss this Mommy Moments meme. So I decided to post another edition of my kids' playing time moments. As what I have shared last time, my teenager doesn't want to be included as far as taking pictures is concerned. He felt awkward, so AJ, who is my 6-year old had always the chance to be posted. Aj loves to be in the frontline line when were taking pictures. That's why you could see him in most of our photos.
He loved to play with friends, did some acting and most especially eating, lol! He loves to eat always. He also wants to draw, write and read English books or stories especially Bible stories. Before going to bed, he would read a book, and ask us to read the Bible, then another bedtime stories before sleeping. That's our activity every night before going to bed.
He enjoyed being with friends. He enjoyed last summer during our English Camp, he met friends and loved to perform some activities. We had graduation party and prepared a short performance for them to enjoy during the camp. They sang, act, and speak of their most favorite food and toys, each one enjoyed. It's something like playing time for them while they perform on stage. Try to visit more Mommy Moments posts and enjoy viewing the photos. It's fun!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Botox Cosmetic Injections

To be healthy is the desire of many. But to have a pleasing personality and flawless is another thing that women are aiming for. Women have the common ground as far as beauty is concerned; and that is to be flawless and attractive to people. This present generation has a lot of discoveries about beauty tips and surgery. Cosmetic surgery is one that is very known these days. Among these surgeries, is a so-called Botox Cosmetic Injections which is the choice of the millions. It became popular because of its approach where a person will not undergo painful surgery just to get rid of their facial lines. Their approach has gained popularity and women were attracted to it. What is Botox? Is it safe? Botox is made from Botulinum Toxin Type A which is extracted from a bacteria, Clostridium botulinum. This extracted purified protein is then used to inject into the muscles that will result in clearing up all the facial lines in just a couple of days. This kind of procedure is considered the safest way to get rid of all these facial lines. But the amazing thing is that, Botox is not only limited to remove the facial lines but it is also used to treat people who are having crossed eyes. In 1980, Botox cosmetic injections were first used to treat this kind of eye condition. People with this kind of eye problem would prefer to have Botox injections rather than going through a surgery to correct it. And the good thing is, this kind of approach under Botox cosmetic injections for crossed eyes are approved by Food and Drug Administration, which makes them more popular than surgery. There are other functions that Botox injections can be of help and can provide a better life. There was a study conducted in 2001 and it showed that Botox was able to provide a better life span of three to four months to stroke patients. Another health problem was sweating increasingly, Botox can also of great help. Even for those who are suffering from migraine and tension headaches, in just three weeks, their problem was reduced by more than 50% after Botox injections treatment. This is how it works amazingly, but there is one precaution, be sure to know the level of your doctors before the procedure is done for better results.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Feeling Well

Few days ago, I was really sick so I wasn't able to keep my blog going. I had a severe headache, stomach disorders, diarrhea, and a slight fever. I can't really sleep. I can't bear it anymore so I asked my hubby the next day to bring me to the hospital for check up. I don't know what's going on inside. Sad to say, I was upset with some of the doctors. I was sent to different doctors because they can't understand English well. I was a bit bothered but everything was fine although the doctor is not as good as I thought. It's really very hard to be sick when you are not in your country especially when they can't really understand what you mean. They are doctors by profession but my 6-year old can speak better than them. Anyway, that was my experience few days ago. My hubby prayed for me before I took the medicine. As of today, I'm quite okay, just a little bit dizzy. I think I'm taking high medications. Sorry for my visitors, as of this time I'm still on my way for recovery. I will be visiting you then sometime later, when I'm ready to write comments on your blog. See yah!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mommy Moments # 14 - Pounty Face

mommy moments
How times flies, right? It's Mommy Moments once again. I'm not blogging often this past weeks, I changed my daily routine but I'm still on with this meme, it's fun and enjoyable, seeing all the kids with different Mommies around the globe.
I'm glad to be here once again, it's a kind of Happy Moments for Mommies, huh! These are some of the pictures I've got. I don't have any pouty face pictures of my teenager, sorry. He doesn't want to be counted. Pouty faces are quite cute and interesting, am I right Mommies? How about us, when we're still kids? Maybe we also have funny pouty faces. I guess, we all enjoy remembering or even reminishing our past. We all laugh and sigh!!! What an experience!
AJ had a lot of different funny faces and different experiences too. His elder brother had a different experience too, more in the Phil. setting with his friends and classmates before. Enjoy visiting Mommy Moments posts and be blessed!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 8 - Korean Boat Contest

This photo is from Korea, this photo was given to me by a friend. Every year the people are celebrating and doing this kind of contest. Everyone seems enjoying while watching but those who are joining have more fun.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 4

Quite interesting? This is my Mellow Yellow Monday post for this week. This picture is in Korea, they were richly blessed with fruits and vegetables. Oh how I love fruits and vegetables. I feel good if I ate it.
You can link to the meme above and view other Mellow Yellow Monday posts.


Scenic Sunday # 8

Scenic Sunday
My friend from Korea shared this picture to me. It's quite different so I decided to post. Scenic Sunday is a great site. You can find different places around the earth. Every place and view is unique. Try to look at the other posts by clicking on the meme, enjoy and have fun.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy Moments # 13 - Encounter with Animals

mommy moments
This is always my most awaited meme on Fridays because my kids were involved. It's good if kids were part of our blogging world. I mean they were counted as part of my world too. It's really good to be a mother. Maybe all of us would agree. There's an unexplainable and unfathomable feeling within, lol! So deeep...
Anyways, I don't have enough pictures, again, it's in the Phil. but I will still join and be a part of this meme today.

My 6-year old loves to play with different animals. Actually here at home we have rabbits which was given to us by our friends here and he likes it. Our teenager also loves pets. When he was still small, he had a pet dog. It would always wake him up early morning.

Before coming back to Thailand, our friends brought us to the Manila Zoo. AJ was only 2 years old then and first time for us (my hubby and me) to be there too. So all of us had fun together, lol! We saw different animals and our eldest was only 10 years old.

We've been to Songkhla Zoo in Thailand, it was for the first time that we went there and our kids enjoyed. But sad to say that AJ doesn't want to be back there because both of our kids got chicken pox there. For AJ, he thought that going there would make him sick of chicken pox again. So everytime we will tell him to go there as a family, he would cry a lot. It was already a trauma for him. However, having pets with AJ is okay and he will enjoy them.

These are not real animals. The locals are just creative in making animal designs. More on Mommy Moments...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Winner Takes ...

Wonderful Things In Life
For 3 days I was out in the blogging world. Yesterday, while I was talking to my blogger friend, I told her that I didn't checked my blog for few days. I was really surprised today when I opened my blog and saw a lot of congratulations!!!!!!!! I thought, they we're just missed it or mistakenly wrote on my blog. But I was really curious of what's going on. Surprisingly, when I checked Momgen's site and read the winners for her contest, I saw my name, when I linked to it, woww!!!!! it's really true, I'm one of the WINNERS! Honestly, I was feeling bad few days ago and the Lord just lift me up! You feel really good when you're one of the winners in any contests here in the blogging world. Thanks for all the sponsors, you've done a great job to bless us! Blessings be upon you all for being so kind. Thank you so much Momgen for this contest. I could never forget it! I'm the 5th winner and I gained 14,000 ec, unbelievable, but it's true. Wow! Thanks for all the sponsors for making our day great. If I'm not mistaken, this will be the 3rd time that I won in the blog contest. I had been in the blogging industry just for more 6 months. I also met friends around the globe. All of my friends here are really nice, fantastic, and each one has her own design and creativity. I have learned a lot and was blessed while reading all your testimonies. Blessings to all! Once again, Momgen, thanks a lot! Here's my prize and the sponsors: 5th Prize: 14,000 EC - Winner: Sarah 2500 EC = surprise CD or DVD from In My Kitchen (US only for CD or DVD) 1000 EC + 125x125 3 months ad from Worth's Road 2000 EC from Pink-Preciousdotcom 2000 EC from Bob Hairstyle 2000 EC from Blog Design for Wordpress 1000 EC from Health and Beauty Diva 1000 EC from Pictures and Cultures 1000 EC from Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot 500 EC from Asawa's Love book 1000 EC from Making Money Online Blogging 125x125 1 month ad from Health Is Wealth


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