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Friday, May 8, 2009

Template Header

I made a template like this last month. I like the green with flowers in it. I took this picture when we were in Malaysia. I was thinking of making or writing something but it took me sometime to finish. But I was able to make it! yeheyyyy! But sometimes when you are bored you want to make another one, right?
So, I changed my mind and I did this, but the problem is, my commenters can't give comments anymore because it is behind and my blog can't be seen anymore.
Now, it goes back to the original design because my new blogger friend, Jes commented on my other blog that she can't find my post. So I decided to change my header template back to it's original design, lol! That's true, sometimes, if we are not satisfied we long for more! huh! But still I'm back to the basic...



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